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ACP Pennsylvania Chapter
Officers and Committee Chairs

501 C(3), Education
President: Darilyn Moyer, MD, FACP
Vice President: Alan Yeasted, MD, FACP
Treasurer: Dan Kimball, MD, FACP

501 C(6), Advocacy
President: Dan Kimball, MD, FACP
Vice President: Alan Yeasted, MD, FACP
Treasurer: Dan Kimball, MD, FACP

*The Bylaws for both corporations name both a Secretary. Currently this position has no true duties. When this office has meaningful work, the position will be filled.

Committee Chairs for Standing Committees

HPPC: Arnold Eiser, MD, FACP Chair
Evan Pollack, MD, FACP, Vice-Chair

Membership: Anthony Maniglia, MD, FACP, Chair

Finance:** Dan Kimball, MD, FACP, Chair
**The Governors comprise the Finance Committee.

Residentsí Competition Chairs

Western Region: Andrew Adams, MD, FACP

Eastern Region:
Jay Chintanaboina, MD, FACP

Southeastern Region:
Nina Mingioni, MD, FACP

Council of Young Physicians

Susan Glennon, MD, FACP, Co-President
Andrew Rosenzweig, MD, FACP, Co-President
Larry Ward, MD, MPH, FACP, President Emeritus

Awards and Nominations Chairs

West: Doug Clough, MD, FACP
East: Ben Lloyd, MD, FACP
Southeast: Ellen Tedaldi, MD, FACP

Representatives to Our Alliance Partners

PA Medical Society: Dan Kimball, MD, FACP - BOT Delegate
PAMED Specialty Leadership Council: Evan Pollack, MD, FACP
PAMED Political Advocacy Council: Evan Pollack, MD, FACP
Carriers Advisory Council: Dan Kimball, MD, FACP (Doug Clough, MD, FACP, alternate)
Primary Care Alliance: Governors to alternate

Page updated: 10-09-12

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Contact Information

Eastern Region
Daniel B Kimball, Jr, MD, FACP, Governor

Southeastern Region
Gregory C. Kane, MD, FACP, Governor

Western Region
G. Alan Yeasted, MD, FACP

John Derrickson
Executive Director
Phone: 610-543-6880 or Toll-free: 800-846-7746
Fax: 610-543-6806
E-mail: jd@pa-acp.org

General chapter information/questions:
John Derrickson

Chapter Office:
Jackie Franco


Chapter Events: