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Governor's Newsletter, Spring 1999

Health and Public Policy: Where the College Stands

The ACP-ASIM is very concerned by the hassle factors that general internists and medical subspecialists face; by the continued erosion of professionalism by managed care organizations; and by the potential loss of funding for graduate medical education (GME). Brief statements of ACP-ASIM positions and actions follow:

  1. ACP-ASIM believes that Medicare's billing regulations are too complex. The ACP-ASIM leadership have testified to this effect to the practicing physicians advisory council on the physicians regulatory issues team (PRIT) and the leadership continues to address this issue at every legislative opportunity.
  2. ACP-ASIM contends that government efforts to curb fraud and abuse have resulted in an overly complex Medicare regulatory environment that mires our health care system in red tape by imposing burdens on all physicians simply to police the actions of a few. A more enlightened approach is needed.
  3. ACP-ASIM is very concerned over the number of uninsured Americans. ACP-ASIM leadership has called upon congress to take immediate action to help 43 million Americans who lack health care coverage.
  4. ACP-ASIM is very concerned about the future of graduate medical education. The national bi-partisan commission on the future of Medicare may recommend removing GME payments from the Medicare program and make these payments subject to the annual appropriations process.
  5. The ACP-ASIM is concerned by important omissions in the proposed patients bill of rights act. In particular the bill does not contain provisions to insure that physicians will make decisions regarding the medical necessity of treatment.

For information regarding Utah ACP-ASIM activities contact Molly Mooers, M.D., FACP, Chair, Utah Chapter, Health & Public Policy Committee, at 535-8234.

ACP-ASIM Products and Services

The ACP-ASIM PIER project is an electronic data base of authoritative and comprehensive information to guide clinical practice. The college will assess feasibility of launching an integrated PIER product in 1999/2000.

ABIM Recertification

Internal medicine and internal medicine subspecialty Board certificates awarded since 1990 are limited to 10 years. Internal medicine certificates issued prior to 1990 are valid for the life of the diplomate. Individuals holding valid-indefinitely certificates are encouraged to recertify, and may do so without placing their valid-indefinite certificate at risk. The recertification process consists of three steps: completion of the Self-Evaluation Process, verification of clinical competence, and successful completion of a proctored final examination. For details contact the ABIM at 510 Walnut Street, Suite 1700, Philadelphia, PA 19106-3699


Congratulations to Merle Sande, MD, Chairman, Department of Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine. Dr. Sande was awarded a Mastership in the ACP-ASIM at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans on April 22, 1999.

Congratulations also to Raymond J. Gaspari, MD and James Y. Quan, MD who were awarded Fellowship in the ACP-ASIM at the Annual Session.

Congratulations to Scott Stevens, MD who won the National Clinical Vignette Competition for Associates. Scott presented his vignette, "Fatal Mononucleosis in Two Brothers", at the Annual Session in New Orleans.

Now is the time for you to help the Utah Chapter identify candidates for the Laureate Award, the Utah Chapter Service Award and the Utah Chapter Volunteer Service Award. The criteria for these awards are:

The Laureate Award is designed to honor those Fellows and Masters of the ACP-ASIM who have demonstrated, by their example and conduct, an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research, and service to their community, their chapter, and the ACP-ASIM. A Laureate Nominee is usually a senior physician who has been a Fellow or Master of the College for at least 15 to 20 years, has a long history of excellence and peer approval in the specialty of internal medicine, and has served their chapter and community with distinction.

The Utah Chapter Volunteer Service Award will be given to an Associate, Member, Fellow, or Master who has provided volunteer medical services to the community.

The C. DuWayne Schmidt, MD, Distinguished Chapter Service Award will be given to an Associate, Member, Fellow, or Master who has made a major contribution of service which has had a significant impact to the Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM. Please contact Steven Lewis, MD, Chair, Utah Chapter Awards Committee, at 544 So. 400 East, St. George, UT 84770-3705, Phone: 435-688-4080, Fax: 435-674-5763, E-mail: dxslewis@hic.com.

The Utah Chapter of ACP-ASIM recently received an Evergreen Award in recognition of an innovative new program directed at the medical students at the University of Utah School of Medicine. This program introduces first year medical students to the practice of internal medicine. The Utah Chapter also received a 1999 Chapter Management Award.

Utah Scientific Meeting

The Annual Scientific Meeting for the Utah Chapter of ACP-ASIM will be held at the Snowbird Resort on Friday, September 17, 1999. Our meeting will be held in conjunction with the Utah State Medical Association annual meetings. Donna Sweet, MD, FACP will address the topic "end of life care". Program Chair, Brent Muhlestein, MD, FACP and committee members, Steven Towner, MD, FACP, Barry Stults, MD and Topher Fox, MD have developed an innovative program.

Mark you calendars now, and look for details in the mail and on the Utah Chapter web page.

Time to Select Candidates for Governor

My successor will assume office at the Spring ACP-ASIM Annual Session in 2001, and will be elected within the next year - so as to have a year as "governor-elect" to prepare. The Nominations Committee consists of Jeff Anderson, MD, FACP (Chair), C. DuWayne Schmidt, MD, FACP and Greg Schwitzer, MD, FACP. They will identify two nominees, who must be fellows or masters. If you want to nominate someone, please contact a member of the Nominations Committee. [Dr. Anderson at (801) 581-7715; Dr. Schmidt at (801) 466-9900; Dr. Schwitzer at (801) 442-3866].

Associates Committee Report

Scott Stevens, MD, Topher Fox, MD, Steph Silas, MD and Steven Horton, MD, FACP

The Associates Chapter has been very active, sponsoring four Medical Jeopardy tournaments that were well attended by students and houseofficers from the University of Utah and LDS Hospital. The annual Associates Banquet and Clinical Vignette Competition was held at the University Park Hotel on May 18th. Dr. Kelley Skeff from Stanford University gave the keynote address on the future of medical education in the United States. Three Clinical Vignette Competition winners, selected in tight competition from among a record number of submissions, presented their case discussions. All the vignettes will be forwarded to the national competition, where Utah has enjoyed great success, with a finalist or winning vignette three years running.

Now is the time to plan your poster for the Utah Scientific meeting, September 17, 1999. The chapter will offer free lodging at Snowbird, September 16th so that you may participate. For more information contact Beth Bush at 408-1875.


Margaret Hecht, MD, FACP, Chair

The Utah Chapter of the ACP-ASIM continues to grow.

  1997 1998-99
Masters 1 2
Fellows 106 116
Members 198 257
Associates 60 88
Medical Students 79 117

ACP-ASIM members for two or more years are eligible for advancement to fellowship. Please contact Greg Elliott, MD, FACP or Margaret Hecht, MD, FACP.

Utah Chapter Directory

Our last directory was published in 1996-97. We are planning to publish an new directory for 2000. The new directory will update membership, and will provide an electronic directory that can be continuously updated.

Merger of Utah Chapter ACP with Utah ASIM

The local merger of Utah's ACP and Utah's ASIM continues. The national ACP-ASIM has provided draft bylaws. These bylaws have been reviewed by legal counsel to assure compliance with Utah law. The also were reviewed by the Utah ACP-ASIM Bylaws Committee (Dr. Ken Buchi, Dr. Roy Gandolfi, and Dr. Kevin McCusker). They now need to be approved by the Utah ACP-ASIM Council and by the national ACP-ASIM Board of Regents.

Proposed Bylaws Overview:

Council- The council governs the chapter. Members include the governor, the governor elect, if any, the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer; and five or more chapter members.

Elections - Elections of new council members shall be held annually.

This will be done in conjunction with our annual scientific meeting (Sept. 1999).

Committees -

  • Nominations Committee (Chair, Jeffrey Anderson, MD, FACP)
  • Scientific Program Committee (Chair, Brent Muhlestein, MD, FACP)
  • Health and Public Policy Committee (Chair, Molly Mooers, MD, FACP)
  • Associates Committee (Chair, Steve Horton, MD, FACP)
  • Awards Committee (Chair, Steve Lewis, MD)

If you wish to serve your profession and Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM, please contact Dr. Greg Elliott, FACP or Dr. Jeff Anderson, FACP.

Dues - $40 each year.