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International Medical Graduates

Preparing an Advancement to Fellowship Package

Eve C. Swiacki
Director, Membership Credentialing and International Activities
American College of Physicians

To obtain a proposal kit for advancement to Fellowship, contact the appropriate ACP Governor, or call Customer Service at headquarters (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600; or (215) 351-2600.

The kit contains an advancement to Fellowship proposal, plus information about the requirements, as well as other materials to assist the candidate in completing the proposal. Candidates with questions about their eligibility to apply for advancement to Fellowship should contact the appropriate ACP Governor, or the Credentials Administrator at College headquarters at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2707 or (215)-351-2709. It is important to complete every section of the proposal form to assist the ACP Governor and the local and national Credentials committees in evaluating your credentials. The candidate must also submit an up-to-date curriculum vitae with the completed proposal. The proposal kit includes a model generic curriculum vitae to use as a guide in preparing a curriculum vitae. Candidates for advancement to Fellowship must also provide two letters of support from ACP Masters or Fellows who are familiar with the candidates' current professional activities. Also included in each Fellowship kit is a memorandum that candidates should share with their sponsors to assist them in preparing their sponsoring letters. The sponsors are asked to send these letters to the candidates in sealed envelopes to be submitted with the rest of the Fellowship proposal in order to maintain the confidentiality of the sponsoring letter.

The names of potential sponsors are listed in the "Member Connection," the Online membership directory, on the ACP Web site (www.acponline.org), or candidates can contact the Member Records Section at headquarters: (800)-523-1546, ext. 2695 or (215) 351-2695 by phone; (215) 351-2759 by fax; ldutton@acponline.org by e-mail.

Candidates living abroad where there is no formal ACP chapter, and who have difficulty in obtaining sponsors for their proposal, should contact the Credentials Administrator at mhotea@acponline.org. Candidates can use the current or past presidents of their national internal medicine society as sponsors. For those candidates who live in countries with no internal medicine society, it's a bit more difficult, but the Credentials Administrator can work individually with these candidates and help locate ACP Masters and Fellows who can sponsor the candidate.

Once the completed proposal, curriculum vitae and sponsoring letters are assembled, they should be sent to the Member Records Section at the ACP, 190 N. Independence Mall West, Philadelphia, PA 19106-1572. In order to be considered at the November Credentials Subcommittee meeting, the proposal packet must be received in the Member Records Section by June 1, with the deadline for the May Credentials Subcommittee meeting being December 1st.

A candidate whose proposal is not approved for election is notified in writing within 2 weeks following a Credentials Subcommittee meeting. The candidate is told the reasons why the proposal was "deferred," what must be done to strengthen the proposal, and when it can be reconsidered. Successful candidates are informed in writing of their election either in early January for the prior November meeting, or in early July for the prior May meeting.

Brief bio:

Eve C. Swiacki is the Director of the Membership Credentialing and International Activities Department at ACP headquarters in Philadelphia. She received her Masters degree in European History from Villanova University in 1970. She also completed all course work for a PhD in history at the University of Delaware in 1976. She has worked at ACP since 1979 and has traveled extensively.

This article was prepared for the ACP IMG Web site in 2000.

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