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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 2001-02

David W. Potts, MD, FACP
Governor, South Carolina Chapter

Message From the Out-Going Governor

David Potts, MD, FACP

Hello to all,
What an honor! Thank you all very much. I have had a wonderful four years as your Governor and I am very appreciative of you allowing me to do this. The ACP-ASIM is a great institution that represents us on both the national and local levels in all aspects of Internal Medicine, from medical students to end of life, from influencing national medical care decisions to helping us with the day to day billing and patient care in the office.

Please support incoming Governor, Bill Boulware as much as you have supported me. I know he will lead us well with, no doubt, an even greater emphasis on the political workings of the government and the ACP-ASIM. I look forward to working with him and learning from him.

Our South Carolina Chapter continues to flourish with a very active Associates Organization under the leadership of Shawn Stinson (sstinson@richland.medpark.sc.edu) and Mary Beth Poston (postonmd@prodigy.net). This year we will have a dedicated Associates Meeting in the fall, probably in Columbia, to allow us to put special emphasis on the student and associate members again. Please plan to attend this meeting, which should be even more exciting as an independent function. Associates get a head start and begin working on your presentations now. Our two associates and one student winner from last year are on their way to Philadelphia to present and you could be next.

Please plan to attend this year's Annual Session in Philadelphia April 11-14th. As always the program looks excellent with something for every internist from Updates on each area of Internal Medicine to insights into basic research and highlights of new computers for office use. While in Philadelphia come to the North Carolina/South Carolina Reception at the Marriott on Friday, April 12th, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm in room 309-310. You should receive a confirmation with this information in it.

This year we will not hold a South Carolina Chapter Meeting. This will allow Bill Boulware and Mike Hawkins, the Program Chair, and the entire council an opportunity to regroup and study the best possible format for future meetings. Is Charleston always the right place? Is the current three-day format correct? Should the Associates present on the first day? How should we interact with pharmaceutical companies? What educational opportunities should we offer for: generalists, specialists, students and associates? If you have any suggestions or ideas on these or any thing else dealing with the state meeting please contact Mike Hawkins (michaelhawkins@hcahealthcare.com). Please plan to attend our next meeting in the fall of 2003.

On a local level, the South Carolina Chapter remains active. We are working with the Interspecialty Council and SCMA on the litigation center, appropriate Medicaid payments and in supporting the prompt payment legislation. If you have questions or ideas about the ACP-ASIM role on the Interspecialty council please contact Lori Malvern (lmalvern@newhorizonfhs.org). John Black continues to work with Medicare concerning appropriate payment for ECHOs contact him at (Talldoc2@aol.com) with your thoughts on this very important issue.

This year under the leadership of Dawn Clancy our Health and Public Policy chair we will attend Leadership Day in Washington and speak with our legislators about many important issues. Contact Dawn (clancyd@musc.edu) with your items for action.

I would encourage any of you interested in working to improve the practice of medicine both for us and for our patients to join us as active participants in the organization. In addition to serving on Council there are several very important jobs that would greatly assist us. Please consider volunteering to serve in one of these capacities: Webmaster (maintain the SC ACP-ASIM web site, take a look at: (http://acponline.org/chapters/sc/), Chapter representative on the National ACP-ASIM panel for either safety or communication, or serve as the alternate on the above mentioned Interspecialty council. I am certain you would find these opportunities both professionally and personally rewarding. Contact Bill Boulware (Bboulw1903@aol.com) or me (dpotts@anmed.com) if you are interested.

Again my thanks for allowing me to serve as your Governor I have grown in all aspects of my life and hope that some of you will have similar opportunities in the future.

From the Desk of the Governor-Elect

Bill Bouleware, MD, FACP

As my time approaches to assume the position of Governor of the ACP-ASIM South Carolina Chapter, I am just beginning to realize the magnitude of the job that needs to be done. But, I can't look forward to my four years without looking back to the previous four years. In looking back, I am grateful to all the previous Governors for laying such a solid foundation of achievement. I am particularly grateful for the job our outgoing Governor, Dr. David Potts, has done. I'm certain I have big shoes to fill.

However, immediately we need to deal with issues at home and on the national front. For instance, in South Carolina, we must find a way to expand the Medicaid funding, address scope of practice issues, and deal with spiraling malpractice costs. We need to continue to provide highest quality continuing medical education at a reasonable cost. To help deal with these; I will need your help. On the national front, we must pass a real Patient's Bill of Rights, work to reform Medicare, and seek ways to reduce the number of uninsured patients, just to name a few items.

Again, I will need your help! So, when I call on you, say "yes." Without your help, effective progress on these issues is unlikely. But worse, those that oppose us will likely prevail, as they are not passively standing by as we have often done in the past! In closing, despite your very busy lives, I challenge you to personally get involved in the South Carolina ACP-ASIM!

Experience Annual Session - Philadelphia Style

Join the College April 11-14, 2002 and be a part of Annual Session 2002 in Philadelphia. Experience over 275 sessions covering the spectrum of internal medicine and the subspecialties. Upholding tradition, ACP-ASIM promises to offer a rich educational experience with an emphasis placed on content that is clinically relevant and practice oriented. Be Sure Not to Miss...

Clinical Pearls— Remember those words of wisdom from your most respected clinical teachers? Those Pearls were based on an experience of depth and knowledge of medical literature of remarkable scope. Pearls are noteworthy for their clarity, timelessness, and clinical applicability.

Introduced at the 2001 Annual Session and an instant hit, Clinical Pearls rekindles the joy of bedside learning, using a highly engaging, case-based format. With the audience-response keypad-system, you'll have a chance to test the depth of your clinical acumen. You'll leave each session with a rich collection of Pearls, ready to be applied directly to the patients.

Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind— Rated by many as the best of Annual Session, Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind uses a creative format to address some of the most common, yet challenging or controversial, patient-management issues. In these highly focused, fast-paced sessions, faculty offers answers to some of the most frequently faced dilemmas in patient care.

The Learning Center— Experience the excitement of the Learning Center. Refine your techniques in a variety of office-based examination and procedural skills. Take advantage of small group or individual tutorials with experts in the field. The Learning Center is unique to Annual Session and offers a wide range of opportunities for closely supervised, hands-on practice. Become familiar with procedures and examinations you don't perform on a routine basis. Try out the latest software for clinical information management and patient care. The Learning Center is a dynamic collection of hands-on activities, which you can immediately apply to your clinical practice.

Update— Keep up to date on the year's most important published papers in the subspecialty areas. Learn significant findings and their impact on patient care. Nationally recognized faculty reviews the literature and presents the year's highlights.

Experience Annual Session... Registration and other meeting information is available online. Visit the College website at (http://www.acponline.org/cme/as/2002/index.html), or contact Customer Service at 800-523-1546, extension 2600. Early sign-up is encouraged for the best selection of workshops and seating at breakfast/lunch sessions.

Internal Medicine Report Released to Television Stations Nationwide

The "Internal Medicine Report" is a series of monthly medical and health-related video news stories for television news stations to air nationwide. Topics for the series are selected from issues of Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP-ASIM position papers, public policy and advocacy issues, and clinical guidelines.

December's Internal Medicine Report covered findings on Hypertension published in the December 18, 2001, issue of Annals. In one article, new data from a major dietary study found a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats lowered blood pressure, as did a diet low in sodium. The DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is rich in fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy foods and reduced total and saturated fats. Thecombination of the DASH diet and reduced sodium intake lowered blood pressure more than either alone.

An editorial found in Annals of Internal Medicine says that although drug therapies have clearer proven clinical benefits in lowering blood pressure than diet, people may benefit from and are unlikely to be harmed by the following advice: Eat fresh fruit and vegetables; don't add salt during cooking or at the table and avoid preprocessed prepared foods.

January's Internal Medicine Report covered new recommendations by the Third U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) on the use of aspirin for the primary prevention of cardiovascular events. It was released on January 15, 2002.

The Internal Medicine Report is produced by the ACP-ASIM Communications Department and is part of the College's ongoing efforts to raise awareness about internal medicine, internists and ACP-ASIM, thereby enhancing the image, credibility and respectability of ACP-ASIM and Annals of Internal Medicine.

ACP-ASIM members will be alerted to monthly Internal Medicine Report topics via e-mail and through postings on ACPOnline. For more information please contact Allison Ewing at 800-523-1546, ext. 2649 (aewing@acponline.org).