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Effective Clinical Practice

July/August 2000


Evaluation of a Breast Cancer Patient Information and Support Program
Ann M. Geiger, Elizabeth S. Mullen, Patricia A. Sloman,
Bradford W. Edgerton, and Diana B. Petitti

Providing a mentor who is a breast cancer survivor and other information resources can improve the satisfaction of women with newly diagnosed breast cancer.
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A Randomized Trial of Aromatherapy To Reduce Anxiety before Abortion
Ellen Wiebe

Among women waiting for surgical abortions, aromatherapy involving essential oils was associated with decreased anxiety scores. However, women smelling hair conditioner experienced a similar reduction.
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Telephone Counseling as an Adjunct to Antidepressant Treatment in the Primary Care System. A Pilot Study
Steve Tutty, Greg Simon, and Evette Ludman

Six weekly telephone counseling and support sessions were well accepted by primary care patients with depression. Compared with a contemporaneous control group, outcomes were improved without having an affect on the number of visits for treatment.
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Complications of Warfarin Therapy: Causes, Costs, and the Role of the Anticoagulation Clinic
Leigh Hamby, William B. Weeks, and Carolyn Malikowski

Complications of anticoagulation therapy are common, expensive, and generally involve patients not attending the anticoagulation clinic.
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Should Medical Journals Be a Private Business or a Public Service?
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Aromatherapy: Ineffective Treatment or Effective Placebo?
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The Telephone as a New Weapon in the Battle against Depression
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A Primer on Scores: What Counts?
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Vitamin E: As in Effective?
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Changing Disease Definitions
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Is Tamoxifen Advertising a Public Service or a Public Nuisance?
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