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ACP-ASIM International Newsletter

Vol. 5, Summer 2001

Annual Session Highlights-Atlanta 2001

Second Annual International Poster Competition

The second Annual International Poster Competition was held March 29-30 at Annual Session in Atlanta, GA. A total of 19 abstracts were selected and a total of 15 posters were displayed and presented by physicians in the competition. Abstract submissions came from various countries including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Venezuela, Argentina, Pakistan, and France. The competition proved to be a challenge for the judges; however, the first-place winner was Fernando Guerrero-Romero, MD, of Mexico, and the two runners-up were Susan Sallach, MD, of Canada and Vidal Essebag, MD, of Canada.

Applications for the third annual ACP-ASIM International Poster Competition are now available via our Web site at: http://www.acponline.org/college/international/ipc_form.htm. For further information, please contact Emily L. Brooks at ebrooks@acponline.org.

International Networking Reception

The Annual International Networking Reception was held Friday, March 30, 2001, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The reception was an enjoyable event and was well attended by a diverse group of international physicians. Dr. Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD, MACP, the President of ACP-ASIM, thanked all of the international guests for attending the reception and presented small gifts to the Honorary Fellows and Special Representatives. Dr. Joseph E. Johnson III, MD, FACP, the Senior Vice President of Membership and Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President, and President of the International Society of Internal Medicine, also made presentations to the international guests and spoke about the upcoming international events scheduled for 2002.

**Pictures from both the International Networking Reception and the International Poster Competition can be downloaded from the International Web site at: http://www.acponline.org/college/international/as2001_pictures.htm

International Panel Discussion

The International Panel Discussion, "International Connections: IMGs in the United States and the Globalization of Internal Medicine," was a huge success this year. Dr. Faroque A. Khan, MACP, was the moderator of the discussion. The panelists in the discussion represented both overseas physicians and U.S.-based IMG leaders. Each contributed to the discussion by providing his or her perspectives on what the world would like the ACP-ASIM to do in terms of expanding international activities and how he or she can help with these activities. These panelists were: Nasim Ashraf, MD, FACP; Kalpalatha Guntupalli, MD, FACP; Kaivilayil V. Johny, MD, FACP; Sonny F. Kuku, MD, FACP; Flavia Mercado, MD; Olukayode O. Ojutiku, MBBS, FACP; José A. Rodriguez Portales, MD, FACP; Khalid J. Qazi, MD, FACP; Farokh E. Udwadia, MD, FACP.

State-of-the-Art Lecture

The State-of-the-Art Lecture, "The Global Impact of Drug-Resistant Organisms," was delivered by Dr. Merle A. Sande, MACP, on Thursday, March 29, during Annual Session. Dr. Sande presented a superb lecture, which was well received by the attendees. The lecture dealt with drug resistance in the United States and globally due to the overuse of antibiotics and the worldwide medical problems of HIV/AIDS

Newly Elected Latin American Masters

Rodolfo Armas-Merino

Dr. Armas-Merino is Professor of Medicine at the University of Chile. His contributions to the advancement of gastroenterology and hepatology are well documented, and his keen interest in continuing medical education is attested to by his frequent participation as teacher and pupil at educational programs in Chile and abroad. Dr. Armas-Merino served as ACP-ASIM Governor for Chile (1996-2000), invigorating the chapter's annual meetings in Santiago with a remarkable array of state-of-the-art medical presentations and an outstanding faculty of physicians from Chile, other South American countries, the United States, and Europe. As Governor, he actively promoted policies for strengthening the College's relations with Latin America. He is presently working towards improved standards for physician licensure and quality of care in hospitals.

Nicolas E. Breuer

Dr. Breuer has been a moving force in Paraguayan medicine, which culminated in his election to the presidency of the Academy of Medicine of Paraguay (1997-2000). He has been a leader in developing a teaching program based on the American system and improving the quality of teaching medical centers across Paraguay and other Latin American countries. Dr. Breuer is currently Director of the Paraguayan Research Institute of Health Sciences and also Director of the postgraduate programs in internal medicine for the National University of Asuncion. Dr. Breuer has been very active in ACP-ASIM, heading seven annual international symposia organized under the auspices of the College and the Paraguayan Society of Internal Medicine.

Camilo Larrain

Dr. Larrain has been a leader in Chilean medicine throughout his distinguished career, and he has been very active in ACP-ASIM. He has served as the President of the Sociedad Medica de Santiago, Sociedad Chilena de Hematologia, and Vice President of the International Society of Hematology. He has made invaluable contributions to the relationship between the Chilean medical community and the College. Dr. Larrain is currently Professor of Medicine at the University of Chile and Chief of the Department of Medicine at the University Hospital of the Universidad de Chile.

Future Worldwide Medical Meetings

ACP-ASIM Brazil Annual Meeting

11 August, 2001
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Colegio Brasileiro de Cirurgioes (CBC)
Rua Visconde Silva 52, Botafogo
Email: gellerm@attglobal.net

35th Malaysia-Singapore Congress of Medicine

22-26 August, 2001
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Email: acadmed@po.jaring.my

Czech Society of Internal Medicine

5-8 September, 2001
Zlin, Czechoslovakia
Zlin Convention Center
Email: dolejs@vfn.cz
Tel: 420-2-296-502
Fax: 420-2-290-609

The Royal College of Physians and Surgeons of Canada Annual Conference on Achieving Quality Health Care Through Education, Professional Development, and Research

20-22 September, 2001
Westin Hotel and Ottawa Congress Centre
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: 613-730-8177
Toll free Telephone:

Internal Medicine Society of Buenos Aires

30 September - 3 October, 2001
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marriott Plaza Hotel
Email: medicina@sminter.com.ar

Paraguayan Society of Internal Medicine/ACP-ASIM

5-6 October, 2001
Asuncion, Paraguay
Email: cearbo@pla.net.py

Georgian Society of Internal Medicine

10 October, 2001
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: 995-32-990-942
Fax: 995-32-230-147

Visiting Speakership Program in Internal Medicine

17-22 October, 2001
Atlantic Provinces Region, Canada
Email: phanda@nbnet.nb.ca

Italian Society of Internal Medicine

22-26 October, 2001
Rome, Italy
Hotel Cavalieri Hilton
Email: simimail@tin.it

Peruvian Society of Internal Medicine

25-26 October, 2001
Lima, Peru
Sheraton Hotel
Email: casilla@spmi.net

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

3 December, 2001
Glasgow, Scotland
College Headquarters
Email: kileen.nichol@rcpsglasg.ac.uk

Mexico Chapter

2001 Annual Scientific Meeting
19-21 November, 2001
Hotel El Cid Resort
Mazatlán Sinaloa, Mexico
Email: jorgec@prodigy.net.mx


Association of Physicians of India
13-17 January, 2002
Chennai, India
Email: AALazarus@bethesda.med.navy.mil

World Congress of Gastroenterology

24 Feb - 1 March, 2002
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Int'l Trade and Exhibition Centre
Email: wcog2002@wcog2002.org

26th World Congress of Internal Medicine

26-30 May, 2002
Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto International Conference Hall
Email: isim26@mx6.nisiq.net

For further information on any of the above meetings, please contact Emily Brooks at ebrooks@acponline.org

International Meetings Updates

ACP-ASIM Chapter Meeting of Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

The ACP-ASIM Chapter meeting took place on November 17-19, 2000 in Mexico City, Mexico. The ACP-ASIM and the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine sponsored the meeting. The Program Director of the Mexico Chapter meeting was Dr. Jorge Castañon Gonzalez, FACP, ACP-ASIM Governor for Mexico. Dr. Joseph E. Johnson III, FACP, participated as a faculty member and Dr. Donna E. Sweet, FACP, was the College Representative. The current President of the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine is Dr. Francisco Moreno Rodriguez.

27th Annual Dr. Ena Thomas Memorial Symposium
Kingston, Jamaica

The 27th Annual Dr. Ena Thomas Memorial Symposium, sponsored by the Association of Consultant Physicians of Jamaica, was held December 3 in Kingston, Jamaica. Dr. John A. S. Hall, FACP, was the key organizer and Program Director for the 27th Annual Symposium. The theme for the symposium was "Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases." Robert B. Gibbons, MD, FACP, ACP-ASIM Regent, participated as faculty, and approximately 100 physicians attended the meeting.

ACP-ASIM Central America Meeting
Panama City, Panama

The ACP-ASIM Central America Meeting took place January 26-29 in Panama City, Panama, and was attended by nearly 500 physicians. Dr. Marco A. Lopez, Governor for the Central America Chapter, was the primary coordinator of the meeting. The College President, Dr. William J. Hall, FACP; Captain Angeline A. Lazarus, MD, FACP; and Dr. David W. Potts, FACP, represented the College and served as faculty members in Panama. The issue of managed care was a key topic of discussion in Panama. The meeting was well planned and proved to be outstanding in both the presentations and the social events.

International Conference on Advanced Medicine
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The International Conference on Advanced Medicine, organized by the Faculty of Medicine of King Abdulaziz University and in collaboration with the ACP-ASIM, was held on April 23-26, 2001 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The theme of the meeting focused on recent advances in medicine. More than 550 physicians attended this meeting, and their interest and enthusiasm was incredible. The College representatives and speakers at this meeting were Dr. Faroque A. Khan, MACP, Dr. Edward Shortliffe, FACP, and Dr. Tanveer Mir, FACP.

ACP-ASIM Venezuela Regional Meeting in Conjunction with the Latin-American Society of Internal Medicine (SOLAMI)
Margarita Island, Venezuela

The Latin-American Society of Internal Medicine (SOLAMI) and the Venezuela Chapter of ACP-ASIM, jointly held the 2nd Latin-American Congress of Internal Medicine and the 8th Annual Meeting of the Venezuela Chapter on May 30-June 2, 2001 in Margarita Island, Venezuela.

The meeting proved to be a worthwhile event and a great success, with approximately 1,500 attendees. The organizing committee of the meeting included Dr. Ramón Castro Alvarez, FACP, the President of SOLAMI; Dr. Luis María Carnelli, FACP (Hon) and Dr. Francisco Aulestia, the Vice-Presidents of SOLAMI; Dr. José Luis Akaki, FACP and Dr. Trina Navas B., the Secretary Generals of SOLAMI. Dr. Ramón F. Soto, FACP, was the President of the Scientific Committee of the SOLAMI Congress. In addition, the annual meeting of the Venezuela Chapter was lead by Dr. Israel Montes de Oca, FACP, Governor of the ACP-ASIM Venezuela Chapter. The Congress held a wide range of lectures, roundtables, oral presentations, clinical pathology sessions, a poster competition, and special workshops. Dr. Joseph E. Johnson III, FACP, Dr. Reed Pyeritz, FACP, and Dr. Myron Cohen, FACP, were ACP-ASIM speakers at the meeting, and Dr. Clicerio Gonzalez-Villalpando, FACP was the College representative.

International Medical Graduates Website

Have you obtained your undergraduate medical education in the United States? Or are you interested in obtaining your undergraduate medical education in the United States? For information regarding the issues of residency training, credentialing, licensure, and international organizations related to internists in the United States, please visit the ACP-ASIM New York Chapter International Medical Graduate (IMG) Web site at: www.acponline.org/img.

ACP-ASIM Observer to International Members

Beginning in July, the College will no longer send ACP-ASIM Observer to members outside of the United States and Canada. The full text of ACP-ASIM Observer is available on the College's Web site at www.acponline.org. Those members who do not have internet access can request the print version of ACP-ASIM Observer by contacting Ed Doyle at edoyle@acponline.org, or at telephone number 215-351-2652. International members also receive the ACP-ASIM International Newsletter from the College twice a year. All members can also receive free weekly news updates via ObserverExpress, the College's e-mail newsletter. (Go to www.acponline.org/express/index.html for more information.)

Tell Us What You Think

We are interested in your reaction to this edition of the ACP­ASIM International Newsletter. Please let us know by sending your brief comments to Emily L. Brooks, International Administrator via fax 215-351-2759 or via email at: ebrooks@acponline.org

2002 Annual Session

Next year's Annual Session will take place April 11­14, 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The College will be offering several events that appeal to physicians with international backgrounds and interests. Featured are: the 3rd Annual International Poster Competition, the International Networking Reception, an International Panel Discussion: The International Health Impact of Tobacco: Tobacco usage and its Effects Worldwide, and Meet the Professor session: The Epidemnic of Obesity and Worldwide Type II Diabetes. For further information, please visit our Web site at: http://www.acponline.org.

Who's Who in the ACP-ASIM

William J. Hall, MD, FACP

Bernard M. Rosof, MD, FACP
Chair, Board of Regents

Sara E. Walker, MD, MACP

Cecil B. Wilson, MD, FACP
Chair-elect, Board of Regents

Walter J. McDonald, MD, FACP
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

John Tooker, MD, FACP
Deputy Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


Joseph E. Johnson III, MD, FACP
Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President
President, International Society of Internal Medicine

Jim Ott
Senior Vice President for Membership

Cecilia Castillo
Membership Coordinator

Eve C. Swiacki
Director, Membership and International Activities

Emily L. Brooks
International Administrator and Editor

Karen C. Nolan,
Production Editor, Editorial Services

Ima Simmons
Administrative Representative and Editor

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