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The Nicholas E. Davies Memorial Scholar Award

The Nicholas E. Davies Memorial Scholar Award for Scholarly Activities in the Humanities and History of Medicine Award was established by the Board of Regents in March 1992 to honor Dr. Davies, a Regent and President-elect of the College who was killed in a plane crash.

The award is given for outstanding contributions to humanism in medicine and will be bestowed on individuals in recognition of their scholarly activities in history, literature, philosophy, and ethics.

The recipient shall possess some of the characteristics for which Dr. Davies was so well known and respected, namely, warmth, compassion, idealism, and energy. The recipient must have deep awareness of the importance of humane letters, particularly poetry and history, as one important avenue to the needs of the physicians as he or she deals with human issues in health, illness, and death.

The award is not limited to those directly involved in medicine. Different aspects of humanistic qualities and the human condition, especially as they relate to health and medical care, will be considered.

The awardee is expected to give a lecture at the Annual Session approximately 18 months following his/her election. In addition, the awardee is expected to prepare a paper on the lecture topic for publication.

Prior Recipients of the Award

1993 Gert H. Brieger, Baltimore, Maryland
1994 Sharon Olds, New York, New York
1995 Albert R. Jonsen, Seattle, Washington
1996 John H. Stone, Tucker, Georgia
1997 Kenneth M. Ludmerer, St. Louis, Missouri
1998 Rita Charon, New York, New York
1999 Jock Murray, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2000 Abraham C. Verghese, El Paso, Texas
2001 Clifton R. Cleaveland, Chattanooga, Tennessee
2002 Robert J. T. Joy, Chevy Chase, Maryland
2003 Anne Hudson Jones, Galveston, Texas
2004 Howard M. Spiro, New Haven, Connecticut
2005 Jerome Lowenstein, New York, New York
2006 Edmund D. Pellegrino, Bethesda, Maryland