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Governor's Newsletter, Spring 1998


On March 31, 1998 the Board of Governors and the Board of Regents of the American College of Physicians voted to approve the merger agreement between the American College of Physicians and the American Society of Internal Medicine. This merger becomes effective July 1, 1998.

In principle each ACP-ASIM chapter should be a cohesive unit rather than a "joint" venture. The chapters should be structured to meet current and future needs of internists, including continuing education, advocacy, and maintenance of professional standards. The ACP Governor will remain the chief elected officer for the chapters. Component society presidents will hold a prominent role in the chapter council. Local chapter dues will continue to support chapter activities. The new organization will be named the Utah Chapter of the ACP-ASIM. The new organization is forbidden from having a PAC.

Regional Meeting

The Regional Meeting of the Utah Chapter of the American College of Physicians will occur on Friday, September 18, 1998 at the University Park Hotel. Martin Gregory, M.D., FACP and the Program Committee have developed an outstanding program. Rowen Zetterman, M.D., FACP, immediate past president of the Board of Governors will update us on college initiatives. In addition, the program will involve medical students, residents in internal medicine, and fellow trainees in medical subspecialities.

Mark Your Calendar:

Utah Chapter Scientific Meeting - Friday, September 18, 1998, University Park Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT


Seven Utah internists were advanced to Fellowship by the American College of Physicians in 1998. They are:

Margaret F. Hecht, M.D., FACP, Salt Lake City
Donald E. Kohan, M.D., FACP, Salt Lake City
Bruce C. Marshall, M.D., FACP, Salt Lake City
Mary G. Mooers, M.D., FACP, Salt Lake City
Michael C. Peterson, M.D., FACP, Nephi
Fuad S. Shihab, M.D., FACP, Salt Lake City
Douglas L. Smith, M.D., FACP, Salt Lake City

The Utah Chapter of the American College of Physicians, as well as the American College of Physicians, takes pride in their accomplishments.

In addition, seven Utah internists were inducted as new Fellows (within 3 years of their advancement to Fellowship) at the Annual Convention in San Diego. These include:

Margaret F. Hecht, M.D., FACP
Lisa K. Kuwahara, M.D., FACP
Richard G. Lambert, M.D., FACP
Vere L. Lancaster, M.D., FACP
Bruce C. Marshall, M.D., FACP
Mary G. Mooers, M.D., FACP
Douglas L. Smith, M.D., FACP

If you or someone you know may quality for advancement to Fellowship, contact Greg Elliott, M.D., FACP, Governor for Utah Chapter @ 321-1875.

Pathways to Fellowship

  1. Medical Communication: this is oriented to the academic physician and involves documentation of academic accomplishments, including teaching and publications. ACP activities and attendance at College meetings is encouraged.
  2. Multiple Certification Activities: Candidates choosing this pathway need to document their scholarly activities, medical administration roles, continuing medical education, and ACP activities. Attention will be placed upon teaching activities, presentations at the local level, and community or hospital service. Attending ACP meetings and/or participating in MKSAP for score is very helpful.
  3. College Activity: Applicants for this pathway need to have been active Members of the College for at least 10 years. They also need to document participation in ACP activities such as attendance at local or national ACP meetings, as well as evidence of professional accomplishment. Completion of the MKSAP, for example, is a good qualification.
  4. Distinguished Career: This pathway has been tailored for the senior physician who has spent his or her career in patient care and/or teaching. This pathway recognizes professional service and reputation over many years. Scholarly activities, community service, and reputation are also heavily considered.

We welcome newly elected Members and Associates:

Charles T. Ivester, M.D., Associate, Park City
Amy A. Johnson, M.D., Associate, Salt Lake City
Steven W. Lewis, M.D., Member, St. George
William H. Tettelback, M.D., Associate, Salt Lake City
James A. Willcox, M.D., Member, South Jordan
James S. Zebrack, M.D., Associate, Salt Lake City

Doug Kondo, third year medical student, received an award for a study which he completed with Jay Jacobson, M.D., FACP. He was honored at the Medical Student Competition Award Luncheon during the Annual Session. Way to go Doug!

Health and Public Policy

Access to Health Care - The American College of Physicians remains committed to the goal of health care coverage for all Americans. The college has published "strategies for incremental expansion of access to care - steps to universal coverage". This paper presents ACP recommendations for a series of incremental steps that would provide health coverage for most low-income Americans and about half of the 41.4 million non-elderly Americans who remain uninsured.

What can we do? - Support expansion of existing revenue sources such as tobacco taxes. Assure that coverage or options available to insure people are not diminished.

H & PP Committee - Utah Chapter: Allan Barker, M.D., FACP;
Molly Mooers, M.D., FACP; Kevin McKusker, M.D., FACP

For more details see the ACP-ASIM web page @ http://www.acponline.org

Evaluation and Management Documentation Guidelines - Did you know that HCFA has delayed indefinitely implementation of the burdensome requirements for E/M documentation? ACP President, William Reynolds, M.D., MACP, requested this action as part of a well articulated and credible statement to a HCFA committee in March, 1998. The entire text of the college position can be found in ACP online. The E/ M documentation guidelines are scheduled for revision this summer. In the meantime, HCFA has agreed not to punish physicians for honest errors.

Diego Rivera Project

The Diego Rivera project of the Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM seeks to honor a millennia of medical accomplishments in Utah. The committee has selected a muralist, Galina V. Perova.


  1. Updates in Internal Medicine: The monthly updates in internal medicine, co-sponsored by the ACP-ASIM Utah Chapter and the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Utah highlight recent advances in internal medicine. The dates, locations and topics for the coming academic year are:

    September 16th - Classroom A - University Medical Center
    Topic To Be Announced

    October 14th - Education Center - LDS Hospital
    Imaging of Common Medical Disorders

    November 18th - Classroom A - University Medical Center
    Infectious Diseases

    December 14th - Education Center - LDS Hospital

  2. Web Site: Work has begun on the Utah ACP-ASIM web site. Mike Wall, M.D. has graciously accepted responsibility to bring our chapter on line.
  3. Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM Structure: Several members have offered to serve the Utah Chapter ACP-ASIM. They are Steve Horton, M.D., and Barry Stults, M.D. (Associates Committee); Kevin McKusker, M.D. (Health and Public Policy Committee); Beth Hanlon, M.D., (membership Committee); and Michael Wall, M.D., (Medical Informatics).