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2011 Montana Chapter Scientific Meeting Handouts

The meeting was held July 21-22 at the Montana High Country Lodge in Polaris. Please note that the majority of the course handouts are available in Adobe PDF format. (If you need to download Adobe Acrobat, please see link at the bottom of the page.)

Thursday, July 21

ER for the Internist
Gregory J. Moore, MD, FACEP, FAWM

Clinical Pearls: Peri Op Med
Brett N. Kronenberger, MD, FACP

Polyuria and Polydipsia
Sarah Zuger, MS, IV

Friday, July 22

Clinical Challenge: Infectious Disease
Kasey L. Harbine, MD
Peter G. Pappas, MD,FACP
Erin N. Reis, MD

Clinical Pearls: Oncology
Jack Hensold, MD

Hands-on PFT Reads
Keith J. Popovich, MD

Clinical Pearls: Cardiology
Sharon L. Hecker, MD, FACC

Clinical Pearls: Rheumatology
Melody B. Knauf, MD
Handouts from Dr. Knauf's Presentation

Key Papers of the Year
William G. Weppner, MD

Page updated: 8/3/11

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