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June 2012 Khalid A. Qushmaq, MD, MHA, FACP, Governor

Message from the Governor

Dr. Qushmaq

“The very first step towards success in any occupation is to become interested in it”. Sir Wiliam Osler.

Always the first steps are the difficult ones, and without the ambition and enthusiasm I observed in most of you, it wouldn’t be possible for the chapter to grow. We had less than 190 members to get a green light from ACP headquarters to go ahead and form a chapter with the support of Prof. Faroque Khan and Eve Swiacki, and as of this moment on releasing the newsletter we are proud to have approached 400 members in our chapter. We are targeting to exceed 500 by the end of 2012, and 1000 by 2014.

The chapter was able to bring the outstanding internist & subspecialist together, with their nice memories of being ACP Associates during their training in North America, and did motivate them to help our Associates and Medical Students to be aware about ACP resources and benefits of being a member in the largest professional home of internists on the globe.

We are proud of our progress in this short time in the age of the Saudi Arabia Chapter. We had two receptions in the last two annual meetings, well attended by our distinguished ACP leaders who showed their utmost support to the chapter, and we were able to bring our Associates on the competition stage with their contribution to Doctor’s Dilemma™ in the last two ACP annual meetings, this year for the first time the chapter participated in the research abstract competition, by one of our chapter Associates, and next year our Medical Students will be contributing also in the coming annual meeting.

Our committees are getting active and working together to plan future activities. Everybody will have a chance to contribute as he comes forward, and express his interest, one of the active committees in the chapter was the educational & scientific committee, a monthly meeting was started with a distinguished ACP regent, Prof. Kelley Skeff, from Stanford University, and continued with different themes and distinguished speakers.

Our councils are warming up to show their activities, as Associates and also Medical Students councils lead by Dr. Tariq Suliman (R4) and Abdullah Al Khudayri (6th Medical Student) started to participate in the Associates and Medical Students scientific meetings in the country, promoting ACP membership.

We are proud with the ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter members and their achievements.

Khalid A.Qushmaq MD, MHA, FACP
ACP Governor, Saudi Arabia Chapter


Chapter Educational Activities

The Educational & Scientific Committees of the ACP Saudi Arabia chapter were honored to host the first chapter activity on 7 February 2012. The meeting was started with a welcome note from the Governor of the ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter, Dr. Khalid Qushmaq, FACP, followed by a brief introduction of the speaker given by the chair of educational and scientific committee, Dr. Mushira Enani, FACP.

Our distinguished guest speaker was Professor Kelley M. Skeff, MD, PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine, Stanford University & Regent of American College of Physicians. Prof. Kelley’s talk was on “Evolution in Medical Education” and attracted more than 30 ACP Members, Associates and Fellows. The goals of the lecture were to familiarize with a scheme for analyzing content of clinical teaching, highlight the current directions that are being emphasized, and identify major areas of clinical teaching for analysis and improvement in Saudi Arabia. Kelley also highlighted the commitment to the profession from individual to collective responsibility as a new attitude in medical education. The lecture was concluded by emphasis on one goal of ACP as an organization to improve patient care by developing a variety of resources to improve the quality of patient care.

The second educational event of the chapter was held the evening of 6th March, 2012. Professor Ahmad Bahammam, MD, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, Consultant Pulmonary- Critical Care & Sleep Medicine at King Saud University, Riyadh was our guest speaker. The title of his talk “My Career Success Tale” attracted many of his medical students, residents & peers. Bahammam addressed lessons learned and challenges faced during his career as sleep specialist; he also underlined a “success recipe” to the medical students & young physicians emphasizing the implication of medical research. A lengthy dialogue followed the lecture with influential interaction.

The third ACP Saudi Arabian Chapter Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 1st 2012, Clinical Research Methods by Dr. Fazal Hussain. Dr. Qushmaq welcomed the distinguished speaker, moderator and the chapter members giving them an overview of the recent internal medicine meeting in New Orleans, and highlighting the contribution of the Saudi Chapter in Internal Medicine 2012. This was followed by Dr. Mushira Enani, the chair of educational and scientific committee by introducing the speaker Dr. Fazal Hussain, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Al Faisal University in Riyadh. Dr. Hussain is running the research unit, Oncology center in King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC). The session was moderated by Dr. Mahmoud Al Jurf, MD, MPH, MACP, Director of Adult HSCT Program & Deputy Director, Oncology Center KFSH&RC. He also serves as a member of Research committee in the chapter. The lecture on Clinical Research Methods was well attended by associates, members, fellows and non-members who were interested to join the chapter. Dr. Hussain discussed many aspects of research starting from basic research, writing a protocol, to formulating a research question then explained the different study designs and IRB process together with research ethics. Handouts were distributed to attendees. The lecture was followed by 30 minutes interactive panel discussion.


Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 2012

The Saudi Arabia Chapter participated for its second time since the chapter was established in ACP’s annual meeting in New Orleans. The chapter had good representation at the meeting. New Masters and Fellows were inducted in the convocation ceremony. A new Master (M. Al Jurf) and 3 new Fellows (M. Enani, M. Al Sheef, and W. Conca) were led by the Governor during the convocation ceremony representing Saudi Arabia Chapter.

The Associate Council also contributed this year in the Doctor’s Dilemma™ with a team from 3 large training centers in Saudi Arabia (Saad Al Ghamdi from KFSH&RC, Tariq Suliman from KFMC, and Zainab Al Duhailib from KFNGH), and Associates also participated in abstract competition with a poster presented by Dr. Zainab Al Duhailib “Glomerulonephritis with crescents in Saudi patients-outcome and its predictors”, as the first poster by Saudi Arabia chapter nominated for Associate abstract competition.

Also during the ACP annual meeting 2012, the chapter held its 2nd Annual Reception on Friday April 20, 2012 in the New Orleans Marriott, ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter members had the honor to meet and exchange conversations with ACP leaders.


John Tooker Evergreen Special Recognition Award

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”. Sir Wiliam Osler.

Saudi Arabia Chapter received the John Tooker Evergreen Special Recognition Award for the project “Etiquette Based Medicine” implemented by Saudi Arabia Chapter as its first project; the project objectives were to improve the communication between the physicians in particular associates with their patients through practicing “I Care”, I= Introduce yourself to your patient, C= Communicate frequently so your patient know you care. A= Address the needs of your patient in a prompt and caring manner, R= Respect, show dignity and compassion to your patient, E= Explain your role on the team.

Governor Khalid Qushmaq MD, FACP recognized his team shared in putting this project together during receiving the Award, Dr. Shazia Mukkadam, FACP, Consultant Internist, Dr. Tariq Suliman, Chair of Associate council in the chapter, and the nursing staff in the medical department.


ACP Internal Medicine 2012 International Forum

"High-value, Cost-efficient Management of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases", on Friday, April 20

ACP Governor, Khalid Qushmaq, MD, MHA, FACP, was selected as one of the three panelists in 2012 International Forum.

Virginia L. Hood, MBBS, MPH, MACP, ACP President, welcomed the attendees to the sixth annual International Forum. Dr. Hood noted that this year’s Forum topic on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) was decided via the international listserv group.

Dr. Hood mentioned that the United Nations discussed the topic of NCDs at a recent symposium, exemplifying these chronic diseases as an important issue facing the world at large. The purpose of this International Forum would therefore be to discuss how these problems affect the world today. She noted that 60% of people in the world die of NCDs – one quarter before the age of sixty. Most of these diseases are linked to lifestyle, such as poor diet, tobacco and alcohol use, and lack of exercise.

Steven Weinberger, MD, FACP, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of ACP, commented on the expansion of international activities within the ACP and noted that, in terms of health care, the same problems are faced across the world and we can all learn from each other. Yul Ejnes, MD, MACP, ACP Chair, Board of Regents, noted the international travel he has undertaken on behalf of the College recently and how it has impacted him and his perspective on the commonalities of our problems worldwide.

Hans Peter-Kohler, MD, FACP, of Switzerland, moderated the discussion. Dr. Kohler introduced the panel discussion and asked panelists to provide a summary of the non-communicable disease issue in their respective countries.

The three panelists were:

  • Sonny Kuku, MD, MACP – Nigeria
  • Manuel Luis Marti, MD, PhD – Argentina
  • Khalid A. Qushmaq, MD, MHA, FACP – Saudi Arabia

Dr. Qushmaq, ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Governor, called NCDs “the price of globalization”. He sees increasing incidences of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease in patients due to lifestyle changes like eating fast foods, which have become common in the country. The incidence of communicable diseases has come down significantly while non-communicable diseases are on the rise. Saudi Arabia has good tertiary care centers and technology to deal with the treatment of these diseases, but there is a gap in primary health care when it comes to prevention. Dr. Qushmaq mentioned that prevention is the most cost-effective means to handle these types of diseases, rather than waiting until they have already occurred. An increased number of general practitioners is needed; however, primary care is not as attractive a field for medical students. Something needs to be done about this problem, because primary care doctors have a large role in preventing these diseases.


ACP Saudi Chapter Visits to Medical Schools

As a part of the chapter strategy to recruit medical students and increase their awareness about ACP privileges including free membership, Governor Dr. Khalid Qushmaq paid a visit to Al Faisal University School of Medicine during their annual student research day. The Governor was welcomed by Prof. Khalid Al Kattan, Dean, school of medicine during the student Annual Research Day, Prof. Kattan welcomed ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter and introduced the Governor to the medical students, and welcomed any future collaboration. Dr. Qushmaq presented a complimentary copy of Internal Medicine Essentials for Students, and a digital copy of MKSAP for Students to Prof. Khalid Al Kattan.


Governor Khalid A. Qushmaq Attending King Abdul Aziz Medical City, Department of Medicine Research Day

Governor Khalid A. Qushmaq was invited to King Abdul Aziz Medical City, Department of Medicine Research Day held on May 23, 2012. He was welcomed by Dr. Salih Bin Salih, FACP, Chairman of Medicine and member of the Saudi Arabia Chapter Advisory committee. He attended the research podium presentations by the resident, and invited them to be associate members in ACP. In the picture with Dr. Salih Bin Salih, Dr. Ali Al Khathami, Program Director, and two residents Winners of the Research day awards, Dr. Ahmad Abu Laban and Dr. Kannan Al Shamari.


7th Annual Medicine Symposium in Al Ahsa

The ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter was invited to the 7th Annual Medicine Symposium organized by the Department of Medicine in King Abdul Aziz Hospital in Al Ahsa. Governor Khalid Qushmaq presented his talk, Fostering Excellence in Internal Medicine, and explained the role of the chapter and its strategy to contribute in raising the standard of patient care and education, he shared with the audience the chapter achievements since its establishment.

In the picture with Chairman of Medicine Dr. Hani Mostafa, and chair of Eastern Region Chapter Council Dr. Kashif Anis.


Associates & Medical Students Council Campaign to Recruit ACP Members

Associate and Medical Student councils are working together to recruit more ACP Associate and Student members through their contributions in the residents and students activities, Chair of Associate council Dr. Tariq Suliman and his team, members of the associate council (Saad Al Ghamdi & Zainab Al Duhailib) participated in the 3rd Annual Trainees Research conference organized by SCFHS at King Fahad National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, May 10. ACP chapter had a booth for membership promotion at the conference, and associate council chair and members had a face to face meeting with the residents in training to encourage them to join ACP.

Medical Students council also started their 2012 campaign “Students 4 ACP”, with their contribution during Al Faisal, School of Medicine Annual Students Research Day, the council will participate in students activities in the medical schools to promote the free membership offered to the medical students.


ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Councils & Committees

ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter announced its councils & committee members, listed below are the names of chairs and members.

Education & Scientific Dr. Mushira Enani Dr. Husam Junaid, KFSH&RC Dr. Mahfouz Faroqi, KFNGH
Dr. Husam Sakajia, KFMC
Western Region Committee Chair
Eastern Region Committee Chair
CYP Chair
Associate Council Chair
Medical Student Council Chair
Research Prof. Ahmed Bahamam Dr. Mahmoud Al Jurf, KFSH & RC
Dr. Ali Al Shanqeeti, KACST
Dr. Abdullah Al Sayari, KFNGH
CYP Representative
Associate Council Representative
Medical Student Council Representativ
Patient & Community Education Dr. Maha Al Saud Dr. M. Zuhair Al Gawi, KFSH&RC Dr. Shazia Mukaddam, KFMC Dr. Jessica Adam RKH Council for Young Physician Representative Associate Council Representative Medical Student Council Representativee
Council for Young Physician Dr. Fadel Al Rowaie Dr. Khalid Al Sawat, KKUH
Dr. Fahad Al Suhaibani, KFSH
Dr. Suzan Attar, KAUH
Dr. Kareem Hunadi, Aramco
Associate Council Dr. Tarek Sulaiman Dr. Mohammed Almansour, KFMC
Dr. Saad Alghamdi, KFSH
Dr. Zainab Al Duhailib, KFNGH
Medical Student Council Dr. Abdullah Al Khudairy Faisal Alzahrani, KSU
Abdulhadi Al Amoudi, Al Faisal University
Abdulrahman AlKhudair, KSAU-HS
Tarik Akkad, Ibn Sina College
Maha Arnous, KFMC
Ahmed Felimban, Umm Al-Qura University
Eastern Region Committee Dr. M. Kashif Anis Dr. Jaffer Al Tawfiq, Aramco
Dr. Hussain Matar, Dammam Nat’l Guard
Dr. Ali Al Qarni, NGHA Al Ahsa
Dr. Noushad Abid, King Fahad Hosp, Haffof
Dr. Basim Ratrout, KFSH-D
Dr. Ali Sultan, Dammam University
Western Region Committee Dr. Bassim Al Beirouti Dr. Maimoona Mushtaq Ahmed, Jeddah
Dr. Abeer Alshukairi, Jeddah
Dr. Nashaat Hamza, KASH, Makkah
Dr. Suliman Karsou, KKNGH
Dr. Islam Ibrahim, IMC
Dr. Siraj Wali, KAUH
Dr. Abdulghafoor Gari, Um Alqura


The Scooter Ride

Governor Khalid Qushmaq trying the scooter of Prof. Faith Fitzgerald she used to ride before she had her hip replacement surgery recently to attend Saudi Arabia Chapter Reception in San Diego 2011, in the picture Dr. Virginia Hood, ACP Immediate Past President, and Tariq Suliman, Chair ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Associate council. The chapter wishes her always good health.


ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Welcomes New Master, Fellows, Members, and Associates

The chapter would like to welcome the newly elected Master, Fellows, Members and Associates in the last 6 months.

New Master

Mahmoud Al Jurf, MD, MACP

New Fellows

Tareef Y. Alaama, MBBS, FACP
Mohammed A. Alsheef, MBBS, FACP
Arshad M. Mian, MD, FACP

New Members

Gamal Nasr Ahmed Abdel All III, MD
Ali Aobaid Al Bshabshe, MD, MBBS
Kefah Baqir Al Gadeeb, MD
Abdulaziz Husain Al-Faifi, MD
Ahmed H. Al-Tayyar, MD
Sereihan Mubarak Alshammari, PhD
Mirza Azkar Ahmed Baig, MD
Mazin Barry, MD
Nahid A. Qushmaq, MBChB, MD
Khurshid Anwar Sheikh III, MD

New Associates

Zainab Jamal Al Duhailib, MBBS
Saad A. Alghamdi, MBBS
Amjad Othman Alkadi Sr, MD
Husain Yahya M. Alkhaldy, MBBS
Abdulelah A. Almutairdi, MBBS
Abdullah A. Alrbiaan, MBBS
Ahmad K. Alshaya, MBBS
Mansour A. Altuwaijri, MBBS


Contact Information

Khalid A. Qushmaq, MD, MHA, FACP
ACP Governor, Saudi Arabia Chapter