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ACP-ASIM International Newsletter

Vol. 4, Fall 2000


On behalf of the ACP-ASIM International Office, we are pleased to announce that Joseph E. Johnson, III, MD, FACP, was elected President of the International Society of Internal Medicine (ISIM) at its 25th Congress in Cancun, Mexico in June 2000. Dr. Johnson served on the Executive Committee of ISIM for several years before becoming president. The ISIM is a federation of 54 national internal medicine societies.

Dr. Johnson became Senior Vice President for Membership and Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President of the American College of Physicians in 1993. Previously, he was Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Dean of the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Johnson is board certified in internal medicine and allergy and immunology. Congratulations, Dr. Johnson!

Clicerio González Villalpando, MD, FACP, of Mexico was recently named Regent of the ACP-ASIM. Dr. González is the first Latin American Fellow outside the United States to be appointed a Regent of the College.

From 1996-2000, Dr. González was Governor for the ACP-ASIM Mexico Region. He has been Director of the Research Center of Diabetes since 1989 and is Research Scientist of the Medical Investigation Unit of Metabolic Diseases at the Specialties Hospital.

Dr. González has published numerous works, held various teaching positions and received many scholarships and awards. Congratulations, Dr. González!

In Memoriam

Regretfully, Jaime A. Beltrán, MD, FACP (Hon), of Quito, Ecuador passed away in June 2000. Dr. Beltrán was President of the Ecuadorian Association of Internal Medicine and President of the second congress of the Sociedad Latinoamericana de Medicina Interna (SOLAMI). Dr. Beltrán became an Honorary Fellow of ACP-ASIM in April 1999.

Eurasian Medical Education Program

The Eurasian Medical Education Program began in 1998. Centers are located in Kazan, Tatarstan, Ekaterinburg, Khabarovsk and Tula. Distinguished American medical faculty have traveled to Russia to train approximately 1,700 Russian physicians in diagnosing and treating hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and tuberculosis in their country. These diseases are responsible for nearly 60% of deaths in Russia. Since the EMEP's inception, complications in diabetes decreased by 30% in one center and control of blood pressure increased from 20% to 80% in a cohort of patients in another center.

The program has received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Exxon Mobil Foundation. Edward J. Burger, MD, President of the Institute of Health Policy Analysis, is Director of the Eurasian Medical Education Project (EMEP). Richard G. Farmer, MACP, is Medical Director of the program, and John Noble, MACP, former ACP-ASIM Regent, has been the Coordinator of the program.

If you would like more information on this program, please contact Lisa Landrum via fax at 215-351-2759.

Who's Who in the ACP-ASIM

Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD, FACP

Chair, Board of Regents
Rowen K. Zetterman, MD, FACP

William J. Hall, MD, FACP

Bernard M. Rosof, MD, FACP
Chair-elect, Board of Regents

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
Walter J. McDonald, MD, FACP

Deputy Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
John Tooker, MD, MBA, FACP


Senior Vice President for Membership and Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President
Joseph E. Johnson III, MD, FACP

President, International Society of Internal Medicine
Cecilia Castillo

Administrative Coordinator
Eve C. Swiacki

Director, Membership and International Activities
Lisa M. Landrum

International Administrator and Editor
Karen C. Nolan, Production Editor

Editorial Services Administrative Representative
Emily Brooks

Annual Session Highlights—Philadelphia 2000

First Annual Session Poster Competition

The first annual International Poster Competition was held April 13-15 at Annual Session in Philadelphia. A total of 21 abstracts were accepted; however, only ten physicians participated in the competition. We received abstract submissions from Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. There was one winner, Greg Searles, MD, of Canada and two runners-up, Anabel Marin, MD, of Mexico and Le Huu Thien Bien, MD, of Vietnam.

International Networking Reception

The annual International Networking Reception was held on Friday, April14 in the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel. Physicians from various countries enjoyed a buffet dinner with wine and cheese. Next year's reception will be held Friday, March 30, 2001 in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Latin American and Canadian ACP-ASIM Governors

The College has 11 Governors who represent regions/chapters outside the United States. Below is a list. Please feel free to contact them with any questions. Please note the names with asterisks are newly elected.

Future Worldwide Medical Meetings

Academy of Medicine of Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1-4 November, 2000
Shangri-La Hotel
Email: acadmed@po.jaring.my
Please see below for contact information

Peruvian Society of Internal Medicine
Lima, Peru
1-4 November, 2000
Email: casilla@spmi.net

Hong Kong Academy of Medicine—Second International Congress
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
2-5 November, 2000
Academy Building
Email: hkam@hkam.org.hk

West African College of Physicians Meeting
Monrovia, Liberia
15-20 November, 2000 (tentative)
Tel: 234-1-497-6154
Fax: 234-1-496-0159
Email: sonfol@hyperia.com

Hungarian Society of Internal Medicine Meeting
Budapest, Hungary
16-18 November, 2000
Semmelweis University
Please see below for contact information

ACP-ASIM Mexico Regional Meeting in Conjunction with the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine
Mexico City, Mexico
17-19 November, 2000
Mexico City Hotel Presidente
Please see below for contact information

Italian Society of Internal Medicine
Torino, Italy
18-22 November, 2000
Centro Congressi Lingotto
Email: simimail@tin.it

Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internists
Moscow, Russia
28-29, November 2000
Military Medical Academy
St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel: 7 (095) 924-4926
Fax: 7 (095) 929-1020

1st Joint Meeting of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand
Cha-am, Thailand

28 November - 1 December, 2000
Tel: 66-2-412-1162
Fax: 66-2-418-3936

St. Andrew's Day Festival Symposium
Edinburgh, Scotland
30 November-1 December, 2000

The 27th Annual Doctor Ena Thomas Memorial Symposium 2000
Kingston, Jamaica
3 December, 2000
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel
Fax: 876-929-9119

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
Glasgow, Scotland
4 December, 2000
College Headquarters
Email: kileen.nichol@rcpsglasg.ac.uk

National French Society of Internal Medicine
8-10 December, 2001
Convention Center Fort de France
Email: mwarembourg@univ_lille2.fr

ACP-ASIM Central America Annual Meeting
Panama City, Panama
26-29 January, 2001
Email: malopez@pananet.com

107th Annual Session of the German Society of Internal Medicine
Wiesbaden, Germany
21-25 April, 2001
Email: dgim2001@t-online.de

International Conference on Advanced Medicine
Jedda, Saudi Arabia
24-28 April, 2001
King Abdulaziz University Hospital
Tel: 966-2-640-1000
Fax: 966-2-640-0855

Belgian Society of Internal Medicine
Gent, Belgium
5 May, 2001
Tel: 32-9-240-5301
Fax: 32-9-240-4403

ACP-ASIM Chile Regional Meeting
Santiago, Chile
7-9 May, 2001
Manquehue Convention Center
Please see below for contact information

Philippine College of Physicians
Manila, Philippines
8-11 May, 2001
Edsa Shangri-la Hotel
Email: pcp@info.com.ph

European Federation of Internal Medicine 3rd Congress
Edinburgh, Scotland
9-12 May, 2001

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Sydney, Australia
15-18 May, 2001
Sydney Convention Center
Email: don.swinbourne@racp.edu.au or racp@racp.edu.au

ACP-ASIM Venezuela Regional Meeting in Conjuction with the Latin-American Congress of Internal Medicine (SOLAMI)
Margarita Island, Venezuela
30 May - 2 June, 2001
Hilton Resort Hotel, in Margarita Island

Czech Society of Internal Medicine
Zlin, Czechoslovakia
5-8 September, 2001
Zlin Convention Center
Email: dolejs@vfn.cz
Tel: 420-2-296-502
Fax: 420-2-290-609

Internal Medicine Society of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
30 September 3 October, 2001
Marriott Plaza Hotel
Email: medicina@sminter.com.ar

Georgian Society of Internal Medicine
Tbilisi, Georgia
10 October, 2001
Tel: 995-32-990-942
Fax: 995-32-230-147

Italian Society of Internal Medicine
Rome, Italy
22-26 October, 2001
Hotel Cavalieri Hilton
Email: simimail@tin.it

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
Glasgow, Scotland
3 December, 2001
College Headquarters
Email: kileen.nichol@rcpsglasg.ac.uk

World Congress of Gastroenterology
Bangkok, Thailand
24 Feb - 1 March, 2002
Bangkok Int'l Trade and Exhibition Centre
E-mail: wcog2002@wcog2002.org

26th World Congress of Internal Medicine
Kyoto, Japan
26-30 May, 2002
Kyoto International Conference Hall
Email: isim26@mx6.nisiq.net

27th World Congress of Internal Medicine
Granada, Spain
September 26-1 October, 2004
E-mail: congresos@plannermedia.com
Tel: 34-91-323-0405
Fax: 34-91-323-1390

For further information on any of the above meetings, please contact Lisa Landrum at: llandrum@acponline.org or via fax at 215-351-2759.

25th World Congress of Internal Medicine Cancun, Mexico

The 25th World Congress of Internal Medicine was held June 4-9, 2000 in Cancun, Mexico. Several thousand physicians from around the world attended the meeting. ACP-ASIM displayed a booth and distributed membership information and other College materials. Dr. Alberto Lifshitz, former ACP-ASIM Governor for Mexico, was the President of the Organizing Committee and of the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine, did a superb job in organizing the congress.

Several College Leaders participated in the meeting as faculty: Joseph E. Johnson, III, MD, FACP, Senior Vice President for Membership and President of the International Society of Internal Medicine (ISIM); Faith T. Fitzgerald, MACP, Governor for California Northern; Mary T. Herald, FACP, Regent; John Noble, MACP, former Regent; Sara E. Walker, MACP, Regent and Chair of the Membership Committee. Other College Leaders on the Organizing Committee of the congress were Clicerio González Villalpando, FACP, ACP-ASIM Regent and Jorge Castañon-González, FACP, ACP-ASIM Governor for Mexico.

The meeting was abundant with lectures, satellite symposia and social events. Here are the dates for the upcoming ISIM meetings:

26th World Congress of Internal Medicine
Kyoto, Japan
26-30 May, 2002
Email: isim26@mx6.nisiq.net

27th World Congress of Internal Medicine
Granada, Spain
26 September-1 October, 2004
Email: congresos@plannermedia.com

106th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Internal Medicine

This meeting took place April 28 May 4, 2000 in Wiesbaden. Over 12,000 internists attended the meeting - all of whom were in private practice, academics or training. The program was filled with simultaneous lectures, symposia, seminars and elaborate social events. Topics included issues relating to antibiotics, AIDS, and tuberculosis. Former Chair of the Board Regents, Harold J. Fallon, MACP, participated in the meeting.

The President of the German Society of Internal Medicine, Professor Doctor K. Heinz Rahn oversaw the meeting. Prof. Rahn became an Honorary Fellow of the ACP-ASIM in 1999.

ACP-ASIM Brazil Regional Meeting
Rio de Janeiro

At the annual meeting of the ACP-ASIM Brazil Chapter, its Governor, Mario Geller, FACP (center), proudly accepts the Chapter Management Award from Bernard M. Rosof, FACP Chair-elect of the Board of Regents and Rodolfo Armas Merino, FACP, former ACP-ASIM Governor for Chile. The meeting was held September 7-10, 2000 and was attended by several hundred physicians.

Postgraduate Course in Internal Medicine
Managua, Nicaragua

The Postgraduate Course of Internal Medicine took place June 2 in Managua, Nicaragua and was attended by several hundred physicians. The faculty gave lectures in the areas of cardiology, infectious diseases, diabetes mellitus and hematology. The faculty members were as follows: Joseph E. Johnson, III, FACP; Thomas Kjellström, FACP; Conrad C. Simpfendorfer, MD, and Rolf A. Streuli, FACP, Secretary General for the International Society of Internal Medicine. Fernando E. Gutiérrez, FACP, is president of the Nicaraguan Association of Internal Medicine.

ACP-ASIM Venezuela Regional Meeting

The annual Venezuela Regional Meeting was held May 23-27, 2000 in Caracas in conjunction with the VII Annual Meeting of the Venezuela Society of Internal Medicine. Ramón F. Soto, FACP, Governor for Venezuela, was the primary organizer of the meeting. The meeting was a great success with nearly one thousand physicians in attendance. Topics included rheumatoid disorders, lipid disorders and gastroenterological conditions. College Leaders who were part of the faculty included: James Borland, MACP; Leonard Keilson, FACP and Sara E. Walker, MACP. Other faculty members were José Weisinger, FACP and Francisco Fragachán, MD.

In addition, there were presentations for Associates, and for the first time in Latin-America, workshops with Clinical Skill Modules were presented. There were two workshops, one with the Arthrocentesis and Joint Injection Module, and other with the Skin Biopsy Modules, both of which were very successful.

7th Annual Meeting of the Paraguayan Society of Internal Medicine

The 7th Annual Meeting of the Paraguayan Society of Internal Medicine held in conjunction with the ACP-ASIM symposium was held September 5-10, 2000 in Asunción. Three College Leaders: President-elect, William J. Hall, FACP; Regent, Sara E. Walker, MACP and former College President, Norton J. Greenberger, MACP all participated as faculty in the meeting. Hundreds of internists from Paraguay attended the congress. Its organizers, Nicolas E. Breuer, FACP, Nestor Arrúa Torreani, FACP, and Carlos Arbo Sosa, MD did an excellent job in arranging the extraordinary presentations and social events. The Paraguayan Society of Internal Medicine usually holds in meetings in September each year.

ACP-ASIM Chile Regional Meeting

The annual Chile regional meeting took place May 15-17, 2000 in Santiago. Rodolfo Armas Merino, FACP, is former Governor for the Chile region and the meeting's organizer. Several College Leaders and ACP-ASIM members participated as faculty: Matthew B. Goetz, FACP; ACP-ASIM Governor for the US state of Maine, Leonard Keilson, FACP; former ACP-ASIM President, Harold C. Sox, MACP and for mer ACP-ASIM Governor for the US state of Alaska, Norman J. Wilder, FACP.

Hundreds of physicians attended the meeting and Manuel de los Rios, MD received the ACP-ASIM's Laureate Award. This award is given to College members who are loyal supporters of their respective chapters or regions and to the ACP-ASIM in general.

The new ACP-ASIM Governor for Chile is José A. Rodriguez Portales, FACP.

European Federation of Internal Medicine
3rd Congress

May 9-12, 2001, EICC Edinburgh (UK)

We invite you to join us at the 3rd Congress of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) to be held in Edinburgh on May 9-12, 2001.

Scotland's beautiful capital city, designated a World Heritage Site, has a long history of medical achievement and has had commercial, academic and cultural associations with every country in Europe over many centuries. You will find the Congress meeting to be a rewarding professional experience and will also have the opportunity to visit the historic buildings of Edinburgh and the attractive surrounding countryside.

The content of the Congress meeting will be very varied, covering all of the major specialties but with emphasis toward the general aspect of Internal Medicine. In addition to keynote addresses, there will be scientific presentations and subject reviews with full opportunities for discussion. The Congress will provide a valuable contribution to your continued professional development and we all look forward to your company.

Your host for the Congress will be the Federation of Medical Royal Colleges of the UK (jointly, the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the Royal College of Physicians of London).

There have been increasing links between the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM), the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), and the EFIM over the last two years, culminating in the joint Medical Professionalism Project (MFP2000). We plan to present the results of this project at Edinburgh during this congress in a joint symposium with these organizations and we hope that many US physicians will wish to take part.

Ceud mile failte
(Gaelic "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes")

Professor James PetrieProfessor
President RCPE
(on behalf of the UK Federation)

Philippe Jaeger
President EFIM

Recently Elected ACP-ASIM Fellows Living Outside the U.S. elected July 2000


British Columbia

Kevan Jacobson-Vancouver
Barry O Kassen-Vancouver
Eric M Yoshida-Vancouver

Nova Scotia

Kim R Crawford-Liverpool


Raj K Tuppal-Oshawa

Other Countries


Andreas C Zenonos-Lemesos


Ohene K Opare-Sem-Kumasi


Clarence Charles-Georgetown


Mandeep Bajaj-New Delhi
Dipika Mohanty-Mumbai
Farokh Erach Udwadia-Bombay


Stephen J Williams-Bologna


Chang-Duk Chang-Ama-Gun Aichi
Yasuharu Imai-Nagano City
Hiromi Ishibashi-Fukuoka
Yoshihiro Ishikawa-Yokohama
Jin Ishizuka-Fukushima Prefecture
Yo Kageyama-Utsumomiya
Hajime Kawamura-Tochigi-Ken
Koichi Miyagawa-Nagoya
Shunichi Miyazaki-Suita Osaka
Yoshiharu Motoo-Kanazawa
Masanori Nishikawa-Yokohama
Tohru Ogihara-Kanagawa-Ken
Sadayoshi Ohbu-Yokohama
Hidetaka Sato-Sendai
Tsuyoshi Watanabe-Fukushima City


Wadad F Ailabouni-Amman
Marwan S Akasheh-Amman


Chang Hock Hu-Sibu Sarawak


Enrique M Gomez-Colonia Roma
Alberto F Rubio-Guerra-Mexico


Fernando E Gutierrez-Managua


Sonny F Kuku-Lagos

Republic of Panama

Luis Manuel Cornejo Aleman-Panama


Ibrahim A A Mohammed-Doha

Saudi Arabia

Mohammed H Al-Ghamdi-Alkhobar
Ahmed M Alkhunaizi-Dhahran
Adel F Alothman-Riyadh
Ahmad M Jadaan-Jubail
Anwar K Sheikha-Abha


José Manuel Porcel-Lleida


Safak E B Guven-Nisantasi
Volkan D Yumuk-Kiziltoprak

2001 Annual Session

Next year's Annual Session will take place March 29 April 1, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. Similar to last year, the College will offer several events that appeal to physicians with international backgrounds and/or interests. Please see list of events:

State of the Art Lecture

The Global Impact of Drug Resistant Infectious Organisms
Thursday, March 29


International Connections: IMG's in the US and the Globalization of Internal Medicine Thursday, March 29

International Poster Competition

March 29-30

International Networking Reception

Friday, March 30

If you would like to register for 2001 Annual Session, you may do so at: http://www.acponline.org/cme/as/2001/index.html?hp


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Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 Digital Presentations

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IM Essentials Now Available in Print or Online

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