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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 2001

Capt. Angeline A. Lazarus, FACP
Governor, U.S. Navy Chapter

Governor's Column

Wish you a Happy New Year. I was reflecting on year 2000 and the Navy chapter while I had a few moments to ponder on. It seemed that the panic of Y2K was just a short while ago, and yet, one year has passed by and we have entered the year 2001. As a chapter, we have been busy and I thought of giving a synopsis of our activities in 2000.

  • My first Newsletter in 1/2000.
  • National meeting in Philadelphia.
    • We had 4 poster presentations.
    • We had speakers from our chapter at the national meeting.
    • Received Evergreen award for Associates' program.
    • Received Chapter Excellence award for our chapter activities.
    • DOD reception in Philadelphia, well attended by Navy members.
    • 8 members applied for advancement to fellowship.
  • Chapteral meeting in Reston, VA from November 17-19, 2000.
  • Awards: Laureate Award: ADM. Bonnie Potter, MD, FACP, MC, MSN Volunteerism: Award: LCDR. Yvonne Renee Lee, MD Sparks Award: Dr. Van Divier.
  • Medical Student's council active participation in Governor's Advisory council.
  • Awards banquet on luxurious Odyssey dinner cruise with active participation by three of our members in cardiopulmonary resuscitation of an elderly gentleman who was aboard the boat to enjoy the evening.
  • Three newsletters.
  • Written Roles and Responsibilities of GAC and other committees.
  • A new chapter Liaison staff ­ Pat Suckiel and her active participation in our chapter. meeting. Pat Suckiel took over for Heather Calvert, former staff liaison.
  • My attendance at the Governor's spring meeting in Philadelphia and the Fall meeting in Seattle.
  • I have been selected to serve as the Parliamentarian for the Board of Governor's meeting on Resolutions.

Report On Navy Chapter Meeting Held In November 2000 At Reston, Virginia

  • Attendance: Fellows: 29
  • Members: 28
  • Associates: 54
  • Med students: 5
  • Podium Presentations: 12
  • Poster Presentations: 40
  • Winners of Clinical vignette:
    1. LT. Dan Hawley (NNMC)
    2. LT. Susan Krizek
    3. LT. Jackie Eubany
    1. LT. Ted Cohen
    2. LT. Jarrod Holmes
    3. LT. Chris Stafford
  • Winners of Clinical Research:
    1. LT. Kevin Dorrance
    2. LT. Jayde Kurland
    3. LT. Uday Paul
    4. LT. William Wolf
    1. LT. LT. B. Sullivan
    2. LT. Lyn McMonigle
    3. LT. Michael Baydarian

The names of the first place winners from each of the category will be sent to the college to be included in the Associates program at the National Meeting in Atlanta.

  • Winner of Radiology Skills Station: LT. James Lawler
  • Sparks award: Dr. Van Divier
  • Volunteerism award: LCDR. Yvonne Renee Lee
  • Laureate award: ADM. Bonnie B. Potter, MC, USN
  • Master Teacher Award:
    • NMC-SD: CAPT. John Bestoso
    • NNMC: CAPT. Al Drake
    • NMC-P: CAPT. Bob Johnson
  • Outstanding Resident Award:
    • NMC-SD: LT. Saira Aslam
    • NNMC: LT. Lyn McMonigle
    • NMC-P: LT. Arthur Pemberton
  • Governor's Excellence Award:
    CAPT. Kevin O'Neil and LCDR. Anthony Barile

Bonnie Burnham Potter Rear Admiral, Medical Corps, U. S. Navy Fleet Surgeon, U. S. Atlantic Fleet

A native of Piedmont, CA, Rear Admiral Potter graduated from the University of California at Davis in 1968 with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. Following completion of medical technology training, she attended graduate school at the University of California at Davis in Animal Physiology. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from St. Louis University School of Medicine in 1975. Following her internship and residency in internal medicine at the Naval Chapteral Medical Center, Oakland, CA, she was Chief Resident from 1978 to 1979 and remained there as a staff internist and Residency Training Officer until 1983.

Rear Admiral Potter served as Assistant Head, Internal Medicine Department, Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, VA from 1983 to 1987, where she was also the Command Intern Coordinator and Transitional Residency Program Director. In 1987, she transferred to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, where she served as Medicine Clerkship Coordinator, and Physical Diagnosis Coordinator for National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD. From January 1989 to April 1993, she served at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda as Chairman and Program Director, Department of Internal Medicine. In August 1990 until April 1991, she deployed in support of Operations Desert Shield/Storm as Head, Medical Services, USNS COMFORT (T-AH 20). From May 1993 to May 1995, Rear Admiral Potter was Deputy Commander and Director of Academic Affairs at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA. She served as Commanding Officer, Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, CA from June 1995 to January 1997.

Rear Admiral Potter was assigned as Commander, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD from July 1997 to December 1999. During this period she also served as Chief, Medical Corps, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Washington, DC from April 1997 to September 1999 and as the Chairman, Chapter 1 TRICARE Executive Board (Lead Agent) from July 1998 to August 1999. In August 1999, Rear Admiral Potter was promoted to her current rank. In December 1999, Rear Admiral Potter reported as Fleet Surgeon, U. S. Atlantic Fleet. Rear Admiral Potter has additional duties as Command Surgeon, U. S. Joint Forces Command and Medical Advisor, Allied Command, Atlantic.

Rear Admiral Potter is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, with a certificate of Added Qualifications in Geriatrics. She holds faculty appointments at both the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and Georgetown University Schools of Medicine.

Rear Admiral Potter's military awards include: Defense Superior Service Medal; Legion of Merit with gold star; Defense Meritorious Service Medal; Meritorious Service Medal with gold star; Navy Commendation Medal; Navy Achievement Medal; Combat Action Ribbon; and other campaign awards.

Rear Admiral Potter is married to August Anema (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada).

Volunteerism Award Was Given To Lcdr. Yvonne Renee Lee, Mc, Usnr

LCDR. Yvonne Renee Lee has displayed dedication in her service to the community. Based on information from one of the medical clerks in the clinic, she started to assist the members of the NAACP and local community in the annual Thanksgiving meal for the homeless for the past three years. In addition, she has volunteered medical services at the annual Operation Stand Down sponsored by the Veterans Administration. This is a three-day event for homeless Vietnam veterans who are given access to medical, legal, and social services. At Operation Stand Down 2000, she encouraged the participation of four physicians, two nurses and two corpsmen. She was instrumental in organizing the Internal Medicine department's bi-monthly physician volunteer program with the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul Medical Village. She has personally worked with legal department and St. Vincent's medical director on the Memorandum of Understanding for our residents and staff. She serves as the liaison and coordinates the schedule for the navy physicians for the community volunteer services. Currently, She has elicited the help of twenty physicians to provide medical care to this underserved community. She has been a role model for the naval medical officers in meeting the health care needs of the uninsured in the community. She has truly represented the Navy Chapter and its commitment to serve the underserved.

2001-2003 Committee Members

Governor's Advisory Council:

A. Lazarus Bestaso Keating Connito
Inouye Culp Goldstein K. Gibson
Pepper Monahan Dwyer Coyle
Yoshihashi Herrin McMonigle Seidensticker
Smiley Bernick Holston

Associates Council
Daniel Seidensticker (chair), Clayton Smiley (vice-chair) LT. Pemberton, LT. Capozza, LT. Aslam, LT. Francisco LT. Nayak LT. Wedam LT. Pasiuk , Lt. Herman, Lt. Krahl

Program Committee

Dwyer Lazarus O'Neil Hardin Connito
CDR. Knee CAPT. Gumpert

Awards Committee

Coyle   Yoshihashi   B. Cash   Keating   Wedam   Dwyer

Health and Public Policy Committee
Lazarus   Culp   Goldstein   Connito   Monahan  Inouye   Keating

Medical Students Advisory Committee
Gibson   Hawkins  Means-Markwell  Martin   Holston   Shimeall

Membership Committee
Inouye,   Bestaso,   Patel (Camp Prendleton),  Pemberton,  Tessier, O.   Brannan

Finance Committee
Dwyer   O'Neil   T. Knee Pepper

Volunteerism/Community Service Committee
Johnston   Nayak   Whitman

Website Committee
Lazarus   Tjaden   R. Miller (NMC-P)

Social Activities

Connito   G.Martin Caron   Bassett

Medical Students Council
McNabb   Gafner   Holston   Bernick


We have a great opportunity to recognize our outstanding trainees and staff for their academic and non-academic contributions to health care and medical education. The ACP-ASIM provides many awards. It is the responsibility of the members and the Governor to submit names for awards. Some awards are given at the chapter level. For certain awards, the Awards Committee of the ACP-ASIM receives the nominations and submits them to the Board of Regents. The recipient of the Laureate award for a chapter is chosen by the Awards Committee of the chapter from the nominations submitted to them by the members. Mastership in the College is given to internists who have held positions of honor and influence, eminence in practice or in medical research, or other attainments in science or in the art of medicine. A highly desirable qualification for Mastership is for the individual to have made a significant contribution to the College. The Board of Regents elects Masters of the College.

To facilitate the process of awards of our chapter, a new awards nomination form is attached. You may make as many copies as you wish to submit your nominations. To provide adequate time for the Awards Committee of our chapter, I strongly recommend those who wish to nominate a staff or a trainee for a specific award to submit the nominations by 1 June.

Attention! Attention!! Mark Your Calendar

Annual Session of ACP-ASIM in Atlanta from Mar 29 - 1 April, 2001

Navy Chapter Annual Meeting: October 11 - 13, 2001 in Norfolk, VA

Award Nominations Due: 1 June 2001

Thought For 2001

Look backward with gratitude and forward with confidence
Let us keep our health care focused on the insured and the uninsured

Governor's email: aalazarus@bethesda.med.navy.mil
Tel: 301-319-4148
Fax: 301-295-5792

We Are Grateful
Sincere appreciation to CAPT. Kevin O'Neil LCDR, and Anthony Barile for the excellent program at the 2000 Navy Chapter ACP-ASIM Scientific Session, to CDR. Terry Dwyer for the excellent Banquet dinner arrangements and to LT. Michael Keith for the Associates' Program. Sincere appreciation goes to Ms. Lee Childs for her secretarial assistance and to all the speakers for their outstanding lectures. We are also grateful to Dr. Sara Walker for her insightful comments and guidance to our chapter.

Wanted: Future Chapter Leaders

Are you interested in getting more involved with your Chapter and sharpening your leadership skills? Do you aspire to hold an elected office in your Chapter (Governor, member of a National Committee) and/or advance to Fellowship? If you answered yes to these questions, then I need you for our newly created Chapter Leader Network.

Designed to lighten the workload of the Chapter Governor, make operations at the Chapter level more efficient and increase member involvement, the Chapter Leader Network will be composed of local "point people," who will chair the activities/initiatives of various areas, including Associates/Medical Student Activities, Community­Based Teaching, Credentials, Clinical Skills Modules, etc.

The network members will exchange information with specific College staff and initiate local activity when needed. A Chapter Leader Web site will be developed to facilitate communication between network members and staff.

So, if you want to be instrumental in improving the effectiveness of our Chapter, volunteer to be a member of this exciting new endeavor. For a complete listing of the network areas and responsibilities, please contact me at (bth0aal@bth20.med.navy.mil.)

Award Nominations Form

Navy Chapter American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine

  • ACP-ASIM Resident of the Year (To be submitted by the Program Director. Only one nominee per year. Prior awardees are not eligible)
  • ACP-ASIM Teacher of the Year (To be submitted by the Department Head or Program Director. Only one nominee per year. Prior awardees are not eligible)
  • ACP-ASIM Medical Student of the Year Award (The nomination will come from the Chair, Department of Internal Medicine, USUHS or his/her designee. This will be selected in April and given in May)
  • *Sparks Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine (Awarded to an outstanding Staff Internist in the non Internal Medicine teaching hospital). To be submitted by the Head of the Department/Program Director. Prior awardees are not eligible)
  • *Laureate Award (Nominations can be submitted by all members. You can nominate more than physician. The recommended number for our chapter is Laureate award per year)
  • *Volunteerism Award (Nominations can be submitted by all members). This award is given to an internist who demonstrates extraordinary volunteerism outside the military setting)

*The following documents MUST accompany the nominations:

  • Letter of Nomination/support detailing candidate's accomplishments pertinent to award
  • Candidate's curriculum vitae
    A separate nomination form must be submitted for each of the nominations.