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December 17, 2010

My fellow Internist,

Contrary to my pessimistic predictions, The US Congress passed bills to reverse the Medicare 23% paycut scheduled to take effect on December 1, and then another 2 bills to extend the relief from a 25% paycut on January 1, 2011, until Dember 31, 2011.

I am delighted that I was wrong in my predictions based on both fiscal/financial facts and ideological differences between Democrats and Republicans. Maybe, this is a glimpse of future bi-partisan behavior by the DC politicians, when they realize that it is the health of their constituents which is at stake.

Let's see what happens next year to both the future of the SGR, and to Heath System Reform Law.

In the meantime please accept my best wishes for a Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays.

Dean Drooby, MD, FACP,
Governor, Oklahoma Chapter, ACP

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