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Governor's Newsletter, Summer 2001

Capt. Angeline A. Lazarus, FACP
Governor, U.S. Navy Chapter

Governor's Corner

Wishing you all a happy summer. The excitement of being the Governor of the Navy Chapter continues to grow. I realize I have only two more years to serve and by December 2001, we will have chosen my replacement who in Spring 2003, gets submitted to the BUMED. I feel time is running out fast on me and I need your ideas for new projects for our Chapter. I thank the committee members and all the members for your active participation in our Chapter. I am committed to having a growing membership, especially among the medical students. We need to be role models for the medical students. Internal medicine is a wonderful life, a great career with varied opportunities. The ACP-ASIM is an important voice for all the best of professionalism, scholarly approaches to medicine, and ethical practice. The recently generated theme, "Doctors for Adults," is one that we can all support, whether in academic or community or military settings.

What's New in ACP-ASIM

  • The new President of the College is Dr. William Hall, FACP. He is currently the chief of General Medicine, Geriatrics Unit, at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.
  • The President-Elect is Sara Walker, MD, MACP. Dr. Walker was the College Representative at our Annual Meeting in 2000.
  • Walter J. McDonald, MD, FACP, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the College, will be retiring this year

Annual Session in Atlanta

The Annual Session in Atlanta was a huge success and, for the attendees, it was a superior educational experience. Preceding the scientific session was the annual meeting of the Board of Regents and the Board of Governors. Several pertinent topics were discussed including recertification, which continues to be a hot issue among ACP-ASIM Governors. A resolution was subsequently approved by the Board of Regents to continue discussions with the American Board of Internal Medicine to possibly pursue alternative pathways for recertification. This is a work in progress.

Navy Associates in Atlanta

Seven Navy Residents presented their abstracts (1 podium and 6 posters) at the Annual Session in Atlanta. There were 1360 abstracts submitted and among them, the top twenty of clinical vignettes and the top twenty of research abstracts were chosen by the Abstracts Committee. The winners of all chapteral meetings were also chosen for presentation.

Congratulations to the Presenters at the National Meeting:

NNMC, Bethesda:
LT. Harry Groff
LT. Robert Browning
LT. Hawk
LT. Carolyn McMonigle
LT. Daniel Hawley
LT. Kevin Dorrance

NMC Portsmouth:
LT Brian Sullivan

National Competition Award Winners:

Special congratulations to the following Associates who won the award for the abstracts at the National Meeting:

LT. Harry Groff (NNMC)
LT. Robert Browning (NNMC)
LT. Hawk (NNMC)

News From Capt. Richard Keating

Naval Medical Center, San Diego

  • 2/3 of eligible staff within the Internal Medicine Department are Fellows in the ACP-ASIM.
  • CDR Keating (Chairman), CAPT Bestoso (Program Director), and LT Clayton Smiley (prospective Chief Resident for 2001-2002) are members of the Governor's Council, Southern California Chapter III, ACP-ASIM. They are working to foster collaboration among the four Internal Medicine training programs in San Diego. Planning is taking place for the annual San Diego Associates Dinner, as well as preparation of a citywide Internal Medicine Certifying Examination review course for 2001-2002.
  • LT's Uday Paul (PGY-1), Greg Francisco (PGY-2) and Clayton Smiley (PGY-3) ably represented the Navy at the Annual Session Jeopardy Competition in Atlanta. Perhaps next year an all Navy team, composed of a PGY-3 from each program, should represent our Chapter?
  • Staff and Residents continue to contribute their time and effort at Saint Vincent de Paul Village, working one night each week in a clinic for the San Diego indigent. Almost all PGY-3's have participated.
  • LT Uday Paul (PGY-1) represented NMCSD and won the Associates' Poster Competition at the Southern California Chapter III Annual Chapter Meeting held in Indian Wells, California. Five other trainees accompanied him from NMCSD.

News From LCDR. Lisa Inouye

Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth

1. Virginia Chapter Associates Day January 20

LT Brian Sullivan abstract "Azithromycin-Based Regimen in the Treatment of Helicobacter Pylori Infection" was selected for Presentation at the National ACP-ASIM Annual Session. He presented at the Annual Session in Atlanta.

2. Portsmouth Naval Medical Center Research Competition March 1-2

Posters: Faculty CDR Dominick Rascona, Residents LT David Hutzel (2 posters), LCDR Kyle Aldinger, LT David Krause. LT Jayde Kurland was accepted, but was transferred to Florida and was unable to come for presentation.

Oral: Faculty CDR Walter Coyle, Residents LT Glen Arluk (winner in the vignette category)

LT Michael Herman (winner in "Category 4" )

3. LT Daniel Seidensticker has been selected as the Chief of Residents, 2001-2002.

4. LT Daniel Seidensticker was named by the Command as "Physician in Training of the Quarter" for this quarter.

5. LT Michael Herman's abstract was also selected for poster presentation at the national SGIM (Society of General Internal Medicine) meeting in San Diego, May 2-5; I presented the poster, though (as co- author) "Use of Alternative Medicines in Medical Outpatients"

6. Staff and residents continue to volunteer at the Chesapeake Care Free Clinic.

7. NMC Portsmouth will be hosting the next Virginia ACP-ASIM Associates Day in January, 2002.

8. The next Virginia ACP-ASIM Scientific Meeting will be held in Norfolk, VA. Date to be announced.

9. Bart Gumpert, Program Chair for 2002-Navy Chapteral Meeting has completed the program topics and speaker selection. The dates are 11-13 October 2001 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Attention! Attention! Attention! Staff

If you are interested in assuming the Governorship of the Navy Chapter, please forward your C.V. and a one-page write-up of your active involvement in the Chapter to Angie Lazarus, Internal Medicine Service, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD 20889-5600.

Attention! Attention! Attention! Chief Residents

Chief Residents are asked to choose one representative from each year level for the Associates Council. LT. Seidensticker is the current Chair of the Associates Council and his term will end in December 2001. The incoming Chief Resident of San Diego will serve as the Chair for Jan-Dec 2002.

From the Program Chair of the Navy Chapter Annual Meeting

CAPT. Bart Gumpert, MC

Remember to register for the 2001 Navy ACP-ASIM Meeting taking place in Norfolk, 11-13 October. This meeting is focusing on New Horizons in Navy Internal Medicine. An outstanding line-up of Visiting Professors will teach on a wide variety of topics including professionalism, virtual colonoscopy, CT scan diagnosis of ASCAD, sports medicine, diabetes treatment, food-borne illness, and the re-certification process. Admiral Potter will address how the Internist fits into the modern US Navy. The meeting will take place at the Downtown Marriott along the scenic Elizabeth River. Special events include an evening dinner cruise, various tours, and a fabulous Laureate Awards dinner at the Nauticus Museum, which will include a tour of the USS Wisconsin (BB-64).

Make your reservations now by contacting Ms. Marsha Anderson at 757-953-2271.

To All Members...

I will like to put in our newsletter a section titled: "Being a Physician." It is similar to what you see in Annals of Internal Medicine. I encourage you to share your physician experience. It should be about one page long. You can send it to me via e-mail aalazarrus@bethesda.med.navy.mil.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Navy Chapter Annual Meeting - 11-13 October, 2001
  • Abstract Deadline - 1 Aug 2001

From The Files of Capt. Angeline Lazarus

The following is a poem written by Becky Kinder, a patient with cystic fibrosis. She was in her thirties when she passed away. She had taught many interns and residents at the Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth the wide spectrum of complications and challenges faced by patients with cystic fibrosis. She compiled her poems and letters and gave it to me as a gift a few months before she passed away.

I would like to share one of her poems.

The Human Creed

May I be intrepid in my goals
But not at the risk of others'
Self esteem, integrity or accomplishments
May I be straightforward and appreciative
With those that are intertwined in my existence;
Always reflecting the thought that one day they may be
Disappearing into the celestials, as sand drifts
From dune to dune, leaving only their memories
And tedious tasks to their predecessors
May I be honest with my motives
In all that I do not forget
That one manipulative act can
Destroy an already delicate balance
Of human texture and emotion
May I have the ability to acknowledge
And amend my wrongdoing;
Always contemplating how my actions
Affect others that encompass me
May I accept my purpose in this world,
Not as a grand performer, but rather
As a humble peasant not interfering
With the Hierarchy of affairs, but
Attending to my work with the
Simplistic concept that my contribution
Is only one of many
That my good on one may
Be good for all-existence

What ACP-ASIM is Doing For You Today

"What have you done for me lately?" is a question that ACP-ASIM strives to answer before it is asked, by making membership needs an integral part of its strategic planning process.

As such, the following is a comprehensive list of products and services that ACP-ASIM offers to its members, which was compiled by the Board of Regents. Since the College leadership realizes the needs of it membership are ever-changing, they will continue to re-evaluate this list and add new products and services when appropriate. In addition, the College encourages you, the members, to submit your ideas for changes/additions to Dr. Lazarus at aalazarrus@bethesda.med.navy.mil.

Annual Session
Chapter/chapteral meetings
Clinical skills teaching modules
In-training examination
Post-graduate review courses
Recertification courses
Programs for community-based teachers

Internal medicine board review course (audio and video versions)
Internal medicine recertification preparation course (audio and video versions)
MKSAP 12 update
Annual session audiocassettes
Best Evidence (CD-ROM)
Bioterrorism resource center online
Clinical practice guidelines
Clinical problem-solving cases
Clinical skills videotapes
Firearm injury prevention resource center
MKSAP for students
MKSAP Prep for Boards
Subspecialty MKSAPs
Telemedicine resource center
Virtual Annual Session

Practice Assistance
Professional liability insurance
Center for a Competitive Advantage
Medical informatics program (Annual Session)
Medical Laboratory Evaluation Proficiency Testing Program
Quality 101

Annals of Internal Medicine
ACP Journal Club
Effective Clinical Practice
ACP-ASIM Observer
Books and expert guides

Advocacy and Professionalism
Online membership directory
Grassroots hotline
Career opportunities
Decision 2000 campaign
Doctors for Adults public awareness campaign
Ethics case studies
ACP Ethics Manual
Legislative Action Center
Access to legislative and regulatory information, national and state
"Membership Enhancement" programs
Position and policy papers
Volunteerism project

For Associates and Medical Student Members
Residency information
Career counseling information and Web links
Career counseling brochures
Community-based teaching program support
Impact newsletter
Mentoring database
MKSAP for students
Representation through Council of Associates and Council of Student Members
Video and slides about internal medicine careers
Support for internal medicine clubs
Annual Session workshops

International Programs
Clinical skills teaching modules
Internal medicine overseas
Action in internal medicine
International speakers program
Eurasian Medical Education Project
Annual Session workshops
Representation in the International Society of Internal Medicine

Recognition Program
Fellowship credentialing process
Associate and Medical Student competitions
Chapter awards program
Laureate awards
Mastership awards
Community-based teaching awards

Personal Benefits
College accessories and gifts
Doctors for Adults accessories and gifts
Affinity credit card
Car rental discounts
Financial planning service
Group insurance plans
Loan programs

Attention! Attention! Attention! Associates - Abstract Deadline

The abstracts for the Scientific Program of the Annual Navy Chapter Meeting are due to CAPT. Bart Gumpert, Program Chair by 1 August 2001.