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2003 Evergreen Award Winner

The Tennessee Chapter received the 2003 Evergreen Award for the following program:

Literature to Medicine Web site

The Tennessee Chapter introduced the first electronic edition of Grand Rounds in Literature on their Chapter Web site. Through original works of literature, reviews, commentaries, and shared passages from literary works, the site covers the broad interface of medicine. The idea for the Web site sprang out of the desire to keep the annual reading retreats alive all year long and to foster revitalization in a time of physician burnout. The site serves as a forum for all who cherish and seek to define the close relationship between literary and medical artistry. The Chapter encourages submissions from the medical community and anyone involved in the care of the sick or injured. The Web site is growing and adding new segments continually.

Contact Information

Richard G. Lane, MD, FACP,
Governor, Tennessee Chapter

Renee Arnott
Executive Director
Ph: 615-460-1657
E-mail: renee.arnott@tnmed.org