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Biographical Sketch and Vision Statement for New Governor-elect

Congratulations to the Mississippi Chapter Governor-Elect, Dan M. Woodliff, MD, FACP. He will start his four-year term as Governor in the Spring of 2013. As Governor, Dr. Woodliff will serve as the official representative of the College for the Mississippi Chapter, providing a link between members at the local level and leadership at the national level. In the meantime, Dr. Woodliff will be working closely with Dr. Brahan, the current Governor, and College staff to learn about the College and his duties as Governor. To learn more about Dr. Woodliff, below is his bio and vision statement for the chapter.

Dan M. Woodliff, MD, FACP

DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH: November 30, 1950; EDUCATION: University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) 1974-1978; POST DOCTORAL TRAINING: Residency (UMMC) 1978-1981, Chief Resident 1981-1982; CERTIFICATION: ABIM September 15, 1982; PRESENT POSITION: Associate Professor School of Medicine; ACP ACTIVITIES: Fellow 1998, Executive Committee 2010-2011, Judge, Student/Resident Presentations; CHAPTER INVOLVEMENT AND LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: Started Transition Team for Residents Using ACP Young Physician Practice Management Survival Handbook 2010- 2011; HOSPITAL/COMMUNITY SERVICE: Chairman Primary Care Track Task Force 2011 (Development of a primary care track for the internal medicine residency program ); OTHER APPOINTMENTS: Pediatric Chair Search Committee 2010; AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL INTEREST AND EXPERTISE: Preventive medicine

Vision Statement
Promote internal medicine as a rewarding vocation, and be an advocate for general internists. Increase young physician membership and involvement by fulfilling their needs. Investigate creative and collaborative ways to meet public healthcare needs. Continue the tradition of excellence in CME.