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2010 Montana Chapter Scientific Meeting Handouts

The meeting was held September 30 - October 2, 2010 at the Great Northern Hotel, Helena. Please note that the course handouts are available in Adobe PDF format. (If you need to download Adobe Acrobat, please see link at the bottom of the page.)

Thursday, September 30

Acute Coronary Syndromes in the Rural Setting: Caring for Patients at Noninterventional Facilities
Sharon L. Hecker, MD, FACC

Endocrine and Metabolic Issues in Critically Ill Patients
Robert A. Kreisberg, MD, MACP

Wound Care
Bibliography for Wound Care Workshop
Jane O’Driscoll, WCC, CLT, PT
Heidi L. Thielen, RNC

Evaluation and Management of Acute Stroke
Nicole Clark, MD

Friday, October 1

Update of Infectious Diseases 2010: Review of the Most Relevant Clinical Literature in the Last 24 Months
Peter G. Pappas, MD, FACP

Oncology Update 2010
Thomas Purcell, MD, MBA

Acute Undifferentiated Fever: A Case-Based Discussion
Peter G. Pappas, MD, FACP

Introduction to Critical Care Bundles
Robert Grasseschi, MD, FCCP

Biologics in Inflammatory Arthritis
Carolyn Coyle, MD

The Sepsis Bundle and Guidelines
Robert Grasseschi, MD, FCCP

Things Are Seldom What They Seem, Skim Milk Masquerades as Cream or When Cellulitis Is Not Cellulitis
Matt Kirkpatrick, Medical Student

Saturday, October 2

Treatment of Lipids to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease: Evolution or Revolution
Subcutaneous INSULIN Management Orders
Continuous Intravenous Insulin Infusion Orders
Example 3 — Atlanta Medical Center Protocol
Example 4 — North Carolina Protocol
IV Insulin Infusion Protocol for Critically-Ill Adult Patients in the ICU setting
Yale Insulin Drop Protocol
Critical Care Adult Insulin Infusion
Example 8 — Northwestern University Inpatient Intravenous Insulin Protocol
Critical Care Physician's Orders Pilot VIII
Robert A. Kreisberg, MD, MACP

Update in Critical Care Medicine
Robert Pueringer, MD, FCCP, FACP

First Aid for Kidneys while You Wait for the Nephrologist to Arrive
Gwen Pincomb, MD, PhD

A Few Radiology Basics and Update on Radiation Exposure
Tyler Will, MD

Page updated: 10/8/10

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