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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 2001

Governor's Message

Happy New Year!

First my congratulations to Dr. Bill Bouleware from Florence who has been selected as the SC ACP-ASIM Governor for the 2002-2006 term. At this point, he is officially the Governor-Elect designee; he becomes the Governor-Elect in April of 2001. He spends the next year in training and becomes the Governor for the South Carolina ACP-ASIM in April 2002 serving until April of 2006. I appreciate very much Bill's willingness to offer his time and energy to this position. This is especially a commitment for someone like Bill who is in private practice of Internal Medicine without institutional support. I sincerely hope he has as much enjoyment and sense of fulfillment during his term as I have had during mine. Please join me in congratulating Bill in his election.

Also, congratulations to Mary Beth Poston for selection as the Associate representative. We had many Aassociates return their ballots from the previous newsletter. I talked with Mary Beth and she is very excited about working with the ACP-ASIM. I look forward to working with her as she represents all of our Aassociates.

A few very important upcoming events. The National ACP-ASIM meeting is in Atlanta this year from March 29-April 1, 2001. No doubt you have received a lot of information from the national organization. This is close to home and should be a great opportunity for all of us to enhance our education and enjoy some fine camaraderie. There will be a North Carolina/South Carolina reception during the meeting on March 30 at 6:30 p.m., at the Marriott. You will receive further information about the exact location. The information concerning the reception will also be listed in the final bulletin for the meeting. Please join us for some good food and friendship.

Mike Hawkins and Barry Blackston are busily planning the next South Carolina ACP-ASIM meeting. This year's meeting will again be held at the Westin/Frances Marion in Charleston, from September 20th through the 23rd. It will begin with a dinner for the Associates on Thursday the 20th and continue with Associates presentations on the morning of the 21st. These Associates presentations are frequently a highlight of the meeting. The full membership meeting begins on the afternoon of the 21st and continues on the mornings of the 22nd and the 23rd. This year's theme will be "How About Us." We are planning discussions on: Teaching the Teacher's to Teach (as each of us is clearly involved in teaching whether on a formal basis or informally with fellow caregivers and patients), Etiquette for Physician's, Stress in the Work Place, and other crucial topics for our well being. We will also have our usual excellent updates in various aspects of Internal Medicine to include radiology, diabetes, and infectious disease. We are giving strong consideration to a workshop on the proper techniques for skin biopsies. For input concerning these topics or other ideas please let Mike, Barry, or me know at your convenience.

My apologies to Dr. Kelly T. McKee, our Chapter's 1994 Laureate Winner who was unfortunately left out of our last newsletter. No Kelly, we did not retract your Laureate Award.

The following is a list of all Laureate Award Winners beginning in 1991:

  • 1991 Roy A. Howell, Jr. FACP
  • 1992 William W. Pryor, Sr. FACP
  • 1993 Charles S. Bryan, FACP
  • 1994 Kelly T. McKee, FACP
  • 1995 O'Neill Barrett, FACP
  • 1996 J. O'Neal Humphries, FACP
  • 1997 Edward M. Mobley, Jr., FACP
  • 1998 James A. McFarland, Jr., FACP
  • 1999 Donald E. Saunders, Jr., FACP
  • 2000 Bruce Usher, FACP

Please review the information included below from members of the ACP-ASIM Council and information from the national organization.

Please plan to join us both in Atlanta and Charleston for upcoming ACP-ASIM events.

Call (864) 455-8596; write: 876 W. Faris, Greenville, SC 29605,
or e-mail: <dpotts@ghs.org> anytime. Dave

Mark Your Calendars For This Year's SC ACP-ASIM Scientific Session

By: Mike Hawkins, Co-Chair Scientific Session Planning Committee

Plan to join us for this year's SC ACP-ASIM meeting September 20-23, 2001. Dave has listed some of the topics above. We are planning on having some our most successful speakers from the past present again. Barry and I are working to produce the best meeting yet.

Please call and/or e-mail me 843-549-0427, <michael.hawkins@hcahealthcare.com> with any suggestions on improving your meeting. Call the Westin/Francis Marion at 843-722-0600, or 800-937-8461, now for you room reservations. We have blocked rooms at a reduced rate for the meeting.

Credentials Achieved Through Examination

The Institute for Clinical Evaluation (I.C.E.) is a non-profit educational organization established by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation. I.C.E. awards credentials that attest to competence in specific areas of clinical practice such as ECG Interpretation, Home Care procedures, Clinical Cancer Genetics, and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. All credentials are achieved through examination. Information about the examination and application forms has been forwarded to ACP-ASIM by I.C.E and are available for display at regional and chapter meetings. All credentialing examinations are offered at least twice per year throughout the US and Canada. As a service to ACP-ASIM members, I.C.E. has offered to administer both the ECG EXAM and the Home Care Examination at ACP-ASIM regional and chapter meetings. Clinical Cancer Genetics and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy credentialing examinations will be available mid-year 2001. A discount may apply for examinations administered at ACP-ASIM regional or chapter meetings. The ACP-ASIM has not officially endorsed the I.C.E credentialing examinations. The decision to display information about the credentialing examinations or to offer the examination itself is entirely a chapter decision. For those chapters wishing to take advantage of these offerings, ACP-ASIM will facilitate the process.

Should Our Chapter Do This??
Please contact me at <dpotts@ghs.org>.

First-ever Federal Privacy Rules Are Released

On December 21, the Clinton administration released the long-awaited final rule on privacy of medical records. The much-anticipated rule was mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which required the federal government to enact legislation to protect the confidentiality of medical information. Under the HIPAA legislation, if Congress did not act by August 1999, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was required to develope protections through the regulatory process. Negotiations in Congress failed to result in passage of legislation, and HHS issued a proposed rule in November 1999. ACP-ASIM submitted extensive comments in response to the proposed rule. HHS received over 52,000 comments. The new rules will affectvirtually every doctor, patient, hospital, pharmacy and health plan, setting the first comprehensive federal standards for transactions that are now regulated by numerous state laws. The final rule goes further than the proposed rule, covering not only electronic medical records, as was initially considered, but also paper records and oral communications. In addition, the final rule requires patients' written consent for routine disclosure of information for treatment, payment and other health care operations; under the proposed rule, such consent was required only for non-routine uses. ACP-ASIM, along with the AMA and other physician groups, had objected to the less stringent standard in the proposed rule, commenting that it could compromise the medical profession's ethical responsibilities to maintain strict confidentiality of a patient's medical records. Another significant change from the proposed rule is that providers will have full discretion in determining what personal health information to include when sending a patient's medical records to other providers for treatment purposes, but need only send the minimum amount of information for billing purposes. The rule is supposed to take effect in 26 months. HHS's Office for Civil Rights will be responsible for enforcing it. However, several health groups, including the HIAA, AAHP, AHA and the Healthcare Leadership Council have issued statements opposing significant provisions in the final rule, and have indicated that they will ask the new Bush Administration to review and revise the new rule. A more comprehensive summary of the final rule and its implications for ACP-ASIM's members will be available after staff has had an opportunity to fully review the 2,000-page document. In the meantime, please contact Debra Cohn, Legislative Counsel, if you have any questions or concerns (phone: 202-261-4541, or e-mail: <dcohn@acponline.org>).

What Acp-asim Is Doing For You Today

"What have you done for me lately?" is a question that ACP-ASIM strives to answer before it is asked, by making membership needs an integral part of its strategic planning process.

As such, the following is a comprehensive list of products and services that ACP-ASIM offers to its members, which was compiled by the Board of Regents at a recent meeting. Since the College leadership realizes the needs of it membership are ever-changing, they will continue to re-evaluate this list and add new products and services when appropriate. In addition, the College encourages you, the members, to submit your ideas for changes/additions to the list to (David W. Potts, FACP, <dpotts@ghs.org>)

Annual Session
Chapter/regional meetings
Clinical skills teaching modules
In-training examination
Post-graduate review courses
Recertification courses
Programs for community-based teachers

Internal medicine board review course
(audio and video versions)
Clinical skills videotapes
Firearm injury prevention resource center
MKSAP for students
MKSAP Prep for Boards
Subspecialty MKSAP's
Telemedicine resource center
Virtual Annual Sessios
Internal medicine recertification preparation course
(audio and video versions)
MKSAP 12 update
Annual session audiocassettes
Best Evidence (CD-ROM)
Bioterrorism resource center online
Clinical practice guidelines
Clinical problem-solving cases

Practice Assistance
Professional liability insurance
Center for a Competitive Advantage
Medical informatics program (Annual Session)
Medical Laboratory Evaluation
Proficiency Testing Program
Quality 101

Advocacy and Professionalism
Online membership directory
Grassroots hotline
Career opportunities
Decision 2000 campaign
Doctors for Adults public awareness campaign
Ethics case studies
ACP Ethics Manual
Legislative Action Center
Access to legislative and regulatory information,
national and state
"Membership Enhancement" programs
Position and policy papers
Volunteerism project
Chapter awards program
Laureate awards
Mastership awards
Community-based teaching awards

Personal Benefits
College accessories and gifts
Doctors for Adults accessories and gifts
Affinity credit card
Car rental discounts
Financial planning service
Group insurance plans
Loan programs

For Associates and Medical Student Members
Residency information
Career counseling information and Web links
Career counseling brochures
Community-based teaching program support
Impact newsletter
Mentoring database
MKSAP for students
Representation through Council of Associates and Council of Student Members
Video and slides about internal medicine careers
Support for internal medicine clubs
Annual Session workshops

Annals of Internal Medicine
ACP Journal Club
Effective Clinical Practice
ACP-ASIM Observer
Books and expert guides

International Programs
Clinical skills teaching modules
Internal medicine overseas
Action in internal medicine
International speakers program
Eurasian Medical Education Project
Annual Session workshops
Representation in the International Society of Internal Medicine

Recognition Program
Fellowship credentialing process
Associate and Medical Student competitions