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Governor's Newsletter
October 2000

Phillip E. Griffin, MD, FACP
Governor, Montana Chapter

Governor's Message

Autumn Greetings to all Montana Internists! Our August meeting in Great Falls was a superb event with great programming and wonderful evening programs, starting with a catered dinner and tour of the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center on the banks of the Missouri River. The Annual Banquet at the Meadowlark Country Club featured our own Elton Adams and Scott McKee, who gave fascinating presentations of mountaineering expeditions.

Kudos to Steve Chrzanowski and Jim Yturri for co-chairing such a great program! In addition to outstanding talks by Bob Kreisberg, George Diamond, Bill Arnold, and other outside speakers, our own local faculty of Gary Walter, Ron Smith, Michael Murphy, Ron Loge, Ray Geyer and Jim Yturri presented excellent case studies and topical reviews.

Despite the prevailing wild fires raging in our state during the meeting, a Missouri River float was enjoyed by many on Saturday afternoon after the conclusion of the last scientific session. Our thanks to College Rep, Dr. Dave Gullen of Phoenix, Arizona, for his active participation.

Our 2001 Meeting will be held at Chico Hot Springs, August 23-25, 2001. Dr. Mike Herring of Bozeman is preparing the program, to continue our tradition of great meetings. Mark your calendars early, as this promises to be an excellent meeting, in a superb location featuring new convention facilities, and access to great outdoor adventuring.

The following is an article from ACP-ASIM online by Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD, FACP, President of American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine, concerning recertification. Our own Ron Loge of Dillon sits on the American Board of Internal Medicine, and is involved in the recertification process. Many of you who were at the August gathering in Great Falls heard Ron's presentation on this topic.

The Recertification Process
October 10, 2000

Dear Colleagues:

Board certification and recertification are critically important issues for internists and our patients. I'd like to take a few moments to address ABIM's proposed recertification program, and clarify a common misunderstanding. First, it is important to note that ACP-ASIM and ABIM are two separate and independent organizations. ACP-ASIM's goals include providing comprehensive education and information resources to internists and subspecialists in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care. ABIM evaluates and certifies the medical knowledge and skills of internists and subspecialists. Maintaining the distinction between our separate organizations is important so that there is no conflict of interest on the part of either organization.

Secondly, ACP-ASIM supports the concept of recertification. As internists, we have a responsibility to our patients and to our profession to maintain the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in order to provide our patients the highest quality of care.

However, the College has not endorsed the ABIM's proposed recertification program. The College believes that a recertification process should be relevant, simple, cost-effective, and not duplicative, intrusive or time consuming. The College also believes that once a program has been introduced, research should be conducted to determine its value.

The College is acting as an ombudsman for you and working to ensure that ABIM hears and responds to your concerns. We are also exploring ways to use existing forms of medical education for recertification. To this end, the College has negotiated an agreement with ABIM to form a joint committee of College and ABIM representatives to address the issue of recertification and continuous professional development.

The College representatives on this joint committee are Bernard Rosof, MD, FACP, Chair-elect, Board of Regents, Barbara Schuster, MD, MACP, Regent, New Mexico Governor Barbara McGuire, MD, FACP, and staff representative Herbert Waxman, MD, FACP, ACP-ASIM Senior Vice President for Education. The committee hopes to respond to the concerns of practicing internists regarding this issue, develop goals for recertification that are jointly endorsed by both ACP-ASIM and ABIM, and establish a mutually agreeable relationship that defines the responsibilities and limits of each organization and avoids organizational conflict of interest. The committee hopes to have this accomplished by December 2000.

For background information about ABIM's proposed continuous professional development program, please read the article by ABIM President Harry Kimball, MD that was recently published in Annals of Internal Medicine. Keep in mind that although the College publishes Annals, Annals maintains editorial independence, and therefore can publish any article its editorial board deems appropriate.

Lastly, if you are interested in providing feedback to the joint committee, please complete the online form or print and fax this form to the number listed as soon as possible.


Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD, FACP
ACP-ASIM President

2000-2001 Governor's Advisory Council Members

Secretary/Treasurer ­ Elton Adams, MD ­ Great Falls
Eric Hughson, MD ­ Missoula
Rob Byron, MD ­ Crow Agency
Marise Johnson, MD ­ Kalispell
Steve Chrzanowski, MD ­ Great Falls
David Jordan, MD ­ Helena
Mike Herring, MD ­ Bozeman
Gary Walter, MD ­ Missoula

Fellowship Advancement Made Easy (FAME)

By Marc Shabot, Texas Southern Governor


  • ABIM, RCPSC, or AOBIM certified†
  • Proposed/seconded by 2 Masters/Fellows
  • Licensed practitioner
  • Commitment to lifelong learning and professional development
  • Formal training completed, Member at least 2 years, in practice or teaching for at least 2 years

†May be waived in extraordinary circumstances

Then, Qualify by 1 of the 4 Pathways*

Pathway 1 ­ Academician

  • Holds academic appointment as teacher, researcher, administrator, writes scientific papers, scholarly reviews, book chapters, etc.

Pathway 2 ­ The Scholar/Teacher/ Multiple Certification

  • Active in community as teacher in Continuing Education and Professional Development activities
  • Re-certified or dual boarded, or MKSAP for score

Pathway 3 ­ The Active ACP-ASIM Member

  • 10 years membership in the ACP-ASIM
  • Active in ACP-ASIM meetings and Committees at local and national level

Pathway 4 ­ The Senior Physician

  • May have been a longstanding Member or have joined ACP-ASIM later in life
  • Has demonstrated longstanding professional activity in the community, in teaching, in patient care or in service; acts as a role model for other physicians and health professionals

Note: Community service, especially the voluntary provision of medical care, and ACP­ASIM activities significantly enhance the likelihood of advancement, under all four pathways.

*Pathways are not mutually exclusive; "combinations" are permissible.

Dave Gullen, Pat Byorth and Ron Smith enjoying the Missouri River Float!

Governor's Contact Information

Phillip E. Griffin, MD, FACP

Billings Clinic
PO Box 35100
2825 Eighth Avenue North
Billings, MT 59107-5100

Phone: (406) 238-2404
E-mail: pgriffin@billingsclinic