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October 2011 Lin A. Brown, MD, FACP, FACR, ACP Governor

Governor's Corner

Dr. Brown

Greetings during these “interesting times” in medicine. I am half way through my 4 year term as Governor of the New Hampshire ACP. I have seen the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and watch as the forge of democracy works on it.

The ACP has distinguished itself by focusing on patients rather than professional turf earning a seat at the health care reform table. The ACP, Dartmouth’s policy leadership through The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) and Dartmouth President Jim Kim’s Institute on Health care Policy place New Hampshire in the center of what should be great innovation and thinking out of the box care delivery. Is New Hampshire rising to the opportunity?

The September Board of Governors meeting in San Antonio was a great meeting. In addition to discussion of 8 resolutions, there was inspiring discussion on ACP strategic planning, chapter governance, novel health care delivery (the ECHO projhect in New Mexico) and the Washing Report by Bob Dougherty. I always return with reawakened energy and great ideas for our chapter. For example:

  1. A retreat to think about and enact a 5 year strategic plan for NH ACP
  2. Sending a Medical Jeopardy team to the national meeting.
  3. Webinars on monthly topics.

I’m sure you have ideas, too. Please share them with me by email, the ACP portal, phone, or in person.

Following is a status report of the F11 Resolutions presented at the Fall 2011 Board of Governors meeting:

Recommended for Adoption with Amendments:
2-F11. Requesting Chapter Input When Considering the Development of ACP National Quality Initiatives
3-F11. Developing Programs to Retrain Previously Active Physicians to Resume the Practice of Internal Medicine
4-F11. Providing Educational Programs and Specific Guidelines for Outpatient Pain Management, and Supporting a National Standard of Rational Use
6-F11. Encouraging Continual Assessment and Further Research into Improving the Usability, Functionality, and Workflow Efficiencies of Incorporating EHRs into Medical Practice
7-F11. Advocating for the Reinstatement of EPA Oversight of Natural Gas Drilling
Not Recommended for Adoption:
12-F10. Encouraging the U.S. Senate to Ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
5-F11. Studying Whether the Clinical Use of Products Promoted at Internal Medicine 2012-2013 Will Further Appropriate and Effective Care that Maximizes Value
8-F11. Consulting the Ethics Committee and Informing Members in Advance about ACP’s Proposed Relationships with Other Organizations


Update: ACP Foundation

The official definition of health literacy is about the skills of the patient. Patients with low health literacy have worse health outcomes across a variety of contexts and illnesses. Nine out of ten adults lack the skills needed to manage their health and prevent disease.

The ACP Foundation develops patient-centered materials to facilitate physician-patient communication. These FREE tools help patients understand what they need to know and do to manage their health. To view or order any patient-centered materials, go to the ACP Foundation website.

Currently, there are 28 topics available in either 4x6 pads or 8 1/2 x11 downloadable electronic sheets to complement your efforts to increase your patients’ health knowledge and subsequent behaviors. Please go here to view and/or order these helpful aides.

Health Notes

These are free booklets that provide patients with information they need to know to manage their health.

Currently, there are two HEALTH NoTES: Adult Vaccines and Oils and Fats.

Everyday Guides

Self-management guides motivate patients to make and sustain behavior to improve health outcomes. There are currently three guides:

  • Caring for Your Heart: An Everyday Guide for You and Your Family
  • Living with COPD: An Everyday Guide for You and Your Family
  • Living with Diabetes: An Everyday Guide for You and Your Family
Video Health Tips

These are short, less than 3 minute videos, that teach patients skills they need to manage their health.

  • (4) Inhaler Videos - demonstrates how to use four common inhalers.
  • (2) Opioid Pain Medications – provides information on how to take opioid pain medications.
  • (5) Diabetes – demonstrates how to use an insulin pen, how to give an insulin shot, how to do a foot exam, provides information about hypoglycemia and prepares diabetic patients for their doctor’s visit.
  • Hypertension – demonstrates how to take a blood pressure reading.
Health Tips

Free and easy to read tools to enable patients to have better communication with their physicians or health care professionals.

All can be ordered when you visit the ACP Foundation site


It’s Not Too Late…Register Today! 2011 New Hampshire Chapter Meeting

October 28, 2011
The Fireside Inn and Suites
West Lebanon, New Hampshire
Meeting Program and Registration Information:
View the full meeting program and registration.

    Meeting Highlights:
    Keynote Lecture by ACP Master, Harold (Hal) Sox, MD

    Skills Workshop
  • Great Updates in Medicine
  • Resident Presentations
  • Council of Young Physicians Meeting
  • Networking between Physicians of NH and VT

Hotel Accomodations:
A Fireside Inn and Suites
25 Airport Road
West Lebanon, NH 04849
Questions or to Register After the ACP Registration Process Ends on October 24th, please contact Linda Jarvis or 802-269-0067.

Please Note: The ACP will be transitioning to a new database after close of business on Thursday, October 20th. To register on Monday, October 24 through Wednesday, October 26 you may speak with a Member of our Customer Service staff at 800-523-1546, ext. 2868 to register for this meeting. Registration for this meeting will close Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. EST. You must then register on-site. Online - Visit us on the Web and register today.


Strengthen Our Chapter: Participate in ACP’s Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program!

The American College of Physicians and the New Hampshire Chapter encourages all members to help strengthen the voice of internal medicine by recommending ACP Membership to colleagues. By joining the College, your colleagues will enrich their clinical knowledge and skills and have access to all of the ACP member benefits that you enjoy.

To thank you for your dedication to our organization, ACP offers incentives to members and their chapters that recruit new members through the Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter (RACC) Rewards Program.

As with the national Recruit-a-Colleague Program, the RACC Program rewards successful individual recruiters with dues credits for each new full Member recruited and a chance to win a trip to the annual Internal Medicine meeting. In addition, the RACC Program also provides rewards to the recruiters’ chapters. The Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program runs annually from April 1 through March 15.

To participate, simply forward to your colleagues the Membership application. To qualify for the program, your name must be listed on the recruiter line of this specially coded application.

Please go here to learn more.


Check out the Newly Updated State Health Policy site and Health Care Reform Guide

State Health Policy/Advocacy Site

ACP’s newly revamped State Health Policy/Advocacy webpage brings you the latest on how implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is affecting states, and offers a wealth of resources on how to engage in state-level advocacy. The new "hot topics" section provides you with information on current health policy issues and how you can take action at the state level - not only as they relate to the ACA but on other issues as well. Each hot topic is provided in an easy, uniform format that summarizes the issue, identifies specific actions to take on select issues, and includes a list of related resources. The information will be updated regularly to bring you a timely and useful resource. So, please check regularly for the latest information.

An Internist’s Practical Guide to Understanding Health System Reform

An Internist’s Practical Guide to Understanding Health System Reform offers an in-depth look at the comprehensive health care reform law that was enacted in March of 2010, known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Updated with information about newly completed regulations and recent developments, and broken up into an easy-to-follow format organized by year of implementation, this guide explains the provisions that will affect internists most.

If you have any questions on these or other topics, please contact Shuan Tomlinson or 800-338-2746 ext. 4547.


Contact Information

Peter Walkley, MD, FACP
Governor, New Hampshire Chapter

Catrina Watson
New Hampshire Chapter Staffperson