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Governor's Newsletter

Fall 1999

Kenneth V. Eden, MD, FACP
Governor, Montana Chapter


Marina Cay seems a long time ago, but as the pictures attest, it was a wonderful meeting. Rissie Johnson set a new standard for a great program, excellent speakers and a spectacular party. From the banana belt buffet and great Latin band by the shores of the Bigfork Bay, to the Native American Dancers, Blackfoot Folklore and a wonderful Lake Cruise, there was fun and learning for everyone. In addition to out of town speakers from Medical Centers around the country, our own Susan Askin, Jason Bechard, Jonathon Bechard, Ann Bukacek, Cindy Sharp, Paul Dolan, Bernadette Belois and others presented excellent case studies and topic reviews. There can't be a more convenient or economical way to earn 14 CME credits than the Annual ACP–ASIM Meeting.

It was especially nice to see so many young internists at the meeting. Their young children added a great feeling of fun and wonder to the meeting and activities. Thanks for bringing them! We intend to try hard again next year to include activities for children.

Great Falls, home of Charlie Russell, the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and loads of Montana history will be the site of next summer's meeting. For the first meeting of the millennium, Great Falls has a lot to offer. The Ulm Pishkin Buffalo Jump will fascinate the kids and there are float trips and great fishing on the Missouri. How about finally doing that Wild & Scenic section of the Missouri for 3 or 4 days after the meeting?

Governor-elect Phil Griffin and his program committee are already hard at work planning another excellent program for August 17, 18 and 19, 2000. Put it on your calendars (or Palm Pilots for you techno types) now!

Mark Your Calendars

While you've got your Palm Pilot out you probably also should enter 2 other important ACP–ASIM dates. If you're one of the scores of internists in Montana who deserve to be Fellows in the College, December 1, 1999 is the deadline for applications to be considered by the May 2000 Credentials Committee. That may be too soon to get your application in, but send it anytime before the snow melts in the Spring and you'll be on your way to election in the fall. It's really a very simple process and there are lots of folks in your area who can help you through it. Without new Fellows, the Montana Chapter would cease to exist, so please call or write or e-mail me for your application today.

Also the Annual ACP–ASIM Session planning is underway for Philadelphia. Unlike New Orleans, with a great reputation for wonderful food that disappointed greatly last April, Philadelphia has some truly wonderful eateries and reasonable prices. The history of course is unique and the special link to Montana by way of Philadelphia's role in the Lewis and Clark expedition makes this an especially fun place for a meeting. If you can bring the family, Amtrak's rail connections up and down the east coast open an infinite array of possibilities from Washington, DC, to Colonial Williamsburg, to a ballgame in Yankee Stadium or Camden Yards in Baltimore. Medical education for you, living history and broadened horizons for your kids—a great combination. The meeting runs from April 13-16, 2000.

Connect with Members Through ACP–ASIM's New Online Directory

Do you need to correspond with a member of the College, but find that you don't have his/her current mailing address? Use Member Connection, the College's new online membership directory, which is accessible to members-only via ACP–ASIM Online (www.acponline.org).

Updated daily, the information in Member Connection is taken directly from the College's main membership database and can be used to search for colleagues by name, state, city, zip or postal code, country, region or specialty.

Members who wish to be excluded from Member Connection must notify the College in writing. Members can obtain a Directory Exclusion Form on ACP–ASIM Online, or by calling Customer Service at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600, or (215) 351-2600 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST).

Want to Feel Proud to be an Internist and a Member or Fellow in the ACP–ASIM?

Log on to the College's web site and review College positions on universal health care coverage. ACP–ASIM has been a strong and effective advocate for this elusive goal and has never waivered. There are many thoughtful and informative papers, background information and statistics as well as suggestions regarding how you individually can help. The battle won't be won in some grand sweeping cataclysmic event, but rather by persistence and dedication. If you're on the Web go to the College's site, then to "Decision 2000" or "Join the Fight." In literally 5 minutes you can learn the facts, send a petition and renew your enthusiasm for working on this important problem.

And finally, I'd like to wish all of you a happy and reflective end to the millennium. For the older internists among us, our 20 or more years in practice have marked a period of incredible change in America, the world and our profession. Some of the change has been wonderful—the new and powerful diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, the startling possibilities for information management; the capability of computer technology to educate us and improve the quality of our practice. Ultimately though, at least for us internists, the truest and purest joys attend those moments when we close the exam room door to engage our patients needs, those moments at the bedside or in the home when our scientific and personal skills blend together in the service of our patients. At last summer's meeting in Marina Cay those joys seem to have passed intact to a new generation of young physicians who will carry on that tradition. I will celebrate the year 2000 more heartily as a result and hope you will too.


The grand prize for this year's Osler Bingo was extra special! Dr. Bill Schoderbek gets answer to his query, "What's it like to have an internist for a Mom or Dad?" Colorful and talented dancing precede the banquet. Alex and Sam Askin convince a friend that "folate can be fun!" Oscar to Dad, "...it's this one, right here!" Mike and Christine Caldwell and family wonder if a Caribbean Cruise would work for next year's meeting.... and a cruise on Flathead Lake. Hal and Carol Sox wonder why Dartmouth doesn't start a campus in Montana.


Kenneth V. Eden, MD, FACP
1030 Le Grande Cannon Boulevard, Helena, MT 59601

Phone: (406) 457-4343, Fax: (406) 457-0631, E-mail: 70333.673@compuserve.com

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