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May 2012

Jay L. Larson, MD, FACP, Governor
Carrie Reisig, Executive Director

From the Chapter

It was wonderful seeing many of you at Internal Medicine 2012 in New Orleans! This issue of our newsletter focuses on our Governor transition and other updates. We wish you all the best for a lovely summer!


Jim A. Yturri, MD, FACP, Immediate Past Governor (left) and Jay L. Larson, MD, FACP, Governor

Message from the Outgoing Governor

I feel quite privileged to have been able to serve the Montana Chapter of the ACP as Governor over the past four years. At the beginning of my term as Governor, one of my primary goals was to extend the activities of our Montana Chapter beyond our annual Chapter Meeting. Now at the end of my term as Governor, I am satisfied that this goal has been accomplished in many areas and in areas where we have not yet accomplished our goals, the infrastructure to do so has been established.

Without question, hiring Carrie Reisig as our Executive Director four years ago was the most important step that our Chapter has taken in recent years toward becoming more relevant and functional for its internist members. Carrie is very organized and has demonstrated great skill at executing any directive that she is given. I have no idea how my predecessors were able to function without an Executive Director like her. The establishment of Carrie's position has greatly enhanced our Chapter's ability to communicate with members on ACP national activities, upcoming Chapter meetings, and political issues which interface with the day to day practice of the Montana internist. Carrie has developed our Monthly Chapter Newsletter which I hope our membership has found informative.

Over the past few years our Chapter has developed several Committees, including the Advocacy Committee (chaired by Dr. Ann Bukacek), the Membership Committee (chaired by Dr. Erin Reis), and our Council of Young Physicians Committee (chaired by Dr. Charlotte Nelson). I expect that these Committees will continue to develop under the leadership of your new Governor, Dr. Jay Larson.

Our Montana Chapter continues to send two individuals each year to Leadership Day in Washington D.C., which attendees have found informative. I am also very pleased with how our Big Sky Winter Meeting has developed over recent years. As you know, this meeting is focused on Hospital Medicine, and we were pleased to have 21 attendees at this year's meeting in February. I see this as the first step that our chapter can take in making the Montana ACP Chapter activities more relevant for our Hospitalist members by supplying some excellent educational activity. Thank you to Drs. Sandra McIntyre and Brett Kronenberger for all their work on the very successful meeting of 2012. Thanks to Dr. Michael Vlases for agreeing to chair the planning committee for Big Sky Winter Meeting 2013.

I am confident that your new Governor, Dr. Jay Larson, will take our chapter to a much higher level of functionality over the next four years. Jay has some excellent ideas that I'm sure he'll execute well, including regularly scheduled educational webinars for our membership. Dr. Larson also keeps his hand on the pulse of what's going on at the state legislative level, which I think will translate into more advocacy opportunities for our Chapter and its members.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this great chapter as your Governor over the past four years!

- Jim A. Yturri, MD, FACP


Message from the Incoming Governor

It is my honor and privilege to be the Governor of the Montana Chapter of the ACP for the next 4 years. During the Annual Session in New Orleans I had the opportunity to network with the Governors of the Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska chapters. We will be subscripting to a webinar service with the intent to have monthly webinars consisting of everything from presentations from University of Washington professors, to reviewing SEP modules, to interactive webinars discussing the challenges of internal medicine. The Webinar service can also be used for committee meetings.

We will also have a conference call with the Governor of the Washington Chapter to move forward with a strategic planning session.

Some of the tidbits from the annual session: Adding niacin or fibrate to statins does not lower cardiovascular event risk. Persons with history of zoster have the same risk of zoster as someone who has not had zoster and therefore Zostavax is recommended to all patients 60 years and older without contraindication. When reviewing DEXA scan results look at total L spine, total hip and femoral neck T scores when deciding on treatment. T scores are best used in women 65 and older and Z scores should be used in younger persons. Using the FRAX osteoporosis calculator should be used in for treatment decisions in women with osteopenia. Quinolones should be used as first line therapy for women with pyelonephritis and not in women with simple cystitis.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants can now join the ACP for $109 as a special class. They will not receive print version of Annals of Internal Medicine nor be able to service on ACP committees, but will have everything else the ACP has to offer. In the next several weeks we will be sending invitations to Montana Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who work in internal medicine.

- Jay L. Larson, MD, FACP


Resolution Updates

During the Spring Board of Governors' Meeting, several resolutions were discussed. Two that we wanted to bring your attention to are on the important topics of "Investigating Possible Work-Related Abuses for Physicians Working Under the Conrad-30 Program" and "Studying the Financial Consequences of Provider-Based Billing on the Value of Health Care". For more information on these resolutions, you can download the actual resolution text and decisions[PDF].


Upcoming Events

Save the Date!

2012 Montana Chapter Scientific Meeting
September 6-8, 2012
St. Patrick Hospital, Missoula


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