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Chapter Committee Structure

Executive Committee

Composed of President, Pres-elect, immediate Past President, Governor(s), Sec-Treas

  • empowered to act urgently on behalf of the College by simple majority vote
  • nominating committee

Membership Committee

Composed of the Governor and three fellows

  • promotes membership in the chapter
  • addresses issues of membership, diversity, awards, and advancement

Administration-Finance Committee

Composed of Sec-Treasurer and one other Board member

  • proposes annual budget, reviews financial statement
  • provides liaison with accounting
  • assures appropriate financial statements prepared
  • obtains audits when needed
  • review performance of, makes recommendations to the board regarding, and provides liaison with the executive director on matters of finance with the College

Associates and Medical Student Committee

Composed of a medical student from each medical school, a resident from each training program, one board member, and a first or second year practicing internist

  • serves as liaison with the medical schools
  • promotes career choice in Internal Medicine
  • supports Internal Medicine student groups
  • oversees medical student competitions
  • sends a representative to the NCMS Council on Medical Education

Health and Public Policy Committee

Composed of one board member as chair and four other members

  • addresses issues associated with policy development, ethics, and advocacy on state and national issues
  • monitors technological and public policy developments
  • assists Governor(s) in response to ACP requests for public policy review and makes recommendations to the board
  • committee members shall provide delegates to the NCMS HOD and other appropriate medical organizations to provide a voice for NC internists within organized medicine

Legislative Committee

Composed of a board member as chair, and four other members

  • develops state and national legislative agendas
  • develops contacts with state and national legislators and provides expert consultation
  • works closely with NCMS lobbyists to promote interests of the chapter
  • develops "key contact" list among members
  • committee members shall provide a delegate to the NC MedPac Board of Directors
  • committee members shall provide a delegate to the NCMS Legislative Committee

Membership Services Committee

Composed of a board member as chair, and four other members

  • annually reviews malpractice insurance carriers; develops a comparative analysis
  • develops community based teacher development and professional enhancement program
  • develops education and assistance with Model Office Management program
  • reviews managed care issues; develops an annual report card on managed care companies; provides assistance to physicians on managed care issues
  • coordinates with ACP to promotion of internists and promotion of the national organization membership services
  • committee members shall provide a member to the Medicare Advisory Committee
  • committee members shall provide a member to the NC Medicaid Advisory Committee

Education Committee

Composed of a board member and three other members

  • plans state and regional scientific meetings
  • assesses CME needs for the membership
  • coordinates with medical school academic departments
  • develops informatics review, analysis, and education to the membership
  • oversees publication of chapter newsletter at least three times a year, functions as editorial review board

Contact Information

Byron J Hoffman, Jr MD FACP
Governor, North Carolina Chapter, ACP

Alan Skipper
Executive Director
North Carolina Chapter of ACP
P.O. Box 27167
Raleigh, NC 27611
Office: (919) 833-3836
Fax: (919) 833-2023
Email: askipper@ncmedsoc.org