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Oregon Chapter Joins AARP Oregon in Campaign to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

The Oregon Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) has recently partnered with AARP Oregon in an effort to help people choose the most effective prescription drugs at the best prices. This partnership supports a drug affordability campaign launched in June by AARP Oregon to inform Oregonians about the use of evidence-based research and the importance of talking with their physicians and pharmacists regarding their prescription drug choices.

The Oregon Chapter ACP has assisted AARP Oregon in the production and distribution of "question and answer" brochures designed to help people better communicate with their health care providers, and has supported community forums featuring panels of physicians and pharmacists explaining evidence-based research. In coordination with this campaign, AARP Oregon will be in attendance at the November Oregon Chapter ACP Scientific Meeting in Portland to discuss this information with ACP members. "We appreciate our partnership with the Oregon Chapter ACP and their efforts to promote the importance of evidence-based research information to help health care providers and consumers find safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs," said Jerry Cohen, State Director of AARP Oregon.

While it is important for consumers to be educated about their options, it is crucial that physicians and pharmacists also understand the information, in order to help consumers find the safest, most effective and affordable prescription drugs.

"Physicians should work to stay informed about evidence-based research results. This may mean directly reading and analyzing the data, but more often it means keeping abreast of the recommendations of expert groups for the diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions," said Stephen Jones, MD, Governor of the Oregon Chapter ACP. "Public organizations such as AARP Oregon work hard to educate the public about evidence-based research so individuals can communicate effectively with their physicians."

In 2002, AARP Oregon established the nation's first, consumer-friendly website, offering an "apples to apples" comparison of commonly-used prescription drugs based on safety and effectiveness. This information comes from the State of Oregon's ground-breaking research conducted by the Oregon Health & Science University's Evidence-Based Research Center and is reported publicly by Oregon's Health Resources Commission.

"Evidence-based research provides vital information for physicians and patients regarding the most effective therapies at the most appropriate cost. I encourage my patients to use the AARP Oregon website to learn about the drugs they use," said Frank Baumeister, M.D., chair of the State of Oregon Health Resources Commission and former president of the Oregon Medical Association. "The objective is to help them find cost-effective prescription drugs without any sacrifice in quality."

The "question and answer" brochures are free and can be obtained by calling AARP Oregon toll-free at 1-866-554-5360. To request brochures, ask for Discuss These Three Important Questions with Your Physician & Pharmacist by the number D18147 and Eight Questions to Ask Your Physician & Pharmacist by the number C2042. Spanish versions of these materials are also available.

For more information about AARP Oregon and this campaign, please contact AARP Oregon by phone 1-866-554-5360 or e-mail, and visit the AARP Oregon website .

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