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April 2012 Thomas A. Bledsoe, MD, FACP, Governor

Governor's Newsletter

Dr. Bledsoe

Rhode Island ACP Chapter Annual Meeting

I hope to see all of you at the Chapter’s Annual Scientific Meeting scheduled for the afternoon of May 3rd at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet in Cranston. Russ Corcoran and the program committee have done a terrific job putting together a program that will be well worth your investment! As noted in the earlier mailing, you have 4 very good reasons to attend the session this year.

  • First, the main topic and speakers: Aligned with the College's efforts to combine the best of medical science and professionalism with state of the art medical practice tools, this year's keynote session is entitled, "Diseases of the Age managed in the Practice of the Future: Obesity and Diabetes in the Patient-centered Medical Home". We are pleased to present our own Russ Corcoran, Dr. James Prochaska (of the "Prochaska Model" related to behavior change), Health Department director Dr. Michael Fine and others on the panel!
  • Second, Yul Ejnes will be wrapping up his tenure as Chair of the College's Board of Regents just before our meeting; you'll have a unique opportunity to hear Yul's reflections on the state of the profession, and the College's role in positioning it for the future!
  • Third, what better way to reconnect with colleagues than under the auspices of the College? What we do is hard work, we are proud to do it well. Share that sense with colleagues that you no longer see in the doctor's lounge or in the physician's parking lot at your hospital!
  • Fourth, recognizing the difficulty of getting out of the office for an entire day, we have streamlined the program and will be presenting an efficient and informative half-day format at roughly half the cost of last year's meeting!

On-line registration is available this year. If you are still not convinced, download the meeting program.

I'm looking forward to a terrific meeting and hope to see all of you there!!


Chapter to Honor Irving Addison Beck and Milton Hamolsky Lifetime Achievement Award (Drs. Corcoran and Besdine) Winners

The Rhode Island Chapter will be very pleased to honor Russ Corcoran with its Irving Addison Beck Laureate Award “for distinguished service to the Chapter and the community [and having] upheld the high ideals and standards for which the College is known.” This brief description of the purpose of the award well encapsulates Russ’s approach to the profession and his responsibilities within it.

The Chapter is also very pleased to be presenting the Milton Hamolsky Lifetime Achievement Award to Richard Besdine. Dr. Besdine has devoted his career to the development and advancement of geriatrics through university-based and public health care policy work for more than 25 years and is a Professor of Medicine, Director of the Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research at Brown University, Director of the Division of Geriatrics in the Department of Medicine, Chief of Geriatrics for Lifespan, and first Greer Professor of Geriatric Medicine.

Please make every effort to attend this year’s Chapter meeting on May 3rd to assist in honoring Drs. Corcoran and Besdine. Registration here.


Yul Ejnes MD to Complete Term as Chair of the ACP Board of Regents

As noted above, our own Yul Ejnes (in private practice with Coastal Medical in Cranston) has been serving as the Chair of the College’s Board of Regents for this past year. The Board of Regents is the main policy-making body of the College. The Board itself is composed of elected officers of the College and the Regents themselves (who are elected by the sitting Regents and the Board of Governors to time-limited terms).

Over the course of the year, Yul has reached out to partner organizations including the AMA and the Society of Hospital Medicine and has travelled internationally representing the College to regional and national medical groups around the world. We look forward to his talk entitled “The Internal Medicine Glass: Half Empty or Half Full?” at the Chapter meeting on May 3rd. (Register now.)

Dr. Ejnes (in addition to serving as my senior resident during my medicine clerkship!), is a former president of the Rhode Island Medical Society, the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Society of Internal Medicine, and served as ACP Governor of the Rhode Island Chapter prior to serving 2 terms as a Regent.


Are you Part of a Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood?

Rhode Island continues to be a leader in developing capabilities in state of the art delivery of “patient-centered” medical care. According to the College’s policy compendium, a patient-centered medical home is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care in a setting that focuses on the relationships between patients, their primary care physician, and other health professionals involved in their care (a “physician-led team”).

This effort in Rhode Island is being spearheaded by the Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative Rhode Island (CSI RI) in coordination with the Rhode Island Beacon Community (http://www.pcmhri.org/) and has become a nationally prominent model for efforts to both reformulate and refinance primary care as well as to enhance coordination of care between primary care specialists, other internal medicine sub-specialists and specialists in other fields of medicine as well as with secondary and tertiary care institutions through formal compacts.

Though there are a number of entities now certifying primary care practices as patient-centered medical homes, the NCQA has the most robust certification tool and has the largest presence in Rhode Island. Certification is seen as both a mark of practice excellence and achievement and as a benchmark for enhanced reimbursement. Participating practices in the CSI RI program have received significant revenue from the payers (including Medicare) to fund infrastructure development and assist with physician compensation. Over 50 RI ACP members and fellows now practice in one of these advanced primary care practices (list of certified practices available). For further information about participation, contact the payers, the office of the Health Insurance Commissioner (Mr. Chris Koller, a great advocate), the CSI RI project directors or contact your Governor directly (disclaimer: He is co-Chair of the CSI Steering Committee with Mr. Koller).

As with all things clinical and practice-related, the College has a tremendous resource available for practices on the road to becoming a patient-centered medical home, whether starting the transition or seeking formal certification. This tool is called the “Medical Home Builder,” and is a practice-based tool and resource compendium offered by the College at an amazing price. More information is available here.

Again, from the College’s policy compendium, key attributes of the PCMH promote health care delivery for all patients though all stages of life. This care is characterized by the following features: a personal physician for each patient; a physician-directed medical practice, where the personal physician leads a team of individuals trained to provide comprehensive care; whole person-orientation, where the personal physician is responsible for providing or arranging all of a patient’s health care needs; care coordinated across all elements of the complex health care system; quality and safety; and enhanced access to care.


Membership News

We are very pleased to announce that new Fellow Iris Tong has recently accepted the request to assume the post of Membership Chair for the Chapter. Iris is a master clinician, has been heavily involved in the Warren Alpert Medical School’s “Doctoring” curriculum for the first and second year medical students and practices at the new Women’s Medicine Collaborative in Providence.

While our membership in Rhode Island stands at a very respectable 39% of internists in the state, this means that not only are over 900 internists not taking advantage of the professional offerings and resources of the College but more importantly, their patients are not getting these benefits either! I think you would be surprised to see how many of your colleagues are on the list of non-members.

The benefits of membership fall into a number of categories including professionalism/advocacy, point-of-care medical resources/evidence-based medicine, medical education and recertification, patient resources and education, practice management as well as maintaining your commitment to the profession (and your sanity!) through collegial interactions with peers!

Register for the Chapter’s Annual Meeting on May 3rd.

Take a look at the interactive menu of ACP benefits, most likely there are a number of benefits available to you of which you may not be aware. Contact Dr. Tong if you are interested in helping out with the recruitment effort through our Chapter administrator Donna Goodnow. A good task for everyone is to ask your colleagues and peers about ACP membership. You may search for individuals on the membership directory on the chapter website.

Don’t forget about the College’s “Recruit-a-Colleague” program, either. The following recruitment program is available to you between now and March 15, 2013:

  • Recruit one colleague and receive a $100 credit toward your 2013-14 annual dues
  • Recruit two colleagues and receive a $200 credit toward your 2013-14 annual dues
  • Recruit three colleagues and receive a $300 credit toward your 2013-14 annual dues
  • Recruit four colleagues and enjoy free annual dues in 2013-14 Plus, for every Member recruited within the promotional period, you will receive an entry into a grand-prize drawing for a trip to Internal Medicine 2014 in Orlando, Florida that includes registration, airfare (up to $500), and four days of hotel accommodations.

Details on this program (and how to get credit for your new recruits) is available here.


New Members and Fellows (and a new Master!)

Warm welcome to new ACP members over the last 6 months:

Anna Francisco Acidera, MD, Stephanie N Ajudua, MD, Kristina Berglund, MD, Nadia Chammas Aoun, MD, Laura Flynn, MD, Aida E Kuri, MD, Sunna Kwun, MD, Kate Elizabeth Mavrich, MD, Bryna J McConarty, MD, Kelli A Naylor, MD, Anishka S Rolle, MBBS, Umut Selamet, MD, Erin E Van Scoyoc, MD
We look forward to meeting you at the Chapter Meeting on May 3rd!

A pat on the back and our congratulations to our newest Fellows:

Michelle Anvar, MD FACP, Curt G Beckwith, MD FACP, Vikram Behera, MD FACP, Steven R Fera, MD FACP, Donald P Fitzpatrick, MD FACP, David L Fried, MD FACP, Harold M Horwitz, MD FACP, Lucia E Larson, MD FACP, Margaret A Miller, MD FACP, Taro Minami, MD FACP, Jose R Polanco, MD FACP, Harlan G Rich, MD FACP, J Mark Ryan, MD FACP, Douglas G Shemin, MD FACP, Lynn E Taylor, MD FACP

Being an FACP is a mark of esteem from colleagues who recognize accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internist lives and practices. You may find information about applying for fellowship here..

Finally, Rhode Island will have its fourth Master of the American College of Physicians at the 2012 Internal Medicine College national meeting in April with the election of Yul Ejnes to mastership. To be considered for Mastership, the candidate must have made a notable contribution to medicine. This includes but is not limited to teaching, outstanding work in clinical medicine (research or practice), contributions to preventive medicine, improvements in the delivery of health care, or contributions to medical literature. A well deserved honor for Yul!


2012 Leadership Day on Capitol Hill

The 20th annual Leadership Day on Capitol Hill will be held on June 6-7, 2012 at the Liaison Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Leadership Day is both a very important way for the College to increase its presence on Capitol Hill and bring our issues of concern to U.S. lawmakers as well as a way for you as members to meet your representatives in person to put a human and professional face on the political issues facing our colleagues and patients.

This two-day event provides ACP members with advocacy and/or media training, an update on the College's priority legislative issues; briefings from Members of Congress, Administration officials, and key Capitol Hill staffers; and an opportunity to meet with your state's elected officials. A special briefing for associates and medical students is also provided. This is a Chapter event, and a limited number of participants will be fully funded by the chapter.

When: June 6-7, 2012 (note new date)
Where: Liaison Hotel
415 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

All Leadership Day information, including hotel and registration information, will be available on the Leadership Day webpage.

For more information about the day or if you are interested in representing the Chapter at this event in the future, please contact RI ACP Chapter administrator Donna Goodnow or Shuan Tomlinson or 800-338-2746 ext. 4547


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