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Navy Chapter


I am amazed that a whole year has gone by since I assumed the Governorship of our chapter. I have received tremendous support from our members and enjoyed working with everyone. The willingness and commitment of our members keep me challenged and excited. In the last year, I have met several talented Governors from various chapters. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with dedicated Leaders of the College. My learning curve has been steep. I am proud of our goals and like to share with you our chapter achievements and news from the College.


I am pleased to share with you that our chapter won two awards this year—the Chapter Excellence Award and the Evergreen Award.

Chapter Excellence Award

This award is given to chapters for their exemplary chapter activities, such as the chapteral meeting performance, committee activities and membership recruitment. My sincere appreciation to all the members of various committees, the members of the Governor's Advisory Council and the Program Chair of our 1999 Chapteral Meeting, for the enthusiastic support and hard work that enabled us to receive the Chapter Excellence Award.

Evergreen Award

This award is given to chapters for excellence in a specific area, including Associates program, Medical Students program, Public Policy events, etc. From the beginning, our chapter has dedicated its efforts to promoting the scholarly activities of our Associates. The staff internists and subspecialists at the three major teaching institutions have committed themselves to mentor the interns and residents in pursuing academic activities. This resulted in a gradual increase in the submission of abstracts for our Annual Chapteral Meeting. The moderators of the Associates Program during the Chapteral Meeting, have demonstrated outstanding leadership in coordinating the collection, review and selection of abstracts in spite of the distance that separated the teaching hospitals. The award was given to our chapter for the Staff-Resident Mentorship, which has led to a steady increase in the scholarly activities of our Associates.

I extend my congratulations to all the Associates and the Staff in our three major teaching hospitals for their dedication to academic excellence. In the last few years, the number of abstracts submitted have tripled and the number of research abstracts have gone up four-fold. The quality of the abstracts and the presentations have been outstanding. The academic prowess of our residents and interns keep our staff energized and challenged. The enthusiasm of the staff to mentor our trainees has steadily increased.

Bravo Zulu to our Chapter!!!


  1. Medical Students Council

Our chapter has formed a Medical Students Council. The following students from USUHS serve in the Council — ENS. Harry Goff, ENS. Bob Browning, ENS. Bret Pastuik from Class of 2000 and ENS. Frank Axelsen, ENS. Greg McNabb and ENS. Jeffrey Gafner from class of 2001. Our first meeting took place on 19 Apr 2000. We plan on having a special program for our student section during the upcoming Chapteral Meeting. We are looking forward to adding two students from the first and second year to serve in the Council. I am confident our Student Council will actively recruit members and serve as role models for the junior students.

2. Student MKSAP

ACP-ASIM has recently published MKSAP (Medical Knowledge Skills Assessment Program) for medical students, which is available for $32.00. ACP-ASIM membership for students is free and applications can be obtained from ACP-ASIM Online. When submitting the application form, I recommend writing your branch of military service on the form, as this will place you on the mailing list of the Navy chapter.

3. Medical Students Research/Clinical Vignette Competition

There will be a Medical Student Research/Clinical Vignette Competition on 3 Nov 2000, at the lobby of Bldg A, USUHS. A copy of the abstract form is available on our Web site and the due date for submitting abstracts is 20 Oct 2000. The abstracts should be sent to CAPT. Lazarus, Dept of Medicine, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland 20889-5600. You may also fax it to (301) 295-5792.

Many staff physicians at Bethesda, Portsmouth and San Diego hospitals have volunteered to mentor the students. If you are interested in submitting an abstract and would like to have a mentor, please e-mail me at aalazarus@bth20.med.navy.mil. I strongly urge our medical students to participate in this competition. The top two winners will be funded to attend Annual Session 2001 in Atlanta. This competition is open to students of all branches. You may also contact the Chief Resident or the Program Director at any of the above three hospitals to get a mentor.


Congratulations to the following Associates who had poster presentations at Annual Session 2000 in Philadelphia:

  • Lt. Ed Pak from PNH: Is Focal Segment Glomerulosclerosis a Systemic Disease?
    (winner at the Virginia Chapter Chapteral Meeting.)
  • LT. Dolores Rhoades from SD: The American Cancer Society's Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer
    Screening: Are We in Compliance?
  • LT. Bruce Clemons from NNMC: Do Dimunitive Adenomas Found on Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Predict the Presence of Advanced Adenomas in the Proximal Colon?
  • LCDR. David Murray from NNMC: Phase 1 Trial of Pyrazoloacridine (PZA) Given as a
    Weekly 24 Hour Continuous Intravenous Infusion (CI) in Adult Patients with Refractory Solid Tumors.

Congratulations to LCDR. David Murray, third-year resident at National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD, the winner at the Annual Session 2000 Poster Competition.


Visit the Web site and learn about the College. Valuable information about the College, Conferences, Education materials, Associates Council, Medical Student membership information, MKSAP, abstract forms and much more is readily available to all members.


At Portsmouth Naval Hospital, the residents had six (6) poster and two (2) podium presentations during the Navy hospital-wide research competition. There were two winners. Congratulations to LT. Arluk and LT. Oberman.

Six (6) residents from the Portsmouth Naval Hospital presented abstracts at the Chapteral Meeting of the Virginia Chapter. LT. Pak won the competition.

Five (5) residents from the National Naval Medical Center presented posters and two had podium presentations. One podium and one poster won the competition at the Chapteral Meeting of the Washington Metropolitan chapter.


Our chapter now has one (1) Master, 150 Fellows, 199 Members, 142 Associates and 25 Medical students.


11 Fellows marched in the Convocation Ceremony at Annual Session 2000 in Philadelphia. They were: CDR. Brian Aprill, CDR. Leslie Fenton, CDR. Steve Hager, CDR. Peter Linz, CDR. Greg Martin, LCDR. Gerald Denton, LCDR. Lisa Inouye, LCDR. Thong Le, LCDR. Yvonne Lee, LCDR. Patricia Pepper and LCDR. Jeffery Timby.

Congratulations to every one who advanced to the level of Fellow of the American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine in the last year.


San Diego

The Department of Medicine has an ongoing community service project for the department. Once a week, one staff and one resident volunteer to provide care at the St. Vincent De Paul Medical Clinic in downtown San Diego. This clinic is for the homeless people who live at the Vincent shelter and have no money to pay for care. The staff and residents have a great experience.


The residents volunteer at the Chesapeake Care Clinic.


1. Awareness to Minimize Antimicrobial Resistance

The College has taken an active role in educating physicians to change our practice patterns that promote antimicrobial resistance. The College has started active campaigning to educate patients to understand the change in clinical practice to minimize emergence of drug resistance.

2. Tips For Office-Based Preceptors

What do students and residents want from a community-based teaching experience?

To students, preceptor characteristics are the most important factors defining a successful office-based experience. One of the most highly related teaching characteristics is the preceptor's ability to promote student independence.(1) Most often this was accomplished by giving the student increasing patient care responsibility. Other highly favored characteristics is the willingness to allow students to practice technical and problem-solving skills, enthusiasm and interest in students, and the ability to actively involve the student in learning. The willingness of a preceptor to act as a mentor and advise the student is also highly valued.(1-3)

Characteristics of the office are of secondary importance to the learner when compared to
preceptor characteristics. Valued office characteristics include having a wide mix of different available preceptors, a wide variety of presenting patient problems, and a range of patient ages.(1) The areas providing the most difficulty for students are learning to work within the time constraints of the office setting, performing a focused examination, and learning to rely upon data gathering skills and problem-solving abilities rather than imaging and laboratory tests.(4) Other highly valued educational experiences include discussion of general management issues, diagnosis, and demonstration of physical examination skills.(5) Residents value the opportunity to discuss differential diagnosis and management issues, and appreciate the close supervision, feedback, and to practice and improve clinical and procedural skills.(5)

The message from the learners is consistent and clear; they want the opportunity to practice basic data collection and management skills on a wide variety of patients typically seen in the office setting. They desire feedback on their performance and a role model to emulate.

1. Biddle WB, Riesenberg LA, Dacy PA. Medical student's perceptions of desirable characteristics of primary care teaching sites. Fam Med 1996;28:629-33

2. Prislin MD, Feighney KM, Stearns JA, et al. What students say about learning and teaching in longitudinal ambulatory primary care clerkships: a multi-institutional study. Acad Med 1998;73:680-87

3. Epstein RM, Cole DR, Gawinski BA, Piotrowski-Lee S, Ruddy NB. How students learn from community-based preceptors. Arch Fam Med 1998;7:149-54

4. Feltovich J, Mast TA, Soler NG. Teaching medical students in ambulatory settings in department of internal medicine. Acad Med 1989;64:36-41

5. O'Mallery PG, Kroenke K, Ritter J, Dy N, Pangaro L. What learners and teachers value most in ambulatory educational encounters. Acad Med 1999;74:186-91


Chapter dues are the backbone of local activities and vital to the success of our chapter. While we are provided some financial support from the national office, the chapter dues collected provide the majority of financial support for local activities. Educational meetings, mentoring programs for medical students and local Associates' research competitions are just some of the activities supported by your chapter dues. Your chapter dues help support the cost of administration and provide funding for new and existing chapter initiatives. When you receive your dues notice, please remember to include the chapter dues in your payment. You will be contributing to the success of many grass roots activities happening right here at home.


The Chapteral Meeting of our chapter will be held at the Hyatt Regency, in Reston, VA, from 16-19 November, 2000. Sara Walker, MD, Regent of ACP-ASIM, will be our College Represen-tative. We will have a two-hour session combined with our Army colleagues. The theme of our meeting is "New Millennium for the Internist." The due date for abstracts is 8 Sept 2000.


June 1, 2000 October 1, 2000

Fellowship Applications Due at ACP-ASIM Abstracts for Annual Session 2001 Due

August 3, 2000 November 16-19, 2000

Applications for GME Training Due at NSHS Navy Chapter Chapteral Meeting

Hyatt Regency Hotel (Reston, VA)

August 22-23, 2000 December 1, 2000

ABIM Certification Exam in Internal Medicine Fellowship Applications Due at ACP-ASIM

September 8, 2000 March 29-April 1, 2001

Abstracts for Navy Chapteral Meeting Due ACP-ASIM Annual Session (Atlanta, GA)

Associates at the Annual Session in Philadelphia: LT. Pak, Lt. Rhodes,
Lt. Clemons and LCDR. Murray.