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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 1999-2000

Frances M. Friedman, MD, FACP
Governor, New Hampshire Chapter

Governor's Corner

Dear Colleague,

Our Fall Chapter Meeting was quite a success. We had our best attendance ever with 65 registrants. Our keynote speaker - Dr. Robert Moellering from the Beth Israel Deconess - spoke about new developments in infectious disease with an overview of possible links of infections with other non-infectious problems. One of the meeting's most popular talks was a well thought out presentation given by Dr. Paul Ridker from the Brigham Womans. Dr. Ridker is a cardiologist who put in to perspective the role of inflammation and infection in coronary artery disease. Dr. William Rigby from the DHMC Rheumatology Department, gave a very important talk on infection, immunity and rheumalogic diseases. In the afternoon, there was an overview on viral disease and non-infectious problems presented by Dr. David Potts, ACP-ASIM Governor from South Carolina. And finally, our College Representative, Dr. Joseph Silva, FACP, from UCDavis, talked about infectious diarrhea.

During our town meeting segment, Palmer Jones, the Executive Vice President of the New Hampshire Medical Society, discussed at length what was going on in the New Hampshire legislature. The majority of his briefing was about the ramifications of Anthem's proposed acquisition of the New Hampshire Blue Cross and MTHP. Anthem has a rather poor reputation in other states where they have bought out not-for-profit organizations and there is a real concern about whether the Anthem track record will impact us in New Hampshire.


After generating a new set of bylaws for the merger of ACP-ASIM, we realize that the Governors Council should be an elected one. At the Fall Meeting we had our first election for the Governors Council. Robert Englund was the Chair of the Nominating Committee and continues in this role. I am hoping the fact that the Council is elected rather than appointed by the Governor will lead to more involvement by our members. Anyone interested in serving on the Council or serving on any of the Committees should contact Bob or myself.

The current Council is composed of Robert Englund of Keene, David Towne of Plymouth, Deborah Scott of Lebanon, Bruce Andrus of Keene and Robert Block of Concord. Dr. Harold Friedman, Governor Emeritus, continues to serve.

After the state meeting, the Council met and approved the bylaws, which were then forwarded to the national office for the approval of the Board of Regents. At the Council meeting we elected officers. The Governor continues on as the President, the Vice President is now Robert Englund and David Towne is serving as our Secretary.

We continue to have Committees such as Nominations, Awards, Human Services and Policies and would be happy to have folks who are interested in serving on a Committee to get in touch with me. Just a reminder that serving on these various Committees is a good way to become active in the ACP-ASIM and can lead to further advancement.

The Associates Program

Our Associates' Program was also held at our Fall Meeting. The winner this year was Cathleen Beaver, who spoke on a case of hypertensive crisis in the content of a carcinoid tumor and meperidine administration. The other two Associates were judged a tie by Bruce Andrus' Awards Committee - Kathryn Lee, who spoke about a case of disseminated fungal infection in an immunocompromised host and Cory Siegel, who spoke about a patient with large granular lymphocytic syndrome.

Bruce's Awards Committee was composed of Joseph Silva; Eugene Stollerman a retired professor of medicine; Deborah Scott of Lebanon, who is our Chapter's new Fellow; and Robert Block of Concord.

We gave $1,200 dollars to the first place winner and $300 dollars to each of the two second place Associates. I gave my personal gift of a Simon Pierce crystal bowl to all of the Associates who participated.


Several people picked up applications for Advancement to Fellowship. I hope that you remember that this year's deadline is December 1, 1999. Congratulations to Deborah Scott who was awarded advancement to Fellowship this year.

Medical Student Interest Group

We have been sponsoring a Medical Student Interest Group. This is a group of usually first year and second year students who have some interest in internal medicine. This year the group is being led by Peter Frech and Tamas Goda. Their first meeting was held in October 1999 and was a big success with Harley Friedman, MD, (not a relative) who is a general internist at Dartmouth. Harley discussed the practice style and responsibilities of a general interest as compared to IM sub-specialists and family practice physicians.

The Council of Student Members for ACP-ASIM

Last spring I nominated Jeffrey Kwan for the Council for Student Members for the ACP-ASIM. We were fortunate to have him selected considering that the Council is composed of only nine members. The Council was established in 1988 by the ACP and is charged with communicating the diversity of experiences and career opportunities available in the field of internal medicine to medical students. The CSM's function is to expand student programs and student involvement at the local, regional and national level and to establish relationship with the other students and practitioners and academic leaders in the field of internal medicine.

The Board of Governors Meeting

At the September BOG Meeting in Asheville, North Carolina, we discussed the clinical theme project, which this year is "Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing for Upper Respiratory Infections." The goal of the College over the next 2 years is to see a 90% reduction in the of antibiotics for URI's (there is hope that this will have some affect not only at the national level, but also at the local level.)

Another point of discussion was the ACP-ASIM's opposition to the mandatory use of hospitalists, the question of recertification and the ability to continue to practice as an internist. There were also discussions about E & M coding and the union collective bargaining that has been proposed by the AMA.

One of the wonderful talks at the meeting was by a young Associate Editor for the Annals of Internal Medicine, Christine Laine, MD, about the theme in the Annals called "On Doctoring." This was a wonderful talk and I am hoping we can persuade her to come to our Chapter's Fall Meeting next year.

Speaking of the Fall Meeting, a big faux pas on my part this year was that I scheduled our meeting right at the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. Next fall I have managed to avoid this by having it on September 22, 2000, which again is a Friday. In keeping with my effort to get people more involved from around the state, next year's meeting will be at the Bedford Inn in Manchester. There was discussion at the Council meeting about trying to have the meeting start at 9 a.m. in view of the fact that many people have a long ways to drive. Unfortunately, because of the conflict with the Inn, I couldn't get the 9 o'clock start, so the meeting will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. I apologize for the early start.

The Council has decided that they would like next year's theme to revolve around genetics. I am currently working on the program and would welcome any thoughts.

Kindest Regards,

Frances M. Friedman, MD, FACP
Governor, New Hampshire Chapter
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: (603) 650-5194
Fax: (603) 650-4437
E-mail: frances.m.friedman@hitchcock.org

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