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The Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health

This website provides a list of resources on LGBT health and communities. The readings, websites, and organizations offered here can be used by clinicians for further learning, as well for referrals and support for their LGBT patients. Because we cannot provide a complete list of resources, we hope that readers will use the websites and organizations listed below to access additional resources.

Further resources are available at: TheFenwayInstitute.org

Table of contents and sample chapter are available in the catalog.

Appendix A — Resources for Clinicians and Patients

Appendix B — Sample New Patient Intake Form

Appendix C — How to Put on a Male Condom

Appendix D — How to Put on a Female Condom for Vaginal Sex

Appendix E — How to Put on a Female Condom for Anal Sex

Appendix F — Sample Living Will

Appendix G — Sample Healthcare Proxy Form