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December 2011 Khalid A. Qushmaq, MD, MHA, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Dr. Qushmaq

Dear Colleagues,

This is our first newsletter, which will keep you in touch with your chapter activities.

As the first elected Governor for Saudi Arabia Chapter, I am pleased with your support, and I would like to thank you for your vote. I am sure we will work hard together to bring distinction to our chapter among all ACP chapters.

The chapter will grow with your ambition and support, and I am sure with the distinguished members we have, we will be able to continue to bring excellence to the practice of Internal Medicine in Saudi Arabia.

The chapter is working on building its organizational structure, keeping in mind the distribution of ACP members in different cities across the kingdom, which creates a challenge of direct communication, and we will overcome this by creating regional committees, and the leaders of these regional committees will be a member of the chapter advisory council.

We are glad that a communication and good relationship has been established with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, I had the chance to meet Prof. Abdul Aziz Al Sayegh, Secretary General, and presented to him our chapter proposal to promote the ACP role in the residency training program, by enrolling the trainee as ACP associate member from day one of joining the training program.

Along the same line, I had the chance to meet the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Mohammad Khoshaim, who welcomed the chapter, and expressed his full support for all future projects that could help to raise the standards of health care in Saudi Arabia.

A sister organization is the Saudi Society of Internal Medicine (SSIM), and we agreed to work together for promoting knowledge and education in the field of Internal Medicine in the meeting I had with Prof. Mahmoud Al Ahoul, President of SSIM and Dean of Medicine in King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah.

With your contribution and support, we will be able to bring a change in the field of Internal Medicine in Saudi Arabia soon.

Khalid A.Qushmaq MD, MHA, FACP
ACP Governor, Saudi Arabia Chapter


Saudi Arabia Chapter First Participation in ACP Annual Meeting In San Diego

The Saudi Arabia Chapter's first activity after it was inaugurated in February 2011 was at the ACP Annual Meeting in San Diego. The chapter was welcomed during the Convocation Ceremony by then ACP President, Dr. Fred Ralston and Chair, Board of Regents, Dr. Robert Luke as the newest ACP chapter since 2002, when Japan joined. New Fellows were inducted in the convocation ceremony, and the new Fellows marched under Saudi Arabia Chapter lead by the interim Governor Dr. Khalid Qushmaq. The following Fellows were inducted:

Nawal R. Abul-Khoudoud, MD, FACP
Ali Ahmed Al-Qarni, MBBS, FACP
Mohammad A. AlQahtani, MBBS, FACP
Abdulkarim M. Alhamdani, MBChB, FACP
Muhammad K. Anis, MBBS, FACP
Samer El-Kaissi, MBBS, FACP
Abbas M. Sharif, MBBS, FACP


Associates Participation in Doctor's Dilemma

ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Associates participated for the first time in the North America residency training programs competition, called Doctor's Dilemma. The Saudi Arabia team was the only international chapter team to be represented in this competition, the team was formed from Khalid Al Matham (R4), Tariq Suliman (R3) and Adel Al Ghamdi (R2), the Associates enjoyed the experience and exchanged knowledge with their peers, and they were proud to represent Saudi Arabia for the first time in ACP history.


Governor Meetings with Leaders of Health Care in Saudi Arabia

On behalf of the Minister of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, the Assistant Deputy Minister for Planning & Development Dr. Mohammad Khoshiem received in his office, in Riyadh, ACP Governor of Saudi Arabia Chapter Dr. Khalid Qushmaq. Dr. Khoshiem welcomed the new Chapter and expressed his full support for any activities that will help to raise the knowledge and skills of the Internist and subspecialists working in Ministry of Health and Saudi Arabia in general. Dr. Qushmaq presented a certificate of appreciation from the ACP President and Chair BOR to the Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, for his support to the ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter, and in recognition of his meeting with the ACP leaders during their visits to Riyadh during Medicine 2010 conference hosted by King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) in collaboration with ACP. Dr. Qushmaq also presented ACP certificates of appreciation to Dr. Al Rabeeah deputies Dr. Mansour Al Hawasi, and Dr. Mohamad Khoshiem.

Prof. AbdulAziz Al Sayegh, Secretary General for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) Received Governor Dr. Khalid Qushmaq in his office, Dr. Qushmaq discussed the proposed collaboration between ACP and SCFHS and integrating the chapter role in the training of physicians in Saudi Arabia and recruiting any trainee joining Internal Medicine program to be ACP Associate member, as it is the case in all North American training program. The Governor presented an ACP certificate of appreciation to Prof. Al Sayegh for his supportive role in inaugurating the chapter in February 2011.

Prof. Mahmoud Al Ahoul, President of the Saudi Society of Internal Medicine and Dean of College of Medicine in King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah received in his office Governor Dr. Khalid Qushmaq, Governor discussed the collaboration between SSIM and ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter, Dr. Qushmaq presented the ACP certificate of appreciation for his supportive role in Chapter inauguration, and discussed with him the proposed collaboration in the near future.

Governor Khalid Qushmaq presented ACP certificate of appreciation on behalf of then ACP President-elect Dr. Virginia Hood, and Chair, BOR Dr. Robert Luke to Dr. Abdullah Al Amro, CEO, King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) in Riyadh, and in recognition for his leadership role and support to the foundation and inauguration of ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter in February 2011 hosted by KFMC.


BOG Fall Meeting

Governor Khalid Qushmaq attended ACP (BOG) Board of Governor Fall meeting in San Antonio, Texas from September 22 to 24, 2011. The meeting included International Council meeting and discussed issues related to the international Chapters management and proposals to expand the ACP activities internationally and improve the access of Internist outside USA to the educational resources offered by ACP, as part of ACP's mission to raise the knowledge of Internist and contribute to a better health care to the patients globally.

Qushmaq with Skeff
Governor Khalid Qushmaq with Kelley Skeff member of Board of Regents, in San Antonio


Advisory Council Meeting

ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Governor had formed the chapter advisory council which is represented by Internal Medicine leaders and chairmen from the major leading health care organizations in Saudi Arabia, the council members are: Dr. Abdulrahman Al Rajhi, Fellow (KFSH&RC), Dr. Ali Al Shangeeti, Member (King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology), Dr. Mahmoud Al Jurf, Master (KFSH&RC), Dr. Saleh Bin Saleh, Fellow (KFNGH), Dr. Maha Al Saud, Fellow (KFSH&RC), Dr. Yousef Saleh, Head of Internal Medicine Board (SCFHS), Dr. Hamad Al Ashghar, Fellow & Chairman of Medicine (KFSH&RC), Prof. Mahmoud Al Ahoul, President, (Saudi Society of Internal Medicine), Dr. Siraj Wali, Fellow (Chair of Western regent), Dr. Kashif Anis, Fellow (Chair, Eastern regent), Dr. Khalid Al Matham and Dr. Tariq Suliman from the Associate Council, while other health care institutes Internal Medicine leaders will be invited as soon as they are elected as ACP fellows. The council held two meetings in June and September 2011, the meetings discussed the formation of chapter committees, and agreed to form the following committees: educational and scientific, community & patient education, research, and regent committees beside the Council for Young Physician, Associates and Medical Studentís councils. The committee discussed also the CME activities planned by the chapter including the annual chapter meeting, the chapter will invite interested Fellows, Members, Associates, Medical Students to participate in one of these committees.


ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Project: Etiquette-Based Medicine

Achieving Excellence in Patient Care

In more recent times, there has been great interest in ethics of medicine related to autonomy of individual, end-of-life care, abortion and human scientific experimentation but little attention was paid to physician conduct.

The idea is the first Saudi Arabia Chapter projects to contribute for a better patient care through improving the communication skills of its members and physicians in general in Saudi Arabia, with a future objective to disseminate this approach globally.

This project was a collaborative work between Saudi Arabia Chapter and Department of Medicine at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was initiated to improve the communications skills between the physician in particular junior ones like associate and medical students and their patients.

As Physicianís daily practice rhythm is rapid, with their busy schedule with rounds, clinics, on calls, it has been observed that many of us will forget to greet his patient, or introduce himself and his companions, and look to the patient based on his laboratory investigations, or imaging finding, to the point that patients are been discharged without knowing their treating physicians and care providers.

The chapter will work with its member to disseminate this concept across most of health care institutes in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and monitor its impact on patient care.


Congratulations, New Membership!

The chapter would like to welcome the newly elected Master, Fellows, Members and Associates in the last 6 months.

New Master

Mahmoud Al Jurf, MD, MACP

New Fellows

Mohammed O. Al Ghobain, MBBS, FACP
Hussain Almatar, MBBS, FACP
Mushabbab Asiri, MBBS, FACP

New Members

Ahmad S.. Al-Ghamdi, MBBS
Bader A. Alahmari, MD
Saleh H. Alharbi, MBBS
Khalid I. AlMatham, MBBS
Mohammed Mahdi Althaf
Elmahdi Elbadwi Elmahdi, MD

New Associates

Mohammed S. Al Abdullah, MBBS
Ahmad A. Al Eid, MBBS
Abdullah K. Alamer, MD
Ali H. Bashaib, MD


Contact Information

Khalid A. Qushmaq, MD, MHA, FACP
ACP Governor, Saudi Arabia Chapter