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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 2002

Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP
Governor, Ohio Chapter

Governor's Column

ACP-ASIM Ohio Chapter Scientific Meeting- The Ohio Chapter Year 2001 Annual Scientific Meeting held Friday and Saturday, October 12th and 13th was bigger and more successful than ever. The theme of our meeting was "Coming of Age in 2001". Many issues were addressed in the plenary sessions and the many breakout sessions. Our Website Photo Album will be ready soon and more pictures of our meeting will be available. As you will see in our album, there was much to do and much camaraderie. Masters, Fellows, Members, Associates, Medical Students and Allied Health Professionals attended. Again, we had a big increase in Associates' abstract posters and we also had a great turnout for the Medical Students' abstract competition. Thursday evening and early Friday morning, 124 Associates and twenty-six Medical Students set up their poster presentations for the Clinical Vignette and Poster Competitions.

The meeting took place at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel at Tower City Center in downtown Cleveland. The Registration Desk opened at 7:30 a.m. and Janet and her staff were kept very busy handling over 500 hundred attendees. Mandy Smyth, the Conference Coordinator, provided the on-site assistance and did a great job. Robin Gilmore at the College Display table was also kept very busy talking with the attendees about the advantages of ACP-ASIM membership in addition to handing out information about electronic communication.

The plenary sessions opened at 8:25 a.m. on Friday, October 12th with Governor Hess welcoming all attendees and making her opening remarks. Then, Dr. Susan Allen, Kettering Osteoporosis Center, addressed the Challenges in the Management of Osteoporosis. Dr. Abraham Verghese, Infectious Diseases Division at Texas Tech, our keynote speaker, addressed "New and Unusual Pathogens in Pneumonia". The Meet the Professor session followed with Dr. Eric Warm, UC Medical Center acting as moderator and Dr. Gregg Rouan, Assoc Dean for Grad Med Ed at UC and Dr. Joseph Shapiro, Chair of the Department of Medicine, Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, as discussants.

The judges, including both Dr. Verghese and Dr. Herald, reviewed and judged the posters at 12:30 p.m. Seven Associates competed in the Oral Competition held at 3:45 p.m. Those who were not judging or presenting posters expanded their knowledge of handheld computers with Dr. Steve Burdette from Wright State University who did a very informative presentation entitled: "Medicine in the Palm of Your Hand: The Emerging Use of Handheld Computers in Medicine". Medical Students had the opportunity of learning at the Medical Students Sessions conducted by Dr. Leann Coberly, UC College of Medicine and Dr. Pat Ecklar, Mt. Carmel Medical Center in Columbus while enjoying their lunch.

Simultaneous sessions were well attended. Associates again had the opportunity of attending sessions on Finding a Job and Choosing a Fellowship, which were conducted by Dr. Andrew Thomas, Dr. Stacy Ardoin and Dr. William Janssen, all of Ohio State University School of Medicine. This is our second year of presenting Clinical Skills Modules of which there were two: 1) Kathleen-Cole Kelly, MS, MSW, Metrohealth, presented a 2hr Session on "Counseling Your Patient to Change Undesirable Behavior" and 2) The Breast Exam was conducted by Dr. Elizabeth McKinley, Metrohealth and Dr. Katherine Lee, Cleveland Clinic Sessions at 1:30 p.m. and repeated at 2:30 p.m. Again, there was a lot of enthusiasm for the two modules, which were sponsored by the National Office in Philadelphia.

Other sessions in keeping with the program's theme were: Dr. Messinger-Rapport, our Program Chair's session on "Counseling the Impaired Older Driver", 2) Dr. Mary Herald, our College Rep's session on "Management of Diabetes in Older Adults", 3) "Letter and Spirit of the Law Regarding End-of-Life Issues" presented by Maria Schimer, JD, General Counsel, NEOUCOM. Bob Doherty, Senior VP for Governmental Affairs and Public Policy, ACP-ASIM Washington, DC Office joined us again and presented a very informative Health and Public Policy Update

During the evening reception, Dr. Hess held her Governor's Advancement to Fellowship Workshop, which was well attended Dr. Verghese, our keynote speaker who is not only a physician and expert in infectious diseases but also an accomplished writer and published author had quite a long line for his book signing. Dr. Verghese was more than happy to sign his books My Own Country and The Tennis Partner. Dr. Mary Herald, our College Representative played a very active role in our meeting. We all were very pleased to have her with us.

As you will see when our website photo album is posted, there was lots of enthusiasm in all areas and a lot of happy faces. For the second year, Dr. Robert Hamilton, Vice President and Chair of the SIPD Committee playing the Great Highland Bagpipes led Governor Hess and her procession of honorees to their tables. Master Teacher Awards were presented by Dr. Joe Myers, Chair of our Awards Committee to Drs. William Gardner, Agaram Suryaprasad, and Harris Taylor, and a Laureate Award was presented to Dr. Jae Chang. Dr. James Falko gave out the awards for the Associates abstract poster and oral competitions. Dr. Timothy Drehmer gave out the Medical Student abstract poster awards. The evening ended with Dr. Verghese speaking on The Search for Meaning in the Life of a Physician, which really held everyone's attention right to the end.

Early Saturday morning, the Associates Council met for breakfast with Dr. Michael Sha, the National Associates Council Rep. The Program and Medical Student Committees also met. Robin Gilmore was kept busy at the College Display. Dr. Mary Herald opened the Saturday program with the College Update and Governor Hess conducted the Chapter Business and Town Meetings. Dr. Geldmacher, Case Western University presented "Subtleties in the Diagnosis and Management of Alzheimer's Disease" and the meeting ended with a Geriatric Review presented by Dr. Pomidor, Akron General Medical Center and Dr. Sandhu, Cleveland Clinic and a MKSAP Review of Hematology was presented by Dr. Herb Flessa, past Governor-ACP/ASIM, UC College of Medicine and Dr. Mary Smith, Medical College of Ohio at Toledo. The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Governor Hess and the Ohio Chapter wishes to thank Janet Matheson and her staff for another successful Annual Scientific Meeting.

**Reminder ** Those who are eligible to receive CME credit and did not turn in your Verification of Attendance form (VOA) at the chapter meeting October 12-13, 2001: Please complete and forward form to: Janet Matheson, UC Medical Center, 231 Albert Sabin Way, Cincinnati, OH 45267-0563. To request a VOA form, please call Janet (513) 558-6218 or email (mathesja@ucmail.uc.edu).

2001 Abstract Competition 1st Place Winners

Associates Oral Presentation

1st Place: Research - Claudia Panzer, MD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, "Association of Fasting Plasma Glucose with Heart Rate Recovery in Healthy Adults: A Population-Based Study" 1st Place: Clinical Vignette - Bonnie Patrick Hannah, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, "Beriberi Heart Disease in a Young Female with an Unusual Diet"

Associates Research Poster

1st Place - Sapna Bamrah, MD, MetroHealth Medical Center - Cleveland, "Mobile Chest X-ray in the Evaluation of a Homeless TB Cluster"

Associates Clinical Vignette Poster

1st Place - Renata Arrington, MD, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, "Bachelor Scurvy"

Medical Student Research Poster

1st Place - Craig N. Burkhart, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, "Clinical and Laboratory Assessment of Nit Sheath of Head Lice"

Medical Student Clinical Vignette Poster

1st Place - Amber Podoll, Ohio State University School of Medicine and Public Health, "Unique Mandibular Manifestations of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism"

Legislative Action Center (LAC)

You, too, can participate in the legislative process and make your voice heard. To make participation easier for our members the ACP-ASIM has established a Legislative Action Center (LAC), which may be accessed from ACP-ASIM online. This site allows you to view the most current ACP-ASIM Legislative Alerts, find out whom your federal legislators are, the status of key legislative issues, and send e-mails or faxes to your members of Congress. You can access the LAC through the "Where We Stand" section of ACP-ASIM Online or by going straight to the LAC.

Fellowship Reminder - Next Deadline Is June 1, 2002

It is important to remember that there are 4 established Pathways

Pathways - The College has established 4 Pathways that serve as guidelines to qualify for Fellowship. For each of the following pathways, the candidates must meet the basic Requirements.

  • Pathway 1: Members must have demonstrated skill in Written medical communication
  • Pathway 2: Members must have significant and continuing certification activities and/or teaching (both institutional and community-based), and/or community activities that indicate professional achievement and scholarship; they must have undergone recertification, or they must have participated in the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) with a passing score. In addition, subspecialty certification or certificates of special competence in adolescent medicine, critical care medicine, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, geriatrics, or sports medicine can qualify a candidate for this pathway, but are not adequate by themselves.
  • Pathway 3: Members must have been active members in ACP or ASIM for at least 10 years, with substantial participation in programs and activities, as well as demonstration of other professional accomplishments. (Note: Outstanding candidates who have been active Members for fewer than 10 years may qualify by combining Pathways 1 and/or 2 with Pathway 3.)
  • Pathway 4: Members must have distinguished professional activity in teaching, patient care or professional service over many years.

Requirements -

  • Be certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine
  • Have been a member in good standing for at least two years in either ACP or ASIM and have held a position in practice or in academia for at least two years since completion of training
  • Have an active medical license in good standing (if in clinical practice)
  • Have confined professional activity to internal medicine or a subspecialty of internal medicine
  • Be proposed and seconded with detailed letters of support from two current Masters or Fellows with reference to character, ethics and medical activities, and outlining professional contributions and accomplishments
  • Be endorsed by the appropriate ACP-ASIM Governor
  • Have shown continuing scholarship and professional accomplishments
  • Document continuing professional activities, including teaching (both institutional and community-based); hospital committee work; public service and community activities; and participation in continuing medical education activities as both student and teacher

For additional information contact the Ohio Chapter Governor's Office (513) 558-6218 or ACP-ASIM Customer Service (1-800-523-1546 ext. 2600) or website: (http://www.acponline.org/college/membership/required.htm).

College Update

Recertification Issues - The Board of Regents carefully reviewed a proposed agreement with ABIM concerning the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program, but delayed a formal motion until the Board of Governors has had an opportunity to discuss the issue at its spring 2002 meeting. The Governors were originally scheduled to discuss CPD at their fall 2001 meeting in September, which was cancelled due to the events of September 11. In its discussion, the Board of Regents noted that it was encouraged by the changing tone of ongoing discussions with the ABIM, although there remain issues to be resolved, and will continue to explore the situation.

Task Force on Bioterrorism Approved - The Board of Regents approved the formation of a Task Force on Biological and Chemical Weapons of Terrorism, which will report to the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents. The task force will consist of College members and headquarters staff, with ad hoc consultants representing other organizations and areas of expertise. Patrick Alquire, MD, FACP, will chair the committee. It will be established initially for a one-year period (Nov. 2001-Nov. 2002), and may be extended at the request of the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents.

Other bioterrorism efforts from the College include the continually updated bioterrorism Website on ACP-ASIM Online, a bioterrorism speaker's bureau to help plan and implement national and regional education programs, and bioterrorism educational components at the 2002 Annual Session and Virtual Annual Session.

Resident Work Hours Position Approved - The Board of Regents approved a position statement on resident work hours developed by the ACP-ASIM Council of Associates (COA). The six-point position holds that:

  1. Safe working conditions for internal medicine residents and fellows is a top priority for the COA.
  2. The COA encourages the ACGME to improve its systems of monitoring and enforcing their current regulations.
  3. The COA believes the medical profession itself needs to be more responsible in monitoring and regulating the working conditions of internal medicine residents and fellows.
  4. The COA fully supports the efforts of other national organizations in addressing and reforming resident work hours.
  5. The COA feels that further systematic study of this issue is needed.
  6. The COA feels strongly that any change in resident and fellow working conditions will require the resident's own involvement at an individual program level in order to overcome current traditions.

ACP-ASIM Survey: Handheld Computers - America's internists are making room in their pockets for handheld computers, according to a recent survey ACP-ASIM that shows 47 percent of respondents use them. Considering respondents who plan to use handheld computers in the future, the survey suggests 67 percent of members will be using them by the end of 2002.

The 489 members responding to the survey were under 60 and involved in the direct care of adult patients. Usage among men and women was almost equal. Sixty percent of respondents 40 years of age or younger use a handheld computer, while the devices are only used by 42 percent of respondents between ages 41 and 50, and 34 percent of respondents over 51. The Palm (TM) operating system was most popular, in use by 81 percent of the internists who use handheld computers, with seven percent using a Pocket PC (TM).

Eighty percent of respondents using handheld computers used them to access drug information. The survey found other top medical uses for handheld computers included references for normal lab values (32 percent), reading medical textbooks (21 percent), and billing or coding (21 percent).

ACP-ASIM is considering the results of the survey as it expands its handheld-based educational resources. The College has developed a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Portal on ACP-ASIM Online that includes clinical references from ACP-ASIM publications; a weekly newsletter, ObserverExpress; reference tables for office-based instruction of medical students and residents; the Ethics Manual, and other materials. In addition, the popular ACP-ASIM book, "Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure," is currently under development for sale as a Palm-based application.

Medication Samples and Safety - Medication samples are an everyday part of ambulatory medicine. They can insure that low-income patients get the medications they need, and they help patients get started on their medication as quickly as possible. However, samples bring with them risks that can lead to accidents. To use samples safely, consider the following tips: 1. Keep a sample distribution log of what medications patients were given, and how much; 2. Use stickers or otherwise mark or separate look-alike and sound-alike items; 3. Make sure the sample storage area is well lit and secure; 4. Provide explicit written directions on how to use the medication; 5. Involve patients in a safety check: ask them to repeat back to you how they should take the medicine; 6. Provide empty childproof bottles to store the samples in to patients living with children.

The Scientific Policy Department of the ACP-ASIM is working to improve patient safety through its new CME series, Patient Safety: The Other Side of the Quality Equation. If you are interested in having this program presented at our next Chapter meeting, please contact the Governor's Office at (mathesja@ucmail.uc.edu).

Officers and Regents - Nominees Named for College Officers and Regents

President-Elect 2002-2003
Munsey Wheby, MD, FACP, Charlottesville, VA

Treasurer 2002-2005
Cyril M. Hetsko, MD, FACP, Madison, WI

Regents, 2nd term of 3 years to expire in 2005
Barbara L. Schuster, MD, MACP, Dayton, OH

Board of Regents New Chair-Elect 2003
Mary T. Herald, MD, FACP
(College Rep, Oct 2001 Annual Meeting)

Ohio Chapter Updates

Governor-Elect Results - We are pleased to announce that David Bronson, MD, FACP is the winner of the recent Governor-elect election and will become Governor-elect at the close of the Annual Business Meeting on April 13, 2002. Dr. Bronson is Chairman of the Regional Medical Practice at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

New Chapter Officers and Chairs - On behalf of the Ohio Chapter, we would like to welcome Dr. B. Mark Hess, Secretary Treasurer and Dr. Mark Mayer, Vice President and thank Dr. Gregory Rouan, outgoing Secretary-Treasurer and Dr. Robert Hamilton, outgoing Vice President for their service. We would also like to welcome Dr. James Falko as Chair of the Associates Committee, Dr. Timothy Drehmer as Chair of the Medical Students Committee, and Dr. G. Patrick Ecklar as Chair of the Program Directors Committee. Thanks to Dr. Ian Baird and G. Patrick Ecklar for their many years of ser vice. Welcome Dr. Eric Warm as Chair of the Associates Council.

Chapter Dues - Chapter dues are the backbone of local activities and vital to the success of our chapter. While we are provided some financial support from the national office, the chapter dues collected provide the majority of financial support for local activities. Educational meetings, mentoring programs for medical students, local Associates' research competitions, advocacy with state legislators, and participation by chapters leaders in Leadership Day on Capitol Hill are just some of the activities supported by your chapter dues. Many of these activities are orchestrated by unpaid volunteer leaders in our chapter. However, the increase in activities at the local level has created the need for additional staff support to help manage the day-to-day operation of the chapter. Your chapter dues help support the cost of local staff and provide funding for new and existing chapter initiatives. When you receive your dues notice, please remember to include the chapter dues in your payment.You will be contributing to the success of many grass roots activities happening right here at home.

In Memoriam: Dr. Bob Davies

Herb Flessa, MD, FACP

It is with deep regret that we inform our members that Dr. Bob Davies and his wife Shirley died on October 9, 2001 when their Cessna 210 crashed in a wooded area near Pittsfield, Pennsylvania. Bob graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1955. He was elected the honorary captain of the football team at Ohio Wesleyan in 1954. Bob attended the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine graduating in 1959 and served a residency in Internal Medicine at the University Hospital in Cincinnati from 1959 to 1962. In addition he served a fellowship in Clinical Hematology from July 1962 to June 1963. He was board certified in Internal Medicine in 1967. From 1963 through 1965 serving as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Naval Reserve, Bob was assigned to the Naval Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. He returned to Troy, Ohio in 1965 and entered the practice of Internal Medicine continuing in that practice for longer than a decade. Because of his continuing interest in education Bob joined the staff of the Wright State University College of Medicine in 1975. From 1978 through 1981 he served as the Chairman of the Department of Medicine of Wright State. In 1985 Bob joined the staff of the Nationwide Insurance Company where, at the time of his retirement in 1998, he was Vice President and Chief Medical Officer.

Throughout his medical career Bob was involved with multiple projects in organized medicine both at the local level as well as at the statewide level. In addition he played an important role in many non-medical community activities. Bob was recognized in his peer group as a wonderful human being and, in addition, a superb doctor - the kind of doctor we would all like to have at the time of critical illness. My friendship with Bob stretched across four decades, and although we met infrequently during the past 15-20 years, the renewal of our friendship at the time of a local or state meeting came comfortably as if there was never an interruption.

The friends, colleagues and patients of Bob and Shirley will miss them dearly but never forget them.

From the Desk of the Governor's Assistant

Janet Matheson

Mark Your Calendar:

2002 Ohio Chapter Meeting
Friday and Saturday, Oct 11-12, 2002
Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus

2002 ACP-ASIM Annual Session April 11-14, 2002
Marriott Hotel - Philadelphia

ACP-ASIM Email Campaign

ACP-ASIM wants your email address. In an effort to ensure that you receive urgent health communications from the College, please submit your current email address. ACP-ASIM will not sell or share your e-mail address and will ensure the judicious use of your e-mail address.

Please e-mail comments or suggestions about the Ohio Chapter website to Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP, MACR