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Governor's Newsletter, Fall 1998

Fall Board of Governors Meeting


The ACP-ASIM merger is succeeding. The traditional strengths of the ACP - education and teaching - complement strengths in advocacy and practice developed by the ASIM. The Fall Board of Governors meeting provided another milestone for the new organization as ACP governors worked side by side with transitional governors. Mutual respect characterized these interactions.


The Board of Governors heard 54 new resolutions, and approximately half of these resolutions were recommended for adoption, including:

  1. Resolution 144 (establishment of a PAC). Testimony generally favored this resolution although some members were either opposed or uncertain of PAC effectiveness. The administrative overhead of the ACP-ASIM PAC will be funded by PAC contributions and not by ACP-ASIM funds.
  2. Resolution 133 calls for studies of ways to enhance collaborative relationships between physicians and advanced practice nurses.

Health and Public Policy

E/M Documentation

HCFA will develop a new set of documentation guidelines to replace the 1995 and 1997 versions now being used by carriers to review claims. HCFA is working with the AMA to reduce the complexity and administrative burden of the documentation guidelines, but, even with revision, counting will continue. For the present Medicare carriers will use 1995 or 1997 guidelines when reviewing claims.

Lethal Drug Abuse Prevention Act

Under this proposed legislation, a physician would have the burden of proving that the intent of prescribing large doses of narcotics was to relieve pain and suffering, not to hasten death. The College opposes this legislation because it likely will affect end of life care adversely. For more information check the ACP-ASIM website - or call the ACP-ASIM Grassroots Hotline at 888-218-7770.

Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM

Chapter Scientific Meeting

The Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM held its annual meeting Friday, September 18, 1998 at the SLC Marriott University Park Hotel. Rowen Zetterman, MD, FACP was the visiting Regent. The program featured six timely presentations on subjects ranging from an update in urology to Internet based resources for physicians. Associates attended a presentation on preparation for the ABIM. The program was well organized thanks to the efforts of Martin Gregory, MD, FACP and the Program Committee.

Medical Students

The Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM and Utah internists continue to engage medical students early in their education. Medical student membership in our chapter has grown from six in 1996 to 106 in 1998. The Medical Student Committee, Chaired by Michael Battistone, MD coordinates student education in internal medicine. Contact Mike if you have an interest or an opportunity (581-4333).

Committee Chairs - 1999

Program Meeting Brent Muhlestein, MD, FACP
Division of Cardiology, LDS Hospital, SLC, UT 84143
Phone: 801-321-5013, Fax: 801-321-5087
Associates Steve Horton, MD, FACP
324 10th Avenue, Suite #206, SLC, UT 84103
Phone: 801-321-3900, Fax: 801-321-3909
Medical Students Michael Battistone, MD
Graduate Medical Education, 1C109 SOM, University Medical Center, SLC, UT 84143
Phone: 801-581-4333
Membership Margaret Hecht, MD, FACP
324 10th Avenue, Suite #285, SLC, UT 84103
Phone: 801-321-2888, Fax: 328-4422
Health/Public Policy Molly Mooers, MD, FACP
IHC SLC Clinic, 333 So. 900 East, SLC, UT 84012
Phone: 801-535-8239, Fax: 801-355-4011
Awards Steve Lewis, MD
3424 Sugar Leo Road, St.George, UT 84970
Email: SWL5491@TCD.NET
Phone: 435-628-9427, Fax: 435-674-5763


The Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM honored three members: C. Basil Williams, MD, FACP received the Utah Chapter Laureate Award; Peter Kaboli, MD received the Utah Chapter Service Award, named in honor of former Governor C. DuWayne Schmidt, MD, FACP; and James Rex Miller, MD, FACP received the first Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM Volunteer Service Award. This latter award was established to recognize a member's community service.

Utah Chapter Website

The Utah Chapter of ACP-ASIM now has a web page. It can be found at http://www.acponline.org/chapters/ut/. We hope to provide members with current information re Utah Chapter membership, awards, and meetings; as well as links to educational and governmental organizations.

FACP - What Does It Mean? How Do You Earn It?

ACP-ASIM Fellows are a special group of doctors whose careers embody the College's commitment to continuing education, teaching, and research. Fellowship is an honor awarded by peers. A candidate may follow one of the four pathways to Fellowship.

Pathways to Fellowship

  1. Medical Communication: this is oriented to the academic physician and involves documentation of academic accomplishments, including teaching and publications. ACP activities and attendance at College meetings is encouraged.
  2. Multiple Certification Activities: Candidates choosing this pathway need to document their scholarly activities, medical administration roles, continuing medical education, and ACP activities. Attention will be placed upon teaching activities, presentations at the local level, and community or hospital service. Attending ACP meetings and/or participating in MKSAP for score is very helpful.
  3. College Activity: Applicants for this pathway need to have been active Members of the College for at least 10 years. They also need to document participation in ACP activities such as attendance at local or national ACP meetings, as well as evidence of professional accomplishment. Completion of the MKSAP, for example, is a good qualification.
  4. Distinguished Career: This pathway has been tailored for the senior physician who has spent his or her career in patient care and/or teaching. This pathway recognizes professional service and reputation over many years. Scholarly activities, community service, and reputation are also heavily considered.

For further information, call Beth Bush, at the Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM (801) 321-1875.

New Fellows

The ACP-ASIM Credentials Committee recently awarded Fellowship to three members of the Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM. Congratulations to:

Igor Z. Abolnik, MD, FACP
Thomas H. Caine, MD, FACP
Ross E. Morgan, MD, FACP

Mark your Calendars for Updates in Internal Medicine -
Cosponsored by Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM and
University of Utah Department of Medicine

11 November, 1998 LDSH Educ. Auditorium Infectious Diseases
9 December, 1998 UUMC Classroom A Rheumatology
13 January, 1999 LDSH Educ. Auditorium Pulmonary
10 February, 1999 UUMC Classroom A GI
17 March, 1999 LDSH Educ. Auditorium Cardiology
14 April, 1999 UUMC Classroom A Hem-Onc
12 May, 1999 LDSH Educ. Auditorium Endocrinology