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Governor's Newsletter, May 1999

Dear Colleagues:

Are you experiencing an unexplainable void in your life this spring? We think we can explain it! The North Dakota ACP meeting was not held in May as in past years. That terrific influx of new knowledge and collegiality will have to wait until September 17, 1999, when we meet in Fargo (the meeting was moved to coincide with NDMA who made the decision to switch the date).

Some of us just could not wait for our ACP buzz and went to the national meeting in New Orleans. One of the many highlights of the meeting was the presentation to Mac Traynor of the "Master" award. He is the first North Dakota recipient. Congratulations, Mac!

We did not have any new fellows this year, which is a shame. There are clearly many of you who meet the criteria (now more flexible and relevant). We feel you owe it to yourself to consider going through the process. It provides recognition for your level of skill. The induction ceremony can be quite meaningful, as well as quite moving.

This was the first meeting of the combined ACP and ASIM organization. There does seem to be new "hybrid vigor" with the respective strengths of the ACP in scientific academic knowledge and the ASIM in political savvy. The merger seems to have gone very smoothly with the only sticky point being whether to have a PAC or not.

The national meeting is a three-ring circus of opportunities with scientific sessions, grand rounds, sessions on professionalism, and even a medical jeopardy contest! One of our residents, Anil Potti, won an award for an abstract. As important as the new knowledge is, the perspective gained from talking to other internists from around the country in this setting is even more important. At least periodic attendance at the annual meeting is strongly recommended.

On the home front, meetings in Grand Forks on April 8th, and in Bismarck on May 25th were arranged to revive our "counsel" and to look into areas the North Dakota chapter wants to be involved in. Besides the "counsel" we hope to have an Education Committee, an Awards Committee, and possibly even a Public Policy Committee. With the theme of computers in practice for our fall meeting, we hope to get a Chapter web page up and running by then. Mary Jo Lewis and Julie Blehm have already made progress on a Reading Retreat with our ACP Chapter. This would be the evening before the September 17th meeting. Several states have found these reading retreats to be very popular.

Let us know if you can help in any of the above areas and also about other interests you have.


Rolf R. Paulson, MD, FACP

Robert R. Tight, MD, FACP
Immediate Past Governor

Advancement from Membership to Fellowship

"How do I advance from Membership to Fellowship?" is a question frequently asked by you, the ACP members. Below, is a summary of the requirements and pathways that a candidate must fulfill and/or meet in order to become a Fellow of the College.


  • be certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine;
  • have been a member in good standing for two years in either ACP or ASIM and have held a position in practice or in academia for at least two years since completion of training;
  • have an active medical license in good standing (if in clinical practice);
  • have confined professional activity to internal medicine or a subspecialty of internal medicine;
  • be proposed and seconded with detailed letters of support from two current Masters or Fellows with reference to character, ethics and medical activities, and outlining professional contributions and accomplishments;
  • be endorsed by the appropriate ACP Governor;
  • have shown continuing scholarship and professional accomplishments; and
  • document continuing professional activities, including teaching (both institutional and community-based); hospital committee work; public service and community activities; and participation in continuing medical education activities as both a student and teacher.


The College has established four Pathways that serve as guidelines to qualify for Fellowship. For each of the following pathways, the candidates must meet the basic requirements listed above.

Pathway 1: Members must have demonstrated skill in written medical communication.

Pathway 2: Members must have significant and continuing certification activities and/or teaching (both institutional and community-based), and/or community activities that indicate professional achievement and scholarship; they must have undergone recertification, or they must have participated in the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) with a passing score. In addition, subspecialty certification or certificates of special competence in adolescent medicine, critical care medicine, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, geriatrics, or sports medicine can qualify a candidate for this path way, but are not adequate by themselves.

Pathway 3: Members must have been active members in ACP or ASIM for at least 10 years, with substantial participation in programs and activities, as well as demonstration of other professional accomplishments.

Note: Outstanding candidates who have been active Members for fewer than 10 years may qualify by combining Pathways 1 and/or 2 with Pathway 3.

Pathway 4: Members must have distinguished professional activity in teaching, patient care or professional service over many years.

Candidates must document each pathway; however, a candidate may be accepted without fulfilling one pathway if his/her work in other pathways is deemed outstanding by the Credentials Committee. For a complete copy of the "Requirements for Advancement from Membership to Fellowship" and/or an advancement to Fellowship proposal, contact your local College Governor or call ACP Customer Service at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600. The "Requirements for Advancement from Membership to Fellowship" can also be found on the College's web site.

Contact Information

Julie A Blehm, MD FACP
ACP Governor
North Dakota Chapter

Pam Heisler
North Dakota Chapter Staff
Phone: 701-780-6129
Email: pheisler@altru.org