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Teaching in Your Office - Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine

Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM)
The goal of this web site is to help develop, disseminate, and evaluate resources that can be used to practice and teach evidence-based medicine (EBM) for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education for health care professionals from a variety of clinical disciplines. This site includes many free resources including an introduction to EBM, tips on how to practice EMB, teaching syllabi, a list of high quality evidence resources, glossary of EBM terms, and EBM tools for hand-held devices. www.cebm.utoronto.ca/

Canada Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)
A collected series of free, previously published articles on evidence-based medicine (EBM) from the Canada Medical Association Journal. www.cmaj.ca/cgi/collection/evidence_based_medicine_series

Society for General Internal Medicine
Descriptions of and links to several high-quality evidence-based medicine electronic resources. Most of the resources require a subscription or professional society membership but two resources are government sponsored and free to the public (PubMed and Cancer.gov) www.sgim.org/ebm-otherres.cfm

Evidence-Based Medicine Resource Center
The Web Page contains references, bibliographies, tutorials, glossaries, and on-line databases to guide those embarking on teaching and practicing evidence-based medicine. It offers practice tools to support critical analysis of the literature and MEDLINE searching, as well as links to other sites that help enable evidence-based medical care. This site’s resources are mostly free. www.ebmny.org/thecentr2.html