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Governor's Newsletter

August 1997

Chapter Meeting

Please mark your calendar for the next OR-ACP/OSIM Annual Meeting:

November 20-22, 1997
Hilton Hotel
Eugene, Oregon

Brochures, which include the program, faculty and registration/reservation information, have been mailed. SIGN UP EARLY!

Highlights Include:

  • Associates Competition
  • Howard P. Lewis Visiting Professor: Eric B. Larson, MD, MPH, FACP
  • College Representative: Sara E. Walker, MD, MACP, ACP Regent
  • ASIM Executive Vice-President: Alan R. Nelson, MD, FACP
  • Panel Discussion on the Future of Medicine: Regional Perspectives
  • Updates in diabetes cardiology, oncology Helicobacter pylori, spiral CT, cancer pain management
  • Briefing Breakfast for Women Members

Join your colleagues for the flagship event of the Chapter !

Associates Council

Under the leadership of Elizabeth N. Eckstrom, MD, ACP Member and Associate Program Director for Curriculum in the Department of Medicine, Legacy Portland Hospitals, the Chapter is launching an Associates Council. The goals of the Council, which will have representation from all of the training programs, will be to expand/foster interaction which residents have with each other, the Chapter and the ACP. Activities may include career seminars, job fairs, medical jeopardy, competitions and scientific programs. Watch for more information in upcoming newsletters. The members of the inaugural Council are:

Carol M. Baird, MD Providence Portland Medical Center
Guy Delorifice, MD Providence-St. Vincent Medical Center
Lisa Els, MD Legacy Portland Hospitals
Richard Hongo, MD Legacy Portland Hospitals
Eric Kaufman, MD Providence Portland Medical Center
Scott Marsal, MD Oregon Health Sciences University
Frederick Mitchell, MD Providence-St. Vincent Medical Center
Maria Silveira, MD Oregon Health Sciences University

We are very appreciative of the commitment of these Associates to the Chapter. Let them know how you can help.

Career Corner

With this issue, we launch a new feature, Career Corner, aimed at highlighting interesting career paths taken by physicians trained in general or subspecialty internal medicine. If you, or someone you know, might consider writing a column for a future newsletter, please contact Jim Reuler (503-220-8262, ext. 5582).

Our inaugural Career Corner is written by Lora Jasman, MD, ACP Member from Corvallis. Lora is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed residency and chief residency in the Department of Medicine, St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Jasman is Medical Director, Student Health Services, Oregon State University.

I was seeking a change of pace from private practice when I accepted a part-time position at the Oregon State University Student Health Services, fully intending to move on after a year or two. I had imagined college health to be uninspiring medicine—URI's and UTI's— nice for a break, but not a career.

Seven years later, I am still at SHS, now full time, and the Medical Director, having discovered the numerous unique and rewarding aspects of college health. The patients are primarily young, motivated, energetic, and often responsive to preventative health messages. The collegiate environment is stimulating and dynamic. The continual influx of new students and the diverse student population assure practitioners exposure to a wide variety of medical conditions.

The profession also has a public health dimension because of ramifications of illness in residence halls, athletic teams, cafeterias, and large classrooms. The field is uniquely multidisciplinary, with physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, health educators, nurses, and allied service professionals all working closely together, often attending the same continuing educational activities, and belonging to the same professional organization, the American College Health Association.

The challenges in this profession are also varied. The annual matriculation of new students creates a neverending need for basic health education and marketing of services. New students are often naive about basic health care principles and health care consumerism. Binge drinking, body acceptance disorders, STDs, mood disorders, and identity issues are particularly problematic on campus. Addressing these health issues, both on an individual level and through broad-based programs and University policies, is an ongoing challenge.

My medical education and internal medicine residency training included no information about college health as a unique area of expertise. The field is rewarding and fun. Most of the hassles of managed care are avoided, and the working conditions are very humane. I would highly recommend it to internists who enjoy working with young adults.

Preceptorship Opportunities

Precepting young professionals is one of the most rewarding aspects of physicianhood and a critical building block in the foundation for the future of our profession. ACP has emphasized this role through its Community Based Teaching (CBT) Program. If you are interested in learning about the resources of the CBT Center, receiving the CBT Newsletter, or applying for a CBT Certificate of Recognition (requires at least one year of office based teaching), please contact the CBT Office at the ACP at 1-800-523-1546, ext. 2588. OR-ACP Chapter members who served as preceptors for first or second-year medical students at OHSU in the Principles of Clinical Medicine course during 1996-97 include:

Susan Bagby
Ian Bauer
Steve Beeson
Philip Buckley
Thomas Cooney
Theo deBruin
Thomas DeLoughery
Leigh Dolin
Elizabeth Eckstrom
Diane Elliot
Martha Gerrity
Wilfred Geschke
Dan Gilden
Don Girard
Steve Hashiguchi

Dave Hickam
Linda Humphrey
Kusum Kumar
David Labby
James Leggett
Roger Leverette
Mark Loveless
Linda Lucas
Nancy MacNeal
Scott Mader
Dan Mangum
Mark McKinstry
Mary Meyer
Anthony Montanaro
David Nardone
Christine Nicolaidis
Molly Omizo
Janet Rawlinson
Steve Redmond
James Reuler
Wayne Rogers
Greg Skipper
Ellen Singer
David Smith
Steve Spindel
Kathleen Weaver
Richard Wernick
Jocelyn White
Richard Wise

If you wish to learn more about PCM Preceptor opportunities, contact Ms. Pam Marshall at OHSU, 503-494-6617.

Through the Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program and the Primary Care Clerkship at OHSU, primary care practitioners from around the state serve as preceptors for third-year medical students. OR-ACP Chapter members who served as AHEC preceptors during 1996-97 include:

Steve A. Delashmutt, Baker City Charles E. Hofmann, Baker City Susan L. Mark, Newport

If you are interested in learning about preceptor opportunities in the AHEC Program, please contact Ms. Becki L. Anderson at OHSU, 503-494-1165.


Two programs in the Portland area are in need of mentors for high school and middle school students:

a) The Health Professions Partnership Initiative (HPPI) is a collaborative effort of OHSU, AHEC, Portland Public Schools and Portland Community College aimed at increasing diversity in the biotechnology and health science disciplines. One goal of HPPI is to recruit a core mentoring team of university and community-based health professionals who can mentor under-represented students, present information about careers and serve as an additional instructional resource. If you are interested in learning more about HPPI, contact Mr. James Mason at OHSU, 503-494-2713.

b) The Jefferson High School Health Sciences/Biotechnology Magnet Program is a collaborative program involving many educational, private sector and governmental agencies. The program is in need of health professionals who could host students in "job shadow" experiences. If you are interested in learning about this program, contact Dr. Reid Connell at OHSU, 503-494-5354.

Oregon Masters

Professional golf has its masters and so does the ACP. Mastership is one of the highest honors awarded by the College, bestowed on fewer than twenty Fellows annually. OR-ACP has been privileged to have five members achieve this distinction, a legacy about which we are very proud.

  • Howard P. Lewis, MACP (1964)—The late Dr. Lewis was Chair of the Department of Medicine at OHSU for many years, ACP Governor for Oregon (1948-51), President of ACP (1959-60), Chair of the ABIM and 1966 recipient of the ACP's Alfred Stengel Memorial Award for outstanding service to ACP. Dr. Lewis was a legend, having trained generations of physicians in the art of physical diagnosis and authoring a text on the subject.
  • Edwin E. Osgood, MACP (1965)—The late Dr. Osgood was an internationally recognized investigator whose scientific career spanned decades at OHSU where he was Head of the Division of Experimental Medicine. Dr. Osgood's research led to major contributions in the areas of bone marrow culture and cell growth. The Osgood laboratory at OHSU is named in his memory.
  • William N. Valentine, MACP (1974)—Dr. Valentine of Sunriver was formerly Head of the Division of Hematology at University of Rochester and Chair, Department of Medicine, UCLA (1963-71). Dr. Valentine was a member ofthe ABIM (1964-67) and Vice President, American Society of Clinical Investigation. Dr. Valentine's research delineated the enzyme defects of congenital non-spherocytic hemolytic anemias. In 1979, Dr. Valentine received the John Phillips Award of the ACP for distinguished contributions in clinical medicine.
  • John A. Benson, MACP (1983)—Dr. Benson of Portland was Head, Division of Gastroenterology at OHSU prior to becoming President of the ABIM in 1975, a position he held for sixteen years. At the ABIM, Dr. Benson articulated the components of professionalism and the importance of humanism. Dr. Benson has also served as President of the American Gastroenterology Association and as a member of the Residency Review Committee in Internal Medicine, the Federated Council for Internal Medicine and the Institute of Medicine. Rather than retire, Dr. Benson returned to OHSU as Dean, School of Medicine, for two years and remains very active as Emeritus Dean, serving as a mentor/counselor for many Chapter members/projects.
  • Donald E. Olson, MACP (1992)—The late Dr. Olson, Clinical Professor Emeritus in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at OHSU and a leader in the Department of Medicine at Providence-St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland for forty one years, was considered the patriarch of the internal medicine community in Portland. Dr. Olson was a founder of the OR-ACP Chapter and chaired the ACP's Clinical Efficacy Assessment Project (1980-85). Dr. Olson also served as a member of the Committee on Subcertification and Recertification of the American Board of Medical Specialties and the Executive Committee ofthe ABIM. In 1984, Dr. Olson received the Meritorious Achievement Award from the School of Medicine, OHSU, and, in 1996, he received the OR-ACP's Teaching Award.

Chapter Awards

Each year at the annual meeting, the OR-ACP Chapter presents two awards, one for teaching and one for service, both named in honor of Howard P. Lewis, MD, MACP (see Oregon Masters). The past recipients have been:

Year Teaching Service
1983 Howard P. Lewis MD, MACP John A. Benson, Jr., MD, MACP
1984 Huldrick Kammer, MD, FACP Donald E. Olson, MD, MACP
1985 J. David Bristow, MD, FACP Emil J. Bardana, MD, FACP
1986 Herbert Griswold, MD, FACP Hugh Johnston, MD, FACP
1987 Walter J. McDonald, MD, FACP George Long, MD, FACP
1988 Robert Kimbrough, III, MD, FACP William E. Drips, Jr., MD, FACP
1989 David N. Gilbert, MD, FACP William M. Bennett, MD, FACP
1990 John H. McAnulty, MD James V. Walker, MD, FACP
1991 John A. Benson, Jr., MD, MACP George A. Porter, MD, FACP
1992 Curtis R. Holzgang, MD, FACP  
1993 Scott H. Goodnight, MD, FACP Julian S. Reinschmidt, MD
1994 Charles E. Hotmann, MD, FACP Kathleen S. Weaver, MD, FACP
1995 John R. Walsh, MD, FACP Peter O. Kohler, MD, FACP
1996 Donald E. Olson, MD, MACP US Senator Mark O. Hatfield

The Chapter Awards Committee will be meeting in early September to review candidates for the 1997 awards. If you wish to nominate an individual for either award, please contact Jim Reuler. Your support for this important recognition is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Dates

November 20, 1997 Infectious Disease Society of Oregon Meeting, Eugene, OR
November 20-22, 1997 OR ACP/OSIM Annual Meeting, Eugene, OR
December 1, 1997 Fellowship Applications due at ACP
April 2-5, 1998 ACP Annual Session, San Diego, CA
June 1, 1998 Fellowship Applications due at ACP
November 5-7, 1998 OR ACP/OSIM Annual Meeting, Eugene, OR
December 1, 1998 Fellowship Applications due at ACP
April 22-25, 1999 ACP Annual Session, New Orleans, LA


Fellowship in the ACP is an honor achieved by those recognized by colleagues for clinical competence, professional accomplishment, personal integrity and scholarship. In the recent months, the following Chapter members have been advanced to fellowship:

Paul A. Matson, MD, FACP, Portland
Heidi D. Nelson, MD, MPH, FACP, Portland


Anyone who has been an ACP member for at least two years is eligible to be considered for Fellowship advancement. For more information, please contact Jim or Mary or the ACP National Office at 800-523-1546, ext. 2694.


Congratulations to the following Chapter members:

  • Martin L. Jones, ACP Member, of Eugene, Recipient of the Oregon Medical Association's 1997 Doctor-Citizen of the Year Award in recognition of his leadership in the 1996 "Yes on Measure 44 (tobacco tax)" campaign and his many other volunteer contributions to improve the local community.
  • Alan H. Kaynard, Ph.D., OHSU '97 (AOA), ACP Student Member, recipient of the 1997 Edward S. Hayes Gold-Headed Cane Award "in recognition of compassionate devotion and effective service to the sick," the highest award given to a graduating student, School of Medicine, OHSU.
  • Jay R. McDonald '98, Natasha M. Tiffany '98, Michael W. Keefe, '97 and Mary Ann Wallace, '97, OHSU medical students and ACP Student Members, who were inducted into AOA Honor Medical Society, Alpha Chapter of Oregon, May, 1997. Walter J. McDonald, FACP, EVP-ACP and former Governor, OR-ACP, for delivery of the 1st annual Donald E. Olson, MD, Memorial Lectureship at Providence-St. Vincent Medical Center entitled "The Art and Science of Medicine in the 21 st Century: Bleak or Bountiful?", June 11, 1997 (see Oregon Masters).
  • D. Lynn Loriaux, Ph.D., FACP, recipient of the 1997 Allan J. Hill, Jr., Teaching Award in the Clinical Sciences, OHSU.
  • Thomas G. Cooney, FACP, for appointment as Vice-Chair, Federated Council for Internal Medicine (FCIM).
  • Mark Helfand, MPH, ACP Member, recipient of the 1997 Research Award, Society for General Internal Medicine, Northwest Region
  • Scott H. Goodnight, FACP, for membership on the ACP's MKSAP XI Hematology Committeee and for being recipient of the Medical Research Foundation of Oregon's Discovery Award

Contact Information

Thomas G Cooney, MD, MACP
Oregon Chapter Governor

Mary Olhausen
Phone: 360-892-1814
Fax: 360-326-1844