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2013 Chapter Meeting Presentations

Update in Outpatient Internal Medicine for the Outpatientalist: 2013
George D. Comerci, Jr., MD, FACP

COPD: Risks, Treatment and Mortality
Michelle S. Harkins, MD, FACP, FACCP

HIV-Associated Opportunistic Infections
Jonathan V. Iralu, MD, FACP

Hepatology Update
Sanjeev Arora, MD, FACP, FACG

Choosing Wisely
Richard W. Honsinger, Jr., MD, MACP,

Optimizing Fracture Prevention in Patients with Osteoporosis
Steven T. Harris, MD

Reducing Patient Readmissions
Michelle Swift, BSN, RN, JD

Updates in Hospital Medicine 2013
Kendall Rogers, MD, CPE, FAC,P SFHM

HFrEF: Answers You Never Get to Questions You Always Ask
Bart Cox, MD, FACC

Outpatient Ethics for the Internist: Neglected Professional Dilemmas
Cynthia M.A. Geppert, MD, MA, PhD, MPH, MSBE

Page updated: 10/21/13

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Governor, New Mexico Chapter

Sylvia Burns
Chapter Administrative Assistant
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