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ACP Seeks Candidates for 2005-2006 Council of Young Physicians

At its winter meeting, the Board of Regents approved the establishment of a Council of Young Physicians (CYP).

Interested members are invited to serve on the new Council, and participate actively in ACP leadership. The CYP's mission, "to enhance the professional development and quality of life of young physicians, fostering their involvement in College activities, and ensuring that their needs are being met" will be carried out by a Chair plus 10 members with initial terms staggered. Two members will be selected from each of four regions in the United States (Northeastern, Southern, Midwestern, and Western), one will be selected from Canada, and two At-Large members will be selected.

Candidates for CYP membership must be Members and Fellows who are under age 40 or less than five years out of training at the time of their nomination. Eligible ACP members must self-nominate to their ACP Governor (see note below). In order to be considered for a seat on the CYP, interested candidates must provide a curriculum vitae, along with a letter of interest that answers the question:

"What role can the Council of Young Physicians play in creating an environment within the College in which young ACP members are more likely to actively participate at both the national and chapter level?"

The nomination materials must be submitted to the candidate's ACP Governor by March 22, 2005. Anyone who is interested in chairing the initial Council of Young Physicians should include this information along with the nomination materials that are sent to the ACP Governor.

Selection of Council members is expected to take place by April 1, 2005, and candidates will be notified of the results by mail by May 1, 2005. Each candidate will be reviewed with neutrality to gender, race, and ethnic background. Candidates should keep in mind that Council members are required to attend two meetings and participate in several conference calls throughout the year. CYP representatives will be reimbursed for travel expenses for these meetings.

Please address any questions or concerns about the call for nominations to Amy Allen Collins at aallen@acponline.org or at (800) 523-1546 ext. 2692. ACP members who are not themselves interested in serving on the CYP or eligible are encouraged to pass this call for nominations along to colleagues.

Note: Contact information for your ACP Governor is available online. From this list, jot down the name/city/state of your ACP Governor and go to the ACP Member Directory. Once you have logged onto the member directory, search for your Governor by last name, city, and state. Click on the last name link in the directory to get the full address, telephone number and e-mail address of the ACP Governor. If you experience any problems accessing the contact information of your ACP Governor, please contact Meghann Williams, at 1-800-523-1546, ext. 2714.

Page updated: 02-15-05