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1998 Annual Meeting Recap


The Wisconsin Chapter of the American College of Physicians ­ American Society of Internal Medicine annual meeting held in Racine, Wisconsin from September 10th through the 12th, 1998, was memorable because the Wisconsin Chapter of the American College of Physicians and the Wisconsin Society of Internal Medicine ratified the resolution to merge as one organization ­ the Wisconsin Chapter of the American College of Physicians ­ American Society of Internal Medicine. At this historic meeting, five residency programs from the State (Gundersen Clinic, Marshfield Clinic, Medical College of Wisconsin, Mt. Sinai Hospital and the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics ) presented posters and vignettes. These presentations were a highlight of our Chapter meeting.

These presentations have become a highlight of our State ACP meeting. So that all may appreciate the quality of our Internal Medicine residents and the quality of care given by these residents in our Wisconsin residency programs, the full text presentations for the poster and vignette sessions held at the Associates part of the meeting are presented below. Through the cooperation of the Wisconsin Medical Journal, we will publish these presentations yearly, however, there is nothing like the lively medical discussion these posters and vignettes produce at the ACP­ASIM meeting.

Presentations for the Poster and Vignette Sessions

  1. Travel Fever
  2. Primary Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma, Pleotrophic Medium and Small Cell Type
  3. An Elderly Male With Diabetes, Neurogenic Bladder and Abdominal Pain
  4. A Masquerading Mediastinal Mass
  5. TB Or Not TB: That is the Question
  6. First-Time Referrals For Myocardial Perfusion Scans to Detect Ischemia Are Used More Cost-Effectively By Cardiologists Than By Family Practitioners
  7. Late Relapse of Malaria
  8. Progressive Dyspnea: A Case Report of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  9. "I Can't Get My Wedding Ring Off." - A Case Report of Acromegaly
  10. A Case of Takayasu's Arteritis
  11. A Case Of Staphylococcus Aureus Endocarditis With Typical Skin Lesions, and a Complete Remission of Acute Renal Failure
  12. Dermatomyositis and Its Association With Malignancy: A Classic Presentation
  13. Tick Talk: Its Lyme to Get Going!
  14. Stroke in Atrial Flutter: Frequency and Outcomes in the General Population
  15. Castleman's Disease
  16. Primary Rhabdoid Tumor of the Lung
  17. Hypercalcemia Associated With Sarcoidosis
  18. Mortality and Clinical Predictors of Death in Newly-Diagnosed Atrial Flutter: A Study in the General Population from the Marshfield Epidemiologic Study Area (MESA)
  19. An Unusual Abdominal Mass
  20. Mild Alkali Syndrome: A New Resurgence
  21. Cardiac Embolization
  22. Emphysematous Cystitis: A Case Presentation
  23. Thyrotoxic Heart Disease