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ACP Honors Virginia Chapter with an Evergreen Award

At the 2010 Internal Medicine Meeting, ACP presented ten Evergreen Awards and two Special Recognition Awards to honor Chapters that created new programs that strengthened the chapter and increased member communication and involvement.

The Virginia Chapter received the 2010 Evergreen Award for their Publications of Associate Abstracts. Here is a brief description of the chapter's effort.

Enhancing involvement of Associates in the activities of the College and the Virginia Chapter has been an important focus for the Virginia Chapterís Governorís Council. The Chapter developed an Associatesí Council which is responsible for hosting an Associatesí Day meeting to include competitive presentations of selected abstracts, a Medical Jeopardy competition, and a keynote speaker. Each abstract is evaluated by independent reviewers, and the 40 abstracts receiving the top scores are selected for oral presentation. The top two winners are sent to the national competition and the top six are invited to give oral presentations at the Virginia Scientific Meeting. The next eight are invited to present posters at that meeting. The titles of the 40 selected abstracts are published in the Governorís Newsletter, as is the full text of the two top winning abstracts. The Governorís Council, while fully aware of the value of the competition, was concerned that selecting a limited number for special acknowledgement failed to recognize the effort involved in the preparation and, indeed, their quality. Beginning in 2008, all 40 selected abstracts were published in the University of Virginia Journal of Medicine in print and also electronically at https://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/jom/. Beyond its regular circulation, copies of the journal are sent to each resident, program director, and department chair. Publication provides the residents with a citation for their bibliographies, enhanced exposure to the College, and encouragement toward a career that embraces evidence-based medicine.

Picture of the 2010 Evergreen Winners

2010 Evergreen Winners

Pictured starting from the front left:
Ann Tennett , Maria E. Pinto, MD, FACP , Mark E. Mayer, MD, FACP

Pictured starting from the back left:
Julie A. Blehm, MD, FACP , Kiyoshi Kurokawa, MD, MACP , Haiko Nellen Hummell, MD, FACP , Ana Maria Lopez, MD, FACP , G. Waldon Garriss, MD, FACP , S. Kalani Brady, MD, FACP , Nitin S. Damle, MD, FACP , Carla Biggert , Eileen Moser, MD, FACP , Michael Rein, MD, FACP , Richard K. Kasama, MD, FACP

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Page updated: 06/17/10

Contact Information

Lisa Ellis, MD, FACP
Governor, Virginia Chapter

Ann Tennett
Executive Director
E-mail: astacp@hotmail.com
Phone: 540-631-0426