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Report from the Governor's Desk
October 2008

Dear Members:
I have several important items for your information and input. I will be brief, recognizing your time constraints.

The Executive Council met in September and we discussed these topics:

  • Proposal from the Director of the Rhode Island Free Clinic
    We heard an interesting proposal from the Director of the Rhode Island Free Clinic to cover more uninsured lives in the state. I will update you as we are presented with more details, but the idea is to seek practices to deliver free care to about 30 patients per provider and have the "Free Clinic" set up a network of care for imaging, laboratory tests and hospitalizations. There are about 100,000 uninsured patients in the state, while the "Free Clinic" only cares for about 3000 of these patients. This model would allow many more patients to receive medical care.
  • 2nd Annual Senior Resident Awards
    We will be offering the 2nd Annual Senior Resident Awards for those Internal Medicine Residents interested in pursuing a career in primary care.
  • Formation of a Council of Young Physicians
    The Chapter has formed a Council of Young Physicians (graduated within the last 16 years from medical school and is a full member). This council would address issues of concern to physicians starting practice/academics or who are relatively early in their careers. Please let me know of you are interested in serving on the Council.
  • Save the Date for June 4th Chapter Meeting
    We have finalized an exciting Annual meeting for June 4th 2009 in Warwick R.I., with multiple topics of interest to internists, granting of awards, Associates presentations and a keynote speaker.
  • Chapter subsidize Leadership Day Expenses
    Leadership Day is May 19th -20th in Washington D.C. This will be an important event after the November election. Please let me know if you are interested in participating. The Chapter can cover your travel expenses.
  • Lifespan/CNE merger
    As a member of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island Health Partnerships Solutions Committee, I led a discussion of the Lifespan/CNE merger. The thoughts of the committee are on the Chapter Website and were forwarded by Dr. Peter Hollmann (Chairman of the Committee) to the Board of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island.



Board of Governor's Meeting

The Board of Governor's meeting in Minneapolis/St. Paul was interesting as usual.

There was significant discussion around growing membership and adding value. I would be very interested in your thoughts about value and new initiatives that you would like to see the College and the Chapter explore in the future.

There was a morning session on the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) with Dr. Michael Barr giving an overview of the concept. I gave a presentation of the CSI-RI project as a specific example of the implementation of the PCMH. The Governor's were impressed with the structure and collaboration of the CSI-RI project. I was very clear in pointing out the importance of adequate funding for this concept and ostensibly for primary care in order to assure success in the future. This is a top priority for the College and payment reform will have to be front and center, or there will be no one at home!

The Resolutions process is an important component of setting College policy on various issues. The College policy is used as a framework by the College leadership in their discussions and testimony with political leaders in Washington D.C. and around the country.

The fall Board of Governor's meeting resulted in the following resolution adoptions:

  • Legislation that requires durable medical equipment companies to provide patients with cost information.
  • Seeking a Federal Policy to rebalance the disparity between reimbursement for procedural vs. evaluation and management codes.
  • Seeking legislation that requires Medicare coverage for home infusion of antibiotics.
  • Seeking legislation to offer educational loan forgiveness for primary care physicians.
  • Clarifying the relationship between the Patient Centered Medical Home and Subspecialty Care.

You can view the specifics of these resolutions on the ACP website. Please let me know if you have further comments on any of these resolutions or would like to introduce a resolution yourself.



Call for Spring 2009 Board of Governors Resolutions

The deadline for submitting new resolutions to be heard at the April 2009 Board of Governors Meeting is Friday, December 19, 2008. Initiating a resolution provides ACP members an opportunity to focus attention at the ACP national level on a particular issue or topic that concerns them. Members must submit resolutions to their Governor and/or chapter council. A resolution becomes a resolution of the chapter once the chapter council approves it.

In accordance with the ACP Board of Governors Resolutions Process, resolutions should clearly distinguish the action requested within its resolved clause(s) as either a policy resolve ("Resolved that ACP policy…"), or a directive, which requests action/study on an issue ("Resolved that the Board of Regents…"). If more than one action is proposed, each should have its own resolved clause. Please contact your Governor if you have any questions regarding the resolution format.

The Board of Governors votes on new resolutions which are then presented to the Board of Regents for action. Once the Board of Regents votes on these recommendations, resolutions are adopted as policy, accepted as reaffirmation of current policy, or forwarded to College staff and/or committees for study or implementation.



Formation of a Young Physicians Council

The Rhode Island Chapter held its first CYP meeting last week. Dr. Sarita Warrier is the Chair and we appointed a chair elect, and Secretary/treasurer. They are working on a plan to schedule a Young Physicians event.

All Young Physicians are welcome to contact the Chair with their thoughts and ideas. The ACP is a member driven organization and the Rhode Island Chapter encourages all members to participate in the leadership and governance of our organization. We would like you to get involved and stay connected with our chapter. Participation in our chapter activities is a good way for your concerns to be heard and addressed. We have available positions on our Council of Young Physicians. We are looking for a diverse group of Young Physicians with an interest in furthering the high ideals of the ACP. Contact Sarita Warrier, MD at swarrier@lifespan.org if you are interested.



Congratulations to Our New Rhode Island ACP Fellows!

  • Francis X. Basile, Jr., MD, FACP - Providence
  • Nicholas A. Califano, MD, FACP - Providence
  • Wilfredo A. Curioso, MD, FACP - Barrington
  • Patrick H. Mattingly, MD, FACP - Providence



Save the Date Now for Chapter Activities

ACP Leadership Day
May 19th -20th in Washington D.C.

2009 Chapter Scientific Meeting
Thursday, June 4, 2009
Radisson Airport Hotel
Warwick, RI
Mark your calendar and plan to join us!
For more information, please contact Nancy Baker-Hobin at nbaker4@cox.net.


The Chapter is always interested in new initiatives, participation on committees and promoting advancement to Fellowship. The Fellowship process is streamlined and an important professional achievement for all internists.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the above topics.

Best Regards,
N.S. Damle MD FACP

Page updated: 10/08/08

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