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Governor's Newsletter, Spring 2001

Frances M. Friedman, MD, FACP
Governor, New Hampshire Chapter

Dear Colleagues:

I believe we had a very successful chapter meeting for the ACP-ASIM in Bedford, New Hampshire. As you know, the title of the scientific session was "New Genetics" and how it would impact our medical practice. Tom Goulab gave an excellent talk that was very well received. He is a young researcher at Dana Farber who outlined how they were going to use DNA chips to help define various illnesses and help direct our therapy.

September 21, 2001, will be our next chapter meeting. At that meeting the theme will evolve around "What's New," with sessions on the current therapy for adult onset diabetes and also congestive heart failure. The meeting will be held in Lebanon at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and you will be receiving a lot more information about this later.

For those of you who do not know, Robert England is the Governor-Elect for the New Hampshire chapter. He will take over in April 2002. We are looking forward to have Bob lend his expertise in the chapter and I hope that everyone will give him a lot of support during his four years as Governor.

I have just returned from the National ACP-ASIM meeting. The Board of Governors meeting dealt with many issues, but the one that was the most inflammatory was the new regulations for recertification put down by the ABIM. The proposed recertification is thought by many to be too time consuming and onerous. It has hit a very raw nerve for many of the younger people who have to do accreditation. The ACP-ASIM has developed a committee, which is trying to get some of these rather onerous parts of the accreditation revamped. This comes on the heels of many criticisms about accreditation recertification. There is no credible evidence that recertifying makes people a better physician; however, this protocol has become necessary for many of us to keep our jobs in various hospitals and HMO's.

At the National ACP-ASIM meeting, Dr. Douglas Eddy of Derry marched in the Convocation Ceremony as a new Fellow and this gives me a wonderful opportunity to give out my bi-annual plea for everyone who has not done so to apply for advancement to Fellowship. There are a large number of our members who are excellent candidates and would be "shoe-ins," if they would only fill out some of the paperwork. I would more than happy to help any of you. Our next deadline is June 1, 2001. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you along these lines.

Also on a very bright note, we had one member of our chapter advance to Mastership. Dr. Mahendr S. Kochar of Wisconsin nominated Dr. Harold Friedman for Mastership and he was awarded this Mastership at the National meeting. This is the first Mastership that has been awarded from our ranks. The state of New Hampshire and I as the Governor are extremely pleased to have Harold advance to Mastership. It is a real feather in all of our caps.

I have not heard much from anybody around the state about current issues or concerns. I would be happy to have you bring any of these to my attention before our September meeting. Here is a list of fellow council members to assist you in contacting one another as necessary Robert Block, Robert Englund, Richard Lefluer, Deborah Scott, David Towne and Peter Wakely.

Hope to see you all on September 21, 2001, in Hanover.


Frances M. Friedman, MD, FACP

New Hampshire Chapter Meeting

September 21, 2001
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

8:30 a.m. Registration
8:30 What's New in Diseases That Can Kill You?
Joseph Silva, MD, FACP
10:00 What's New in Radiologic Imaging, especially, PEP Scanning?
Petra J. Lewis, MD
11:00 Associates' Contest
Noon Lunch (Auditorium F)
1:00 p.m What's New in Congestive Heart Failure?
Arnold Katz, MD
2:00 Dating" an Older Woman
James A. Aronson
3:00 Break
3:15 What's New in Type II Diabetes?
4:15 College Update/Town Meeting
Joseph Silva, MD, FACP
5:00 Cocktail Reception

Fellowship Advancement Made Easy (FAME)


  • ABIM, RCPS, or AOBIM certified*
  • Licensed practitioner
  • Member - 2 years
  • Be proposed/seconded by 2 Fellows/Masters

Then, qualify by one of the four pathways:

Pathway 1 - Academician

  • Write a lot of papers, teach, etc.

Pathway 2 - Scholar/Teacher

  • CME activity, teaching, community involvement
  • Recertified or dual boarded
  • MKSAP for score

Pathway 3- ACP-ASIM Veteran

  • 10 years membership in the ACP-ASIM
  • Active in ACP-ASIM meetings/committees

Pathway 4 - Senior Statesman

  • May not have been active in the ACP-ASIM
  • Has demonstrated longstanding (20-25 years) professional activity in the community, in teaching, in patient care or in service

Note: Community service, especially the voluntary provision of medical care, and ACP-ASIM activities significantly enhance the likelihood of advancement, under all four pathways.

*Pathways are not mutually exclusive, and "combos" are permissible

How to contact your Governor

Frances Friedman, MD, FACP
Allergy Clinic, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical
Center 1 Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, New Hampshire 03756
Phone: (603) 650-5194
Fax: (603) 650-4437
E-mail: frances.m.friedman@hitchcock.org