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Governor's Newsletter, Summer 2000

Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP
Governor, Ohio Chapter

Governor's Column

Your Chapter Annual Meeting - Friday and Saturday, October 13-14, 2000 at the Kingsgate Conference Center, Marriott Hotel, located next to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center campus. A reminder:

  • Look for the Meeting Brochure in your mailbox by mid-August.

  • Please register early.

  • There will be 12 Category I CME credits for the meeting.

The highlights of our meeting will include:

  • Updates on Antibiotic Usage and Antimicrobial Drug Resistance.

  • A plenary session on Evaluation and Management of Hepatitis C disease.

  • Our very popular Meet the Professor session.

  • Medical Mysteries again from Dr. James J. Bergin who will also be the College Representative.

New this year will be two Clinical Skills modules:

  1. Arthrocentesis and Joint Injection.
  2. Women's Health - Pelvic Examination with standardized patients and coordinators.

Our Visiting Speaker this year will be Michael LaCombe, MD, FACP, from Maine, who will give a major lecture on "Humanism and Ethics in Internal Medicine" and will also be our Dinner Speaker. Very important health and public policy updates will be provided by Robert Doherty, who is the Sr. Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy of the ACP-ASIM. We will also have the very popular Associates and Medical Student posters, abstracts and presentations. A total of 138 abstracts have been submitted this year. The Saturday program will highlight the annual business meeting of the Ohio Chapter and a plenary session on "Facilitating Informed Decision Making," by William Sodeman, Jr., MD, FACP. The meeting will end with the very popular MKSAP Reviews, this year on Pulmonary Medicine and Gastroenterology.

Prior to the meeting, be sure to visit the "sites" of Cincinnati:

Cincinnati at www.cincy.com
Cincinnati Zoo at www.cincyzoo.org
University of Cincinnati at www.uc.edu
Museum Center at www.cincymuseum.org
The Conference Center at www.marriotthotels.com

We hope to see all our Ohio Chapter members in Cincinnati. Get a headstart! The full details are on our Chapter Web site at www.acponline.org/chapters/oh/, where the program and registration form can be found. The registration form can be duplicated and mailed along with payment to: Janet Matheson, ACP-ASIM - Ohio Chapter Office, 231 Bethesda Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45267-0563.


Outstanding Senior Medical Students

Students who received the Year 2000 Outstanding Senior Medical Student Entering Internal Medicine Award are:

Colin Cooke   Ohio State University
Jacob Deerhake   Wright State University
Matthew Matko   Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine
Manish Shah   Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Jodi Tinkel   Medical College of Ohio
Rebecca Ware   University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Leadership Day

Washington, D.C. — May 16-17, 2000

Our Chapter was well represented by Dr. Steinecker, Chair of our Health and Public Policy Committee, along with Drs. Andres Lao and Mark Mayer. They participated in all the briefings, the seminars, the panel discussions and the workshops. They visited with Senators Voinovich, DeWine and with many of the Ohio House Representatives. On our behalf, they advocated and argued for improved access care, refundable tax credits for the working poor to obtain health insurance, patient safety, passage of a prescription drug benefit and passage of the joint negotiations legislation, and they also discussed Medicare reform. They remind us that we should all actively contact our appropriate members of the Senate and House with letters and telephone calls. The committee would hope to involve the younger members of our Chapter who could attend the training session for legislative advocacy.

Legislative Action Center (LAC)

You, too, can participate in the legislative process and make your voice heard. To make participation easier for our members, the ACP-ASIM has established a Legislative Action Center (LAC) which may be accessed from ACP-ASIM online. This site allows you to view the most current ACP-ASIM Legislative Alerts, find out who your federal legislators are, the status of key legislative issues, and send e-mails or faxes to your members of Congress. You can access the LAC through the "Where We Stand" section of ACP-ASIM Online at http://www.acponline.org/home/po licy.htm, or by going straight to the LAC at http://congress.nw.dc.us/acp/.

College Updates

1. The ACP-ASIM Education Committee in response to the Institute of Medicine's Report on Patient Safety, has selected three areas as key leverage points to address existing problems and weaknesses in health care delivery. They will develop educational programs for the following topics: Systems Influence on Medical Errors, Medication Errors and the Role of Communication in Errors.

2. Alan R. Nelson, MD, MACP, has been appointed to serve as a Commissioner of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MEDPAC), an independent federal body that advises Congress on issues affecting the Medicare program. Dr. Nelson is a former Associate Executive Vice President of the ACP-ASIM and is now serving our College as a Special Advisor to the Offices of the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer.

3. Joseph E. Johnson, III, MD, FACP, who is the ACP-ASIM Sr. Vice President for Membership, was elected President of the International Society of Internal Medicine at the 25th World Congress of Internal Medicine in June 2000.

4. You may know that Frank Davidoff, MD, MACP, is stepping down as Editor of Annals of Internal Medicine as of July 2001. A Search Committee is beginning its search for his replacement. Perhaps some of our Ohio members would consider applying for this prestigious position.

5. David Goldmann, MD, FACP, Editor of the Physician's Information and Education Resource (PIER), announced that there are now two PIER prototype modules: one on Type II diabetes mellitus and one on depression. PIER is the College's new electronic WEB-based decision support tool that is designed for rapid point of care delivery of up-to-date evidence-based guidance for clinicians. You should watch out for more information on this very important education facility. For more information, Dr. Goldmann can be contacted at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2677.

6. An early reminder that the ACP-ASIM Annual Session will be held in Atlanta, GA, March 29-April 1, 2001. A fascinating program is already planned with several new features including a Clinical Pearls session to utilize the very well accepted audience response keypad system.

ACP-ASIM Annual Session 2000

The Annual Session of the ACP-ASIM was held in Philadelphia, April 13-16, 2000, and was attended by over 10,000 physicians, residents, medical students and non-physicians. This extraordinarily well-organized meeting really has something for everyone. There were update sessions in General Internal Medicine and the various subspecialty sessions with reviews by well-known experts. The Opening Ceremonies were very impressive with the major speakers being Professor Sir George Alberti, President of the Royal College of Physicians of London, and our own President Whitney Addington, MD, MACP, who provided the Keynote Address. At the Final Ceremonies, incoming President, Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, FACP, from Atlanta, Georgia, took office. There were a total of 715 new Fellows, including 20 from the Ohio Chapter.

I had the honor of leading many of our new Fellows in the procession. Drs. James Tan and Bernadette Healy were awarded Masterships of the College. I should also mention that 19 new Members and 25 new Associates are now College members.

Ohio Chapter Updates

Upcoming Elections

The Nominating Committee proposes the following names for re-election to the Governor's Advisory Council for a three-year term:

  • Mark Bibler, MD, FACP

  • Steve Goldberg, MD, FACP

  • Scott Stienecker, MD, FACP

I have already mentioned our Annual Meeting in October. Your Governor's Advisory Council met in Columbus on July 14, 2000. There were full reports from all six major Committees; Dr. Hess gave a report on the Board of Governors meeting and Dr. Barbara Schuster, Dayton, reported on the Board of Regents meeting also held in Philadelphia in April. Dr. McKibben who is a College AMA-Delegate updated us on the high level of activity on behalf of Medicine and, in particular, Internal Medicine that occurs at the annual meeting of the House of Delegates. In our opinion, the AMA is now much more responsive to the concerns that we all have as Internists.


We have been asked to provide our Members with the following information from E. Mitchel Opremcak, MD, President of the Ohio Ophthalmological Society, regarding the HCFA Diabetic Eye Health Project.

Diabetic Eye Health Project

For the next three years, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and local Peer Review Organizations (PROs) will focus on improving care to Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes. This effort is part of HCFA's Diabetes Quality Improvement Program launched in 1998 in response to the critical GAO report, which discussed the need for prevention in this population. People with diabetes make up ten percent of all Medicare beneficiaries, yet they receive less than recommended frequencies of most diabetes monitoring services. For example, only 42 percent of people with dia- betes receive an annual eye exam.

As you are well aware, patients with diabetes face serious vision problems, such as glaucoma, cataract, and most serious - diabetic retinopathy. Retinopathy can occur without any symptoms so it is crucial that patients have annual dilated medical eye examinations. The Eye M.D.s in Ohio offer the most comprehen- sive medical eye services for diabetic eye patients including laser and intraocular surgery management.

The threat of vision loss faced by people with diabetes is very serious, and the importance of a dilated medical eye exam for people with diabetes cannot be stressed enough. That's why HCFA and the PROs have teamed up with the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Ohio Ophthalmological Society in an effort to improve eye exam rates among people with diabetes. By increasing the annual dilated eye exam rate for patients with diabetes, the quality of patient care and outcomes can be greatly improved. It is important for all physicians to stress the idea of an annual dilated medical eye exam for people with diabetes so these patients can take the first preventive step in preserving their vision. By working together, we can improve the quality of patient care and outcomes for patients with diabetes.

For more information or to schedule an Eye M.D. presentation at your next clinic, hospital, or association meeting to learn more about the diabetic initiative, please call John Niffenegger, MD, OOS Diabetic Initiative Chair at 330-452-8884, or Tracy Schiefferle, Executive Director of the OOS at (614) 527-6799.

Advancement to Fellowship

Reminder—Next deadline is December 1, 2000

Pathways - The College has established four Pathways that serve as guidelines to qualify for Fellowship. For each of the following pathways, the candidates must meet the basic Requirements.

Pathway 1: Members must have demonstrated skill in written medical communication.

Pathway 2: Members must have significant and continuing certification activities and/or teaching (both institutional and community-based), and/or community activities that indicate professional achievement and scholarship; they must have undergone recertification, or they must have participated in the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) with a passing score. In addition, subspecialty certification or certificates of special competence in adolescent medicine, critical care medicine, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, geriatrics, or sports medicine can qualify a candidate for this pathway, but are not adequate by themselves.

Pathway 3: Members must have been active members in ACP or ASIM for at least 10 years, with substantial participation in programs and activities, as well as demonstration of other professional accomplishments.

Note: Outstanding candidates who have been active Members for fewer than 10 years may qualify by combining Pathways 1 and/or 2 with Pathway 3.

Pathway 4: Members must have distinguished professional activity in teaching, patient care or professional service over many years.


  • Be certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine;
  • Have been a member in good standing for 2 years in either the ACP or ASIM and have held a posi- tion or in academia for at least two years since completion of training;
  • Have an active medical license in good standing (if in clinical practice);
  • Have confined professional activity to internal medicine or a subspecialty of internal medicine;
  • Be proposed and seconded with detailed letters of support from two current Masters or Fellows with reference to character, ethics and medical activities and outlining professional contributions and accomplishments;
  • Be endorsed by the appropriate ACP-ASIM Governor;
  • Have shown continuing scholarship and profes- sional accomplishments; and
  • Document continuing professional activities, including teaching; hospital committee work; public service and community activities; and participation in continuing medical education activities as both a student and teacher

For additional information on advancing to Fellowship, contact the Ohio Chapter Governor's Office at (513) 558-6218, ACP-ASIM Customer Service at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600, or log on to the College Web site at: www.acponline.org/college/membership/required.htm.

From the Desk of the Governor's Assistant

Janet Matheson

Several years ago, the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association's Executive Council approved the Lifetime Teaching Achievement Award for the College of Medicine. This honor is bestowed upon faculty members who have made outstanding contributions over a long period of time to generations of medical students. We are proud to say that our Governor, Dr. Evelyn V. Hess, MACP, a faculty member for 34 years, was selected and presented with this award on June 29th. Congratulations, Guv!

I have been in close contact with the National Office regarding our October meeting and we are all working hard to get the brochure out. The program and registration form have been posted on our Chapter Web site www.acponline.org/chapters/oh/.

Abstract Competition – Notification letters, judging criteria, hotel information, and a registration page has been mailed to participants. Winners of the poster and oral competitions will be announced and awarded at the dinner on Friday, October 13, at 6:30 p.m. Any questions? Please call me at (513) 558-6218, or e-mail: mathesja@ucmail.uc.edu.

See you in October in Cincy.

Please e-mail comments or suggestions about the Ohio Chapter website to Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP, MACR