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ACP-ASIM International Newsletter

Vol. 3 Winter 2000

2000 Annual Session

The American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine is pleased to invite you to attend ACP-ASIM Annual Session in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 13-16, 2000. We expect hundreds of physicians from around the world to attend and we hope that you will join us.

This Annual Session is a special one in that it will be the first time that the College will offer such a wide variety of international courses and events for international attendees. Below is a list of the planned international activities:

International Poster Competition
Dates: April 13-15
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center,
Hall D

"International Activities and Affiliations for the New Millennium"
Moderator: John Noble, FACP
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Date: Thursday, April 13
Time: 10:45-12:15 p.m.

"Inequalities in World Health: Causes and Challenges"

In cooperation with the Royal College of Physicians of London, World Health Organization, and the ACP-ASIM International Subcommittee

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Date: Thursday, April 13
Time: 1:30-4:30 p.m.

"Professionalism and Internal Medicine: A Worldwide Conundrum"

In cooperation with the American Board of Internal Medicine, ACP-ASIM Ethics and Human Rights Committee, and the International Subcommittee

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Date: Friday, April 14
Time: 8:45-10:15 a.m.

"Evidence Into Practice - The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)"

In cooperation with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Date: Friday, April 14
Time: 1:30-3:00 p.m.

International Networking Reception
Location: Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, Salons A/B
Date: Friday, April 14
Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.

If you are interested in attending Annual Session, you can register online at: www.acponline.org/cme/as/2000/index.html. If you prefer, please e-mail me directly at: llandrum@acponline.org or call me at 215-351-2520. Housing space close to the Convention Center is limited, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.

Who's Who in the ACP­ASIM and in the International Office

Whitney W. Addington, MD, FACP

Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD, FACP

William J. Hall, MD, FACP
President-elect designee

Walter J. McDonald, MD, FACP
Executive Vice President and
Chief Executive Officer

John Tooker, MD, FACP
Deputy Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer


Joseph E. Johnson III, MD, FACP
Senior Vice President for Membership
and Special Advisor to the
Executive Vice President
President-elect, International Society
of Internal Medicine

Eve C. Swiacki
Director, Membership and
International Activities

Lisa M. Landrum
International Administrator and Editor

Karen C. Nolan
Production Editor, Editorial Services

Deborah Vaughan-Gowen
Graphic Designer

Cecilia Castillo
Administrative Representative

Eurasian Medical Education Project

The epidemic of tuberculosis in Russia and other nations has been reported extensively in the national press. The College is participating actively with the Eurasian Medical Education Program (EMEP) to control this epidemic and tackle the challenges of multiply drug-resistant strains.

Dr. John Noble, FACP, Chair of the Subcommittee on International Activities, reports that each of the three oblasts (territories in Russia and the former Soviet Union) with which we are working have entered the competition for one of the 10 grants being sponsored by the World Bank. Projects will implement two-year pilot projects utilizing DOTS (directly observed treatment).

Nine leaders of regional tuberculosis programs in the Tatarstan and Sverdlovsk oblasts completed a one-week program at the National Tuberculosis Training Center in Newark, New Jersey between November 28 and December 3, 1999 as part of the initial planning process.

Dr. Richard Farmer, MACP, Medical Director of EMEP, reports that the hypertension and diabetes training programs sponsored by EMEP have taught more than 1000 Russian physicians in the past two years. Data from Ekaterinburg for 1999 demonstrates a 30% decrease in ketoacidosis following an intense focus on the management of this condition in the EMEP diabetes courses.

Members of the ACP-ASIM have taught in ten courses. Faculty members include Faith Fitzgerald, MACP, Henry M. Greenberg, FACP, Don F. Leon, FACP, Raymond H. Murray, FACP, Peter O. Schumacher, FACP and Rolf A. Streuli, FACP.

The international coalition which the EMEP is a member, includes the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and National Tuberculosis Training Center, the World Bank, Soros Foundation, and Public Health Research Institute of New York, as well as Medicin Sans Frontiers, the Merlin, and several other international philanthropic agencies.

Respectfully submitted by,
John Noble, MD, FACP

Members' Comments

In the summer edition of the International Newsletter, we asked you to send us your comments on the newsletter. Here is what some of you wrote:

Congratulations on the first ACP-ASIM International Newsletter. It is very nice to be able to follow periodically some of the important College activities. Since we all have such little time in our schedules, receiving a summary with the recent activities as well as the updated international meetings calendar is quite refreshing, an enjoyable pause in our busy day. Best regards.

Leonardo G. Amaral, MD
Sao Paulo, Brazil

The ACP-ASIM International Newsletter is very informative, especially to people like me who just migrated back to my home country. It is very unfortunate for me, though, that the Philippines has no representatives. I hope this newsletter will not be the last. Thank you very much.

Cecilia Dimalaluan, MD
Manila, Philippines

As an internist residing and working as a hospitalist in Italy, recently advanced to the title of FACP, I was very pleased to receive the first edition of the ACP-ASIM International Newsletter, which contains interesting and useful information covering different topics regarding international ACP-ASIM activities. It is quite important that the ACP-ASIM members who reside and work outside the U.S. and Canada can now be informed through the International Newsletter about ongoing international activities and meetings, and stimulating participation and interaction, therefore closing the gap between ACP-ASIM and its international members.

Eugenio Gori, MD, FACP
Marina di Pisa, Italy

I was delighted to receive the International newsletter today. I am an ACP-ASIM member, formerly from Boston, now living and practicing in an academic setting in Basel, Switzerland. It's interesting how relatively few European connections were mentioned in the newsletter. I'm glad for the website info about International Society of Internal Medicine (ISIM), and would be interested in information about major meetings in Europe. Crosscultural comparisons are fascinating, especially to see how others have solved familiar problems, often starting from very different assumptions about the basic goals and responsibilities of physicians and society toward the ill and aging. It might make a good column for the newsletter-soliciting people's observations about this.

Thanks for your efforts!
Lyn Lindpaintner, MD
Muttenz, Switzerland

ACP-ASIM Brazil Regional Meeting

Rio de Janeiro

At the annual meeting of the College's Brazil Chapter, Governor Mario Geller, FACP (center), receives the College's Chapter Management Award from former Regent, John Noble, FACP (left), and College President, Whitney W. Addington, FACP. The meeting, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, August 6-7, 1999, drew approximately 400 physicians.

From left to right: Former Regent John Noble, FACP; Brazil Chapter Governor, Mario Geller, FACP; and College President, Whitney W. Addinton, FACP.

"Comprehensive Review of Internal Medicine: Advances in Health Sciences"

Hyderabad, India

ACP-ASIM Regents, Faroque A. Khan, MB, MACP, Joseph Silva, Jr., MD, FACP, and Sara E. Walker, MD, MACP, lectured at the above conference held at the Krishna-Oberoi Hotel in Hyderabad, India, August 12-14, 1999. It focused on intensive care and respiratory disease, and was attended by about 200 physicians from all parts of India. While in India, Dr. Silva had the pleasure of visiting a large, private medical group (Mediciti) in one of the Indian provinces.

(left)Faroque A. Khan, MACP, (right) Joseph Silva Jr., FACP and wife Ruth.

"International Conference on Recent Advances in Medicine - An Update"

Kashmir, India

This conference was arranged by the Government Medical College (GMC) in Srinagar, Kashmir, and was endorsed by the Medical Council of India. It was held at the scenic convention center of Dal Lake Srinagar in August 1999. Over 500 registrants participated in the meeting and the topics reviewed ranged from pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular diseases, women's health, imaging, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, and geriatrics. The faculty is comprised of the medical school faculty from Kashmir and ten faculty members from the USA, most of whom were alumni of GMC. In addition to the scientific sessions, there was an excellent cultural program prepared by medical students.

The meeting provided an opportunity to review medical issues from Eastern and Western perspectives. Based on the evaluations, feedback, and attendance, the meeting was very successful. Dr. G.M. Malik from Kashmir and Faroque A. Khan, MB, MACP from the USA were the co-directors of the conference.

Rheumatology Symposium

Lahore, Pakistan

Following the conference in Hyderabad, Dr. Walker and her husband, Donald R. Kay, MD, FACP, traveled to Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan. In Lahore, they were the guests of Professor Javed Akram, who is Professor of Medicine at King Edward Medical College. Drs. Walker and Kay participated in a Rheumatology Symposium, organized by the Pakistan Society of Rheumatology, at King Edward Medical College in Lahore on August 21, 1999. They were awarded Foreign Fellowship Awards in the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Pakistan. The doctors also visited Dr. Zarina Muzaffar, Head of the Department of Medical Sciences at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad. They participated in public rheumatology clinics, delivered lectures, held rounds, and presented interactive clinical seminars in eight medical schools and hospitals in Pakistan.

From left to right: Zarina Muzaffar, MACP, Sara E. Walker, MACP, and Donald R. Kay, FACP.

24th Argentine Congress of Internal Medicine

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 24th Argentine Congress of Internal Medicine was successfully held September 26-29, 1999 in Buenos Aires. More than 1300 physicians attended the meeting, which included workshops, conferences, and 50 round-table discussions. Humberto Vidaillet, FACP, of Wisconsin, gave a talk on "Arrhythmias Treatment" and "Work Out of Interactive Cardiological Problems".

ACP-ASIM Mexico Regional Meeting

Guadalajara, Mexico

The ACP-ASIM Mexico Region held its annual meeting November 21-24, 1999 in Guadalajara in collaboration with the Asociación de Medicina Interna de México (AMIM Mexican Society of Internal Medicine). This fruitful collaboration has been going on for the past eights years and has proven to be a successful synergy in which the College supports the National Internal Medicine Activities.

Meeting attendance was quite impressive; it reached 2001 participants and 1000 guests. The College was officially represented by Edward Shortliffe, MD, FACP, ACP-ASIM Regent, and Chair of the Publications Committee. He delivered a State of the Art Conference on Medical Informatics.

The inaugural event was presided over by the Secretary of Health of the State of Jalisco, along with Alberto Palacios Boix MD, FACP, President of the Asociación de Medicina Interna de México and Clicerio González Villalpando, MD, FACP, Governor of the Mexico Region of the ACP-ASIM. The Keynote speaker was Faith Fitzgerald, MD, MACP, who delivered a conference entitled "Medicine and the Humanities." This truly set the pace of the entire event and was quite moving. William J. Hall, MD, FACP, ACP-ASIM President-elect designee, was also a visiting professor and gave a lecture on geriatrics that was very well received.

A historic event also occurred at this Congress: the ACP-ASIM and the AMIM signed a cooperative agreement that it is based on the clear identification that both institutions have essentially the same mission in recognizing the extraordinary opportunity to promote the best patient care in both countries. The agreement was approved by both institutions at its respective HQ and at the inaugural event of the Congress. It was signed by the three visiting professors as well as Dr. Palacios-Boix, and Alberto Lifshitz, MD, FACP, (AMIM President-elect) and Dr. González Villalpando.

1999 Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Meeting

Does your national internal medicine society hold an annual meeting? Would you like the meeting information printed in the International Newsletter?

If so, please contact
Lisa Landrum at: llandrum@acponline.org or via fax at: 215-351-2759.

Future Worldwide Meetings

Tell Us What You Think

We are interested in your reaction to this edition of the ACP­ASIM International Newsletter. Please let us know by sending your brief comments to Lisa Landrum, International Administrator via fax 215-351-2759 or via email at: llandrum@acponline.org

Do you have ideas for the
International Newsletter?

We would like to hear them. Please send your ideas to the above email address or fax number.

Dear Colleague:

On behalf of the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine, it is my pleasure to invite you to attend the 25th World Congress of Internal Medicine, scheduled for June 4-9, 2000 in Cancún, México.

The meeting promises to be a worthwhile experience for all who attend ­ physicians and nonphysicians. There will be an impressive academic program of sessions, symposia, workshops, breakfasts and lunches with the professors, academic and scientific awards, and more. Due to an enormous interest shown by the many different countries, we are glad to inform you that the deadline for abstract submissions will be extended to February 29, 2000. It is important to remind you that the registration fee (50% off) will be extended to all authors of each accepted abstract. A copy of the program is enclosed for your convenience.

If you decide to attend the meeting, you will find Cancún to be a beautifully scenic town. It is located at the tip of the Yucatán peninsula and the climate is very warm and sunny. Tours of Cancún and surrounding areas can be arranged by your travel agent or while in México.

In order to secure the best possible rates for airfare and hotel, we suggest you make your arrangements early as possible. Please be sure to discuss required documentation for entry into Mexico with your travel agent.

If you wish to obtain more information, the Congress Secretariat address, phone numbers and website are as follows:

Circuito Fuentes del Pedregal #446-702
Col. Fuentes del Pedregal, CP 14140
Mexico City
Tel/Fax: 52-55-54-15-65, 52-56-87-79-63
52-55-43-12-65, 52-56-30-78-71
Home page: www.amim-isim.org.mx

We hope you will join us in Cancún, México for this worthwhile event!


Alberto Lifshitz, MD, FACP
President of the Organizing Committee

Clicerio González Villalpando, MD, FACP
ACP-ASIM Governor for México


Please contact


190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1572
with your new information.

Recently Elected ACP-ASIM Fellows Living Outside the U.S.British Columbia

British Columbia

Lawrence H Winkler—Nanaimo
HC George Wong—Vancouver


John M. Embil— Winnepeg
Yazdan Mirzanejad—Winnepeg


John D Harnett—St Johns
Christopher S Kovacs — Paradise

Nova Scotia

Talaat I Farag—Halifax


Susan D. Huan—Nepean
Aly B. Khalil——Mississauga
Ryuta Nagai—St Catharines


Eleanor Elstein—Cote St. Luc
Yogesh C Patel— Montreal
Sarkis Santikyan—Laval


Maria Rosalia B Tria Tirona—Regina


Carlos R Gimenez—Rosario
Mario H. Marinacci—Buenos Aires
Mario Dontato Turin—Buenos Aires


Bruce H. Short—Sydney


Carlos M S S Caldas—Cambridge Glenn Matfin—Hull
Michael J. Shillingford—West Sussex


Podila S Sarma—Madhya Pradesh


Yoshinobu Asano—Higashiku Fukuoka
Hiroshi Bando——Tokushima
Yasunobu Dazai—Ehime
Masayuki Endoh—Isehara Kanagawa
Hirokazu Imai——Akita City
Masahiko Ishikawa— Kitakyushu
Kenji Maeda—Saitama Pref
Takao Sugiyama—Tokyo
Yoshihisa Takano——Kumamoto
Hirokazu Tamura—Ageo, Saitama
Naoyuki Yoshida—Kiyose-Shi Tokyo


Josanne Vassallo—L'Ibragg St Andrews


E. Etsu Tirado-Hamasaki—Ciudad Obregon Sonora


Harry F. P. Hillen—Maastricht


Javed Akram—Lahore Punjab
Republic of Panama
Jorge Sinclair—Panama


Nestor R. Arrua Torreani— Asuncion
Raul B. Avila——Asuncion


Edgar H. Tan—Cebu City


Eugene J. Kucharz—Katowice


Mahmoud M. Z. Zirie—Doha

Saudi Arabia

Thamer A Aldarsouny—Riyadh
Badr B Al-Ghamdi— Abha
Essa M Aldhafiri —Riyadh
Mahmoud Aljurf—Riyadh
Hussain A Al-Nezir— Dhahran
Aus A Alzaid—Riyadh
Wiam I Hussein——Damman
Ahmad A Sabbagh —Jeddah

Republic of Singapore

Boon Lock Chia —Singapore
Chorh-Chuan Tan —Singapore

Republic of South Africa

Francois P R de Villiers—Houghton Gauteng
Michael N Sach—Cape Town


Blas Gil Extremera—Granada


Hans-Juerg Beer—Baden AG
Laurent Christin——Nyon

Syrian Arab Republic

Waleed Y. Kadro—— Damascus

United Arab Emirates

Abdulrazzak A Mohammad—DibbaFujairah


Anabel Arends de Perez—Caracas
Guillermo Boggiano—Caracas
Aquiles R Salas—Caracas
Claudio L. Urosa——Caracas
Rafael E Vargas-Arenas—Caracas

Do you live in a country where there is an ACP­ASIM Governor?

The College currently has 11 Governors who represent regions/chapters outside the United States. Below is a list. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions

Latin America

Brazil—Mario Geller, MD, FACP

Central America—Rosendo Gonzalez-Gomis, MD, FACP

Chile—Rodolfo Armas Merino, MD, FACP

Mexico—Clicerio Gonzalez-Villalpando, MD, FACP

Venezuela—Ramon F. Soto, MD, FACP


Alberta—Anthony L.A. Fields, MD, FACP

Atlantic Provinces—S. Paul Handa, MD, FACP

British Columbia—David N. Ostrow, MD, FACP

Manitoba/Saskatchewan —Allan R. Ronald, MD, FACP

Ontario—S. George Carruthers, MD, FACP

Quebec—Pierre Larochelle, MD, FACP

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Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 Digital Presentations

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IM Essentials Now Available in Print or Online

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