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Governor's Newsletter, Spring 2000

Governor's Message

Dear Colleagues,

I recently attended the ACP Governor's Meeting, as well as the Annual Session, in Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love." After a rocky start (my wife's wallet was stolen,) we had a really good week. Consider future Annual Sessions in your CME plans.

I met a long lost cousin who is a nurse and who lives there. She asked me "what is the ACP?" I had to admit it's a good question.

The College has long been, and remains, the gold standard for CME (there are now many other venues for this however.) The ASIM branch was an effective political body and I think that strength continues. We might moan about "organized medicine," but I think we need to have it. I think ACP is the best of organized medicine regarding ideals, effectiveness and responsiveness to its members. ACP is interested in practice and its practitioners. For me, important areas are collegiality and professionalism. These are addressed nationally, but I think even more importantly at our state level. In our rather large, sparsely populated state, the ACP (as well as our faculty status at the medical school) are what bind us together, while the competing large practice groups and the "business ethic" they sometimes portray want to pull us apart.

It sounds as if the College is "all things to all people." Unfortunately, that might not be possible in North Dakota. We have terrific people, but not too many of them, so both time and money are limited. We're also pretty busy and the last thing we need is "make work" projects. I need your help regarding where we should focus our attention.

In the last couple of years, we have re-assembled a "Council," redone our bylaws, put up a web site, started an Internal Medicine club for the medical students, and are starting a summer IM elective. We continue our Annual Chapter Meeting, we give a scholarship (in cooperation with the UND IM Dept) to a top student and we speak for IM here in ND. Areas we might want to explore include the lobbying effort in Washington, DC (called Leadership Day - we'll sponsor an interested member,) having a "Health and Public Policy Committee," which could speak for us locally, through our voice in the national ACP, or through our representation at NDMA. ACP has a "Campaign 2000" regarding universal health insurance coverage and, as your Governor, I plan to write on that in the North Dakota newspapers. Also, the College supposedly has a campaign about antibiotic overuse, but I have been "underwhelmed" regarding it's effectiveness.

Please plan to attend the Annual Chapter Meeting, September 22, 2000, in Bismarck. The ND Annual Meeting quality is always high and this year promises to be no exception. C. Anderson Hedberg, MD, FACP, of Chicago, will be there to represent the National Organization. I tried to "explain North Dakota" to him. Now you can get him to explain your questions and/or differences with ACP. I think the most important part of the meeting is to get us in IM from different specialties and different parts of the state together. We need each other and the rest of the doctors and people, both in our state and nationwide, need us!

Once again, I'd encourage those of you who aren't Fellows to consider applying. The process makes much more sense now. We have several people going through this year. Paul Carson from Fargo, participated in the ceremony this year at Annual Session, in Philadelphia.

Attached is a sheet I'd like everyone to fill out. Give us any address changes and your e-mail address (no, we won't sell it) and let me know of your interests regarding ACP.

Sincerely, Rolf R. Paulson, MD, FACP Governor, ND Chapter, ACP 1000 South Columbia Road Grand Forks, ND 58201 Phone: (701) 780-6208 Fax: (701) 780-6449 E-mail: rpaulson@medpark.grand-forks.nd.us

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Contact Information

Julie A Blehm, MD FACP
ACP Governor
North Dakota Chapter

Pam Heisler
North Dakota Chapter Staff
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Email: pheisler@altru.org