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Governor's Newsletter, Summer 2001

Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP
Governor, Ohio Chapter

Governor's Column

We are looking forward to an exciting and successful meeting in Cleveland and hope to see you there.

Annual Chapter Meeting
Friday and Saturday, October 12-13, 2001
Renaissance Hotel
24 Public Square
downtown, Cleveland 44113
adjacent to the Tower City Center

Hotel reservations can be made by calling (1-800-468-3571). Please indicate Ohio Chapter ACP-ASIM Meeting when calling for reservations.

You should have received your meeting brochure by now. If not call the Ohio Chapter Office (513) 558-6218.

Send registration forms and checks to the:
Meeting Connection, Inc.
893 High Street Suite J
Worthington, OH 43085-4134

There will be 12 Category I CME credits for the meeting.

Find out what is happening in Cleveland-visit the website (http://www.travelcleveland.com).

The highlights of our meeting will include:

  • Plenary Sessions on Osteoporosis and New Pathogens in Pneumonia.
  • Simultaneous Sessions on End of Life Issues, Impaired Older Drivers.
  • Our very popular Meet the Professor Session.
  • College Representative and Regent, Mary Herald, MD, FACP will present Management of Diabetes in Older.
  • Adults and participate in Saturday's Chapter Business/Town Meeting.

Clinical Skills Modules:

  • Counseling Your Patient to Change Undesirable Behavior
  • Clinical Breast Exam

More Highlights:

Abraham Verghese, MD, FACP

This year, Abraham Verghese, MD, FACP from San Antonio, Texas will join us and will present New Pathogens in Pneumonia during the Friday morning Plenary Session. In addition, Dr. Verghese will give the Awards Banquet talk, "The Search for Meaning in the Life of a Physician." Dr. Verghese, a published author, will also be available at the 5:30 p.m. Reception on Friday to do a book signing.

Mr. Bob Doherty, Sr. Vice President, Governmental Affairs and Public Policy, ACP-ASIM, Washington DC, will be with us again to report on very important Key Health Policy Issues for Internists during the 2:30 Plenary Session on Friday. We will also have the very popular and the largest ever Associate and Medical Student Abstract Poster and Oral Presentation Competition.The Saturday Program will highlight the Annual Business Meeting of the Ohio Chapter and a Plenary Session on Diagnosis and Management of Alzheimer's Disease presented by Dr. David Geldmacher. The Meeting will end with a Geriatrics Review and MKSAP Review on Hematology.

We hope to see all our Ohio Chapter Members in Cleveland. Get a head start! The full details are on our Chapter Website at (http://www.acponline.org/chapters/oh/) where the Program and Registration Form can be found. The Registration Form can be duplicated and mailed along with payment. Make checks payable to the Ohio Chapter - ACP/ASIM. Mail to: The Meeting Connection, Inc., 893 High Street Suite J, Worthington, OH 43085-4134.

Remembering Dr. Watanakunakorn

Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, MD, MACP

We regret to inform the Membership of the passing of Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, MD, MACP, our dear colleague who died suddenly on July 11th after returning from his home country, Thailand. Dr. Watanakunakorn, who was affiliated with St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Youngstown, was widely recognized as an expert in his field of Infectious Disease and was a Master of the ACP-ASIM. In 1994, he received the Master Teacher Award from our Chapter. Dr. Watanakunakorn was a Professor of Internal Medicine at NEOUCOM. He was recognized as a renowned lecturer and delivered lectures to medical professionals all over the world. Dr. Watanakunakorn was the first Infectious Disease Specialist practicing in Youngstown and earned a reputation as an extremely well respected, knowledgeable and compassionate physician within the community. He is survived by his wife Eleanor, his daughter Maria and son-in-law Ty Poppe of Mechanicsburg, PA; and son Paul Watanakunakorn, MD of Akron. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Outstanding Senior Medical Students Entering Internal Medicine Award

Congratulations from Governor Hess and the ACP-ASIM, Ohio Chapter to the 2001 Recipients of the Outstanding Senior Medical Students Entering Internal Medicine Award.

David Christopher Beck, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
David earned a PhD in Molecular and Developmental Biology from University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1999. He was known to be an intellectual leader among his colleagues in the Physician Scientist Training Program and was the first author on two papers in Journal of Biological Chemistry. David, who finished his Internal Medicine 3rd Year Clerkship in the top 10% of his class, was elected AOA in Senior Year. David plans a career in Academic Cardiology.

Matthew E. Crowe
Wright State University School of Medicine
Matt has been an outstanding student at Wright State and is a Third-Year Inductee into Alpha Omega Alpha He has been President of the IM Club, Wright State Rep to the AAMC, and Member of the Selection Committee for Dean of the School of Medicine. Matt has volunteered his time for the Special Olympics and Reach Out Dayton, an indigent clinic. Matt finished among the top five students in the IM Clerkship. Matt will be an intern at the University of Wisconsin in Madison beginning July 2001.

Michael Ezzie
Ohio State University School of Medicine
Mike has accepted a Residency at OSU and indicated he is interested in IM because of the span of diseases it covers, complicated situations it treats, and the continuing relationships with patients. Mike is noted as an enthusiastic learner. He earned many Honors grades. Mike has an interest in research via his work in the Landacre Society, a program that promotes and facilitates research experience for medical students. Mike has accepted a Residency Position at the Ohio State University Medical Center.

Mindy Jan
Medical College of Ohio -Toledo
Mindy graduated with a Master's Degree from the University of Toledo in 1991. Mindy's record in Internal Medicine was characterized by outstanding subjective and objective evaluations of her performance. She received an Honors grade for her clinical rotation. Mindy is an accelerated student who began her Residency in Internal Medicine in July 2000 at the Medical College of Ohio.

Alyssa Johnsen, PhD.
Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
Dr. Johnson earned her PhD at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine's MD/PhD Program. She is an outstanding student all around with clinical skills and a knowledge base that is extremely impressive. She has a strong research background. Dr. Johnson will do her Residency Training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Ericka Tung
Ericka received Honors in IM Clerkship in her Junior year along with Honors in two Senior electives. She was selected from a group of 18 students entering IM from NEOUCOM in a highly competitive contest involving input from the Chairs of IM at our affiliated hospitals. Ericka will do her IM Residency at the Mayo School of Medicine in Rochester.

Annual Meeting ACP-ASIM 2001

The ACP-ASIM Annual Session was held in Atlanta Georgia this past April. Vice President of the Ohio Chapter, Dr. Robert Hamilton attended for Governor Hess. Dr. Hamilton indicated the "Hot Topic" of the meeting was Recertification and its related cost in money and time, and other issues relating to the complexity of the process. The Board of Regents adopted five resolutions: 1) Reaffirm support of a Recertification process that includes assessment of professional knowledge. 2) Support a process that provides maximum choice to physicians to further their continuing education and Recertification Assessment. 3) Support a policy whereby education and Recertification are separate processes undertaken by different non-profit organizations. 4) Continue to authorize College Representatives to negotiate with ABIM. 5) Representatives of the Joint Committee to report to the Board of Regents in July on whether the College should endorse the ABIM Recertification Program.

Topics of discussion focused on IMG's, Healthcare role models and mentorship for African-American youth, Chapter Leader Networking, and encouraging Associates. Programs receiving Evergreen Awards were reviewed. Although the Ohio Chapter did not receive an Evergreen Award (for 2000-2001), we did receive the Chapter Management Award. As usual, the Annual Session was multi-faceted and very busy. Dr. Hamilton reviewed and participated in judging the Associate Posters and indicated the current process, which the Ohio Chapter utilizes for its judging process, is very much in line with the National Program.

Leadership Day, Washington, DC-May 8-9, 2001

Our Chapter was well represented by Members of the Health and Public Policy Committee: Dr. Mark Mayer, Chair; Dr. Barbara Messinger-Rapport, Dr. Georges Feghali, and Dr. Renate Thomas. Dr. Thomas was honored at the May 8th dinner where she received the National ACP-ASIM Top Ten Key Contact Special Recognition Award for 2000-2001. Bob Doherty, Senior VP, Governmental Affairs and Public Policy, Washington, DC, ACP-ASIM Office, started off Leadership Day with an overview of the Legislative Priorities of ACP-ASIM. Individual bills before Congress or being developed were reviewed in several sessions, which followed. HR 868/S453 MERFA (Medicare Education and Regulatory Fairness Act) was designed to reduce the burdens of Medicare regulations and audits on physicians. The Bipartisan Patient Protection Act (BPPA), HR 526/S283 was detailed next. Several proposals to increase access to care were reviewed. The REACH bill (S590) containing provisions for refundable, advance, non-reconcilable tax credits to help the uninsured obtain health insurance was reviewed along with Patient Safety Legislation. Targets for Appropriations for AHRQ (including patient safety research), Health Professions Student Support, Community Health Centers, and the VA were discussed. Workshops were held covering ongoing advocacy, Congressional visitations and Media relations. The group participated in all the briefings, the seminars, the panel discussions and the workshops. The group visited 5 Representatives and 2 Senators and discussed current bills including MERFA, BPPA, and appropriations priorities of the College. Information regarding current legislation is available on the LAC. We are reminded we should all actively contact our appropriate Members of the Senate and House with letters, telephone calls, or through the Legislative Action Center (LAC) available on the College website (LAC information follows this article). The Committee hopes to involve the younger Members of our Chapter who could attend the training session for legislative advocacy.

Legislative Action Center (LAC)

You, too, can participate in the legislative process and make your voice heard. To make participation easier for our Members the ACP-ASIM has established a Legislative Action Center (LAC), which may be accessed from ACP-ASIM online. This site allows you to view the most current ACP-ASIM Legislative Alerts, find your Federal Legislators, the status of key legislative issues, and send e-mails or faxes to your Members of Congress. You can access the LAC through the "Where We Stand" section of ACP-ASIM Online at (http://www.acponline.org/home/policy.htm) or by going straight to the Legislative Action Center at (http://congress.nw.dc.us/acp/).

Chapter Update

  • The Governor's Advisory Council and Ohio Chapter Committees met on Friday, June 29th in Columbus along with the Health and Public Policy, Awards, Medical Students, Associates and Program Directors Committees. Three items of note: 1) Ian Baird, MD, FACP, Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Chair of the Associates Committee and Coordinator of the Associates Abstract Competition will be transitioning out of the Chairmanship at the October Meeting. James Falko, MD, FACP, Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, will take over as Chair of the Associates Committee. 2) G. Patrick Ecklar, MD, FACP, Mt Carmel Medical Center in Columbus, Chair of the Medical Students Committee has agreed to serve as Chair of the Program Directors Committee. Timothy Drehmer, MD, Wright State University is the new Chair of the Medical Students Committee. 3) Donald Vincent, MD, FACP of Columbus has stepped down as Chair of the Awards Committee. Joseph Myers, MD, FACP, Summa Health, Akron is our new Chair of the Awards Committee. Thank you for your service Dr. Baird, Dr. Ecklar, and Dr. Vincent.

  • Robert Hamilton, MD, FACP, Vice President of the Ohio Chapter, attended the Annual Session in Atlanta this past April and indicated the "Hot Topic" at the meeting was the Recertification Process with its related costs in money and time along with the complexity of the process. As Chair of the Special Initiatives, Programs and Diversity Committee, Dr. Hamilton attended several meetings and receptions relating to the interests of this newly formed committee. Dr. Hamilton led the new Fellows on behalf of Governor Hess at the Convocation Ceremony and acted as Judge for the Abstract Competition.

  • Congratulations to New Fellows elected in 2001:
  • January 2001 Elections
    Kamlesh Aggarwal, MD East Liverpool
    Alejandro Arroliga, MD Cleveland
    Lestrita Chappell, MD Springboro
    Nathaniel Doe, MD Youngstown
    John Eyre, MD Westlake
    Georges Feghali, MD Cincinnati
    Gordon Goodman, MD Cincinnati
    Thomas James, MD Warren
    Fred Kessler, MD Beachwood
    Helen Koselka, MD Cincinnati
    Romeo Miclat, MD Elyria
    Louis Rice, MD Cleveland Hgts
    Gilbert Rowley, MD Canton
    Kenneth Skahan, MD Cincinnati
    Richard Walsh, MD Cleveland
    Glenda Wickstrom, MD Kent

    July 2001 Elections
    Aron Blecher, MD Girard
    Ronald Bloomfield, MD Columbus
    Maria Coccia, MD Columbus
    Steven Dean, DO Dublin
    Babu Eapen, MBBS Hinckley
    Mahmoud Houmsse, MD West Lafayette
    Xian Wen Jin, MD Cleveland
    Mark Marinella, MD Kettering
    Catherine Maxwell, MD Akron
    Melinda Phinney, MD Akron
    Elizabeth Prosser, MD Louisville, OH
    Keyvan Ravakhah, MD Cleveland
    Mark Segal, MD Columbus
    Marcia Silver, MD Columbus
    Timothy Spiro, MD Shaker Hgts
    Jayson Yap, MD Proctorville


  • Dr. Joseph Myers, Chair of the Awards Committee; and Governor Hess will present Master Teacher and Laureate Awards for 2001 to the following recipients at the Awards Banquet during our Annual Scientific Meeting at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland on October 12th-Congratulations!
  • Laureate Award Recipient: Jae C. Chang, MD, FACP, Dayton

    Master Teacher Awardees:
    William Gardner MD, FACP, Akron
    Harris C. Taylor, MD, FACP, Cleveland
    Agaram G. Suryaprasad, MD, FACP, Dayton

College Updates

  • Practice Management Center Releases New Publications-The ACP-ASIM Practice Management Center recently released several new publications designed to help busy internists understand a variety of Medicare topics. These publications and many others are available to Members at no charge by accessing (http://www.acponline.org/pmc/) or by calling Customer Service at (800-523-1546 ext 2600).

  • Board Certified Associates to Move to Full Membership and Receive Discounted Dues- In June of 2001, Associate Members who are ABIM Certified and in good standing with the College will automatically be elected to Full Membership in the College. This "auto elect" process eliminates the need to formally apply for Full Membership. Auto elected Members are scheduled to receive a welcome packet in July. Dues will remain at the Associate level for two more years. After the two-year period, Members will pay mid-rate dues for an additional three years, after which the Member will pay the full dues rate. Members with questions can contact Membership Services at (800 523-1546 ext 2605) or email (mbrservice@acponline.org).

  • Bill to Reduce Medicare Paperwork Gains Support- The Medicare Education and Regulatory Fairness Act (MERFA) (S452 HR 868) Bill currently has over 200 Co-sponsors out of 438 Members of Congress. Following visits by ACP-ASIM Members to Congressional Offices during Leadership Day, several ACP-ASIM Members received letters indicating that their Representatives have chosen to support this Bill. Following Leadership Day, two new Senate Co-sponsors and nineteen new House Co-sponsors signed on to the Bill. ACP-ASIM's Legislation Action Center (LAC) provides a link that allows Members to contact their Representative to urge them to support this Bill. Letters sent to Congress may be viewed at (http://www.acponline.org/hpp/letterlist.htm).

  • Board Review and Recertification Review Tapes Available- Two courses designed to help physicians prepare for the ABIM Board or Recertification Exams will be available this summer on audio or videotape. Users of the taped courses will be eligible to apply for Category 1 CME credit.
  • The Core of Internal Medicine: A Recertification Preparation Course, a 2001 Annual Session Pre-Session Course, is available on both audio and videotape, along with a syllabus. In September, the 2001 Seattle Internal Medicine Board Review Course audio and videotapes and syllabus will also be available. For more information, contact CME Unlimited at (800-776-5454) or visit the website (http://www.acponline.org/catalog/books/).

Fellowship Reminder-Next deadline is December 1, 2001

It is important to remember that there are 4 established Pathways.

Pathways-The College has established 4 Pathways that serve as guidelines to qualify for Fellowship. For each of the following pathways, the candidates must meet the basic Requirements.

Pathway 1: Members must have demonstrated skill in written medical communication.

Pathway 2: Members must have significant and continuing certification activities and/or teaching (both institutional and community-based), and/or community activities that indicate professional achievement and scholarship; they must have undergone Recertification, or they must have participated in the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) with a passing score. In addition, subspecialty certification or certificates of special competence in adolescent medicine, critical care medicine, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, geriatrics, or sports medicine can qualify a candidate for this pathway, but are not adequate by themselves.

Pathway 3: Members must have been active Members in ACP or ASIM for at least 10 years, with substantial participation in programs and activities, as well as demonstration of other professional accomplishments. Note: Outstanding candidates who have been active Members for fewer than 10 years may qualify by combining Pathways 1 and/or 2 with Pathway 3.

Pathway 4: Members must have distinguished professional activity in teaching, patient care or professional service over many years.


  • Be certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine.
  • Have been a member in good standing for two years in either ACP or ASIM and have held a position in practice or in academia for at least two years since completion of training.
  • Have an active medical license in good standing (if in clinical practice).
  • Have confined professional activity to internal medicine or a subspecialty of internal medicine.
  • Be proposed and seconded with detailed letters of support from two current Masters or Fellows with reference to character, ethics and medical activities, and outlining professional contributions and accomplishments.
  • Be endorsed by the appropriate ACP-ASIM Governor.
  • Have shown continuing scholarship and professional accomplishments.
  • Document continuing professional activities, including teaching (both institutional and community-based); hospital committee work; public service and community activities; and participation in continuing medical education activities as both student and teacher.

For additional information contact the Ohio Chapter Governor's Office (513-558-6218), ACP-ASIM Customer Service (1-800-523-1546 ext. 2600), or website (http://www.acponline.org/college/membership/required.htm).

The Year in Review: ACP-ASIM's Efforts on Antibiotics, Immunization and Access to Health Care

-From the ACP-ASIM Observer, March 2001 Vol..21 No. 3: "The President's Column," Dr. Sandra Fryhofer

In my last column as President, I'd like to review what we've accomplished as an organization over the past year: Here are some of the highlights of the College's efforts from the past year.

Public Awareness-Through the Internist of Today-Doctor for Adults public awareness program, the College continued to deliver the message that internal medicine is most uniquely suited to provide primary care to adults and has expanded the campaign this year to focus on women's health. A recent survey showed that College Members are overwhelmingly positive about this campaign, especially younger Members and Associates.

Antibiotic Resistance- For the first time, the College developed a clinical theme in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Infectious Diseases Society of America. The theme, Emerging Antibiotic Resistance: Appropriate Use of Antibiotics and Immunization, spotlighted unnecessary prescribing by physicians, helped educate the public about this threat and suggested ways to reduce this problem.

Adult Immunization- In 2000-01, the College also launched the ACP-ASIM Adult Immunization Initiative to increase adult immunization rates. We took steps to inform internists and patients of the importance of immunizing adults against preventable yet potentially lethal disease like pneumonia and influenza. The program is now up and running, you will hear more about it in the coming year.

Access to Care-The College also made a major push to bring the plight of uninsured Americans to the attention of key decision-makers in Washington. We succeeded in making this issue part of the national political dialogue.

The Practice Environment- Over the past year, the College has remained committed to solving the problems faced by our patients and Members. These efforts have responded to the changing face of healthcare delivery in this country, including some health plans' interference in our Members' care. I am optimistic that our effort to pass a meaningful Patients' Bill of Rights and Medicare prescription drug benefit will finally bear fruit.

Diversity of Leadership- I am also pleased to report that this year, College Leadership began to more clearly reflect the gender diversity of the Membership. More women held positions as College officers. Governors, Regents and Committee Chairs in 2000-01 than in any year in the College's history. In coming years, we must continue to strive for not only gender diversity but also ethnic and cultural diversity.

(William J. Hall, MD, FACP of Rochester, NY became the new President of the College at the Annual Business Meeting during the Annual Session in Atlanta this past April.)

From the Desk of the Governor's Assistant

Janet Matheson

Our meeting is just around the corner and Associates who are going to present Abstracts, please return your Confirmation Forms to the Chapter Office, 231 Albert Sabin Way, Cincinnati, OH 45267-0563.

Meeting Registrations and Payments are to be sent to The Meeting Connection, Inc., 893 High Street, Suite J, Worthington, OH 43085-4134, Phone: 614-888-2568 and Fax: 614-888-1684. Register before September 21st and deduct $10 from your Registration Payment before you send it in.

The Meeting Program and Registration Form is available on the Chapter Website at (http://www.acponline.org/chapters/oh/). If you have any questions regarding the meeting, please give me a call at (513-558-6218) or email: (mathesja@ucmail.uc.edu).

Kudos to Dr. Hess!

This past May, Governor Hess was awarded the 2001 Daniel Drake Award. This Award commemorates the Founder of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Daniel Drake, and is the highest honor bestowed by the College of Medicine to honor distinguished Faculty who have made outstanding or unique contributions to medical education, scholarship, and medical research. Congratulations are in order for our Governor.

Mark your calendar-

October 1, 2001 - Deadline for Clinical Vignette and Abstract Competition Submission for the 2002 ACP-ASIM Annual Session.

October 11, 2001 - Governor's Advisory Council Meeting, 2:00-5:00 pm, Rennaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland.

October 12-13, 2001 - Ohio Chapter Meeting, Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland.

April 11-14, 2002 - ACP-ASIM Annual Session, Philadelphia, PA.

Please e-mail comments or suggestions about the Ohio Chapter website to Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP, MACR