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Congratulations to Our Members!

Hats off to David C. Dale, MD, MACP , who is received the American College of Physicians Award for Outstanding Work in Science as Related to Medicine at Internal Medicine 2014.

New Master

Congratulations to Roger W. Bush, MD, MACP, Seattle, Washington who received his Mastership at Internal Medicine 2013 in San Francisco in April.

The Chapter recognizes and congratulates Washington Chapter physicians who were elected to Fellowship in the College in the past 6 months.

The Washington Chapter would like to thank the following members for recruiting their colleagues as part of ACP's Recruit- a-Colleague program

  • Lesley Althouse, MD FACP
    Vasanthi S Gowri, MBBS FACP
    Matthew F Hollon, MD MPH FACP
    Carrie A Horwitch, MD FACP

If you have any current news to share about yourself or a colleague that we can celebrate, please send it along to the Governor, Carrie Horwitch, MD, FACP.

Page updated: 3/11/14

Contact Information

Joyce Wipf, MD, FACP
Governor, Washington Chapter

Lisa Hager, Washington Chapter Executive Director
Phone: 206-956-3635
Fax: 206-441-5863