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Governor's Newsletter, August 2000

Dear colleague:

I have 2 important points that I want to discuss in this letter.

One is our fall meeting. I am looking forward to seeing you all at that meeting. We have been very fortunate to obtain Todd Golub as our featured speaker. Dr. Golub was recently featured in the Discovery Magazine as one of the 19 brilliant and dedicated individuals who have devised intriguing technology for our future.

"Golub and his 15-member team have pioneered a technique for distinguishing two forms of leukemia that may someday hand doctors the tool they need to wrench genetic blueprints from tumors. From disease bone-marrow cells, Golub and his colleagues extracted RNA and exposed it to DNA already encoded on glass chips. Incoming RNA searches for, and binds to, its counterpart DNA. A laser scan reveals the married pairs, telling doctors which genes are successfully producing proteins and which are defective-possibly the source of malignancies. Golub's breakthrough grew out of pattern recog-nition software - designed by team members Donna Slonim and Pablo Tomayo of MIT's Whitehead Institute - which allowed him to interpret the DNA data. To their amazement, the computer pegged the two leukemia subtypes with 100% accuracy."

As you know Dr. Golub is at the White Head Institute at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he is going to come and help us with our topic of "new genetics." We hope that his insight will give us some sense of how our updated knowledge in genetics will impact our practices now and in the future.

The Second Item:

This fall we will elect a Governor-Elect. Unlike the AMA were delegates are elected and meet and vote on issues, the ACP-ASIM has only one generally elected official and that is the Governor from each state or region. This official sits on the Board of Governors and represents your thoughts and positions on national issues. You need to exercise your vote. This will give you a voice into a candidate who is willing to serve your interests, represent your thoughts and positions on nationwide issues, and support local activities that will expand and enhance the chapter.

Our first candidate is Robert J. Englund, MD, FACP, from Keene. Robert received his under graduate degree from Ipsala. He then went on to medical school at the University of Vermont. He interned in SUNY upstate medical center in Syracuse and took his residency in medicine at the University of Oklahoma. He currently is on the staff of the Hitchcock Clinic in Keene and has an adjunct position at the Dartmouth Medical School.

Our second candidate is Lin A. J. Brown, MD, FACP, of Hanover. Dr. Brown graduated from Ursinus College and took her MD degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania. She interned, took her residency in medicine, and her fellowship in rheumatology at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. She currently is a staff physician and associate professor at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

Since we have to start at 8 o'clock I had decided to have a continental breakfast at registration. I thought this would help those who have to travel so far. We will be ending at 4 o'clock so that it should allow you to get home at an earlier enough hour. Please fill out the registration form so that we have a good number of how many people will be there for lunch and also the continental breakfast. Looking forward to seeing you all.


Frances M. Friedman, MD, FACP
Governor, New Hampshire Chapter

Contact Information

Peter Walkley, MD, FACP
Governor, New Hampshire Chapter

Catrina Watson
New Hampshire Chapter Staffperson