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Teaching in Your Office - Curricula and Competencies

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)
ACGME has endorsed six general competencies for residents which are incorporated into the accreditation requirements of the Residency Review and Institutional Review Committees. The competencies, along with their requirements can be found at:

Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM)
The Core Medicine Clerkship Curriculum Guide, a collaborative project of the CDIM and the Society of General Internal Medicine, is a detailed, comprehensive resource for the internal medicine clerkship. The guide addresses curricular objectives in the Basic Competencies and Training Problems.

Federated Council for Internal Medicine (FCIM) Curriculum Guide
The second edition of The Report of the Federated Council for Internal Medicine (FCIM) Task Force on the Internal Medicine Residency Curriculum. This report is a resource to help an individual residency program to design a curriculum that fits its resources and responds to the aspirations of its residents and faculty, helping programs improve through the medium of curriculum. This resource allows a program director to use Interactive Tables (Excel spreadsheets) to plan a curriculum. The spreadsheets list the competencies suggested by panels of national experts.