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New Masters and Fellows

Congratulations New Fellows

As of August 2012, (elected in the past six months)
Shashi K Agarwal, MD FACP
Imad M Aridi, MD FACP
Cyrus S Badshah, MBBS FACP
Girija G Bhakey, MBBS FACP
Karen M Garvey, MD FACP
Robert I Greenblatt, MD FACP
Anjali R Gupta, MD FACP
Stephen E Kabel, DO FACP
Meredith F Lash-Dardia, MD FACP
David S. Lazarus, MD FACP
David Muller, MD FACP
Olasunkanmi K Oyetunde, MBBS FACP
Usha R Panicker, MD FACP
Narsimha R Rangaraj, MD FACP
Scott B Rosenberg, MD FACP
Sujata Subramanyam, MD FACP
Moussa F Yazbeck, MD FACP

Contact Information

New Jersey Northern Chapter Governor:
Beth R. Nalitt, MD, FACP

New Jersey Southern Chapter Governor:
Steven R. Peskin, MD, FACP

Chapter Staff:

Executive Director
Stacey Knowles
Ph: 732-261-2901
E-mail address

New Jersey Chapter's mailing address:
91 Nathan Blvd
Parlin, NJ 08859