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Steven B. Pearson


DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH: 7/10/56, Amery, Wisconsin;
EDUCATION: Undergrad, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire-1979, Medical School, Medical College of Wisconsin 1983;
POST DOCTORAL TRAINING: Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation, Internal Medicine Residency 1983-84, 1987-89;
PRESENT POSITION: General Internal Medicine Staff Physician since 1989, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director since 2000, Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, LaCrosse, WI;
ACP ACTIVITIES: Member since 2000, Fellowship 2003, State Meeting Co-Chair of Associate's Program 2001-05, Chapter Council Secretary 2007-present;
HOSPITAL/COMMUNITY SERVICE: Numerous hospital/clinic committees including: Graduate Medical Education Committee, Continuing Medical Education Committee, Dept of IM Section Chiefs Committee, Editorial Board of "Gundersen Medical Journal". I am involved in numerous volunteer activities primarily through my children's school. I do occasional community presentations to the public on the topic of "preventive medicine";
OTHER APPOINTMENTS: Vice Chair Department of Internal Medicine 2008 (elected position);

Vision Statement

The decreased interest amongst medical students in primary care has led some to predict that the future of Internal Medicine itself could be threatened. As Internists become an increasingly rare, yet highly valued commodity in the years ahead, the need for a vital state ACP Chapter will only increase. As a state chapter we must be up to the challenges that will confront us. We will need to be a strong voice for the state's Internists, a forceful advocate for the patients we serve and dynamic role models for the next generation of prospective Internists. We all know that medicine without Internal Medicine physicians would truly result in the 'collapse' of the American medical system. There is no substitute for the seasoned Internist. Thus, as a Chapter, we must be ready to promulgate, advocate and educate as never before, for the future of our profession could depend on it.

Page updated: 6/2/11