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Public Policy & Advocacy

Governor Advocates for Rhode Island Membership

New-9/5/08 Healthcare Solutions Partnership Committee September 4, 2008: The Lifespan Care New England Proposed Merger.

As a member of the Blue Cross Healthcare Solutions Partnership Committee, I recommended a discussion of the potential Lifespan/CNE merger. I posed these questions for the committee:

  • Is the proposed merger a potential monopoly on health care in Rhode Island?/
  • . Is this an opportunity to look at a statewide health plan and issues of access, quality and reimbursement?/
  • How will the merger affect insurance premiums in Rhode Island?/
  • Can the merger potentially decrease/increase health care costs?/
  • Should providers and hospitals be paid on an equal basis, with adjustment for quality and cost efficiency and not bargaining power?/
  • Will the merger destabilze the health care market, in terms of providers and hospitals?

Please review a summary by Dr. Hollmann (Chairman) of the discussion and recommendations. If you have any further observations/comments/suggestions, send your feedback to N.S. Damle MD FACP Governor, Rhode Island Chapter of the ACP.

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